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Is Playstation Plus Worth it?

Updated on August 3, 2014

Playstation Plus membership normally costs $49.99 a year, so is it worth it? I think in most cases, unless you only have just a PS4, then yes it is because of the Instant Game Collection. With it, you get some free games to play on PS3, PS4, and PS Vita each month. You can play the games as long as you are a Playstation Plus member.

Note: This page is from the perspective of someone in the United States, so if you're in another country you might need to find the correct information and links for your country.

I got a Playstation 4 for Christmas in 2013 and tried a month free of Playstation Plus. If you just have a PS4 then as of April 2014, they are only giving you one new PS4 game per month and it seems to be indie titles. I was thinking maybe it's not worth it if you just have a PS4 at this time. BUT... what if I got another console to make it worth it. That's some dangerous thinking!

I got interested in the Playstation Vita after seeing a couple games for it: Tearaway and Little Big Planet to be exact (they weren't one of the free ones on PS Plus though). Anyway, I fell in love with the cute graphics in those 2 games so I splurged with some birthday money and got a PS Vita.

After getting the Vita, I took the plunge and bought the PlayStation Plus membership for a year. Now that I have had the membership a few months I can say I've already gotten my moneys worth out of the membership with all the free games.

It looks like the Playstation Plus membership offers the best games for PS3 currently, a system which I don't have, but having Playstation Plus makes me want to get one. Why? Because you can use your web browser and "purchase" the free games for PS3 each month so that if you ever do get a PS3, you can play the free games. Doing this, the PS3 games that I could play for free via PS Plus are adding up, so I'd have some good games to play on PS3 if only I bought one. Is it just me or is Sony a genius for creating demand for their systems this way?

I almost forgot to mention that through the PS Plus membership you can also get some discounts that non-members don't get. I haven't bought anything discounted yet though, I just want the free stuff.

The cons to a Playstation Plus membership are that you don't get to pick the games you will get to play for free... Sony does. So you might already have a game that they are making free that month. I don't think that is a huge deal though unless you have all the games for the system that you ever wanted to play. Also if the time you purchased a membership for is up, then you won't have access to the free games you've accumulated until you become a PS Plus member again.

Also, I should note that sometimes the membership's free games for PS Vita for the month are PSP games but it doesn't matter to me because I don't have a PSP and haven't played any PSP games. The graphics on the PSP games might not be as good as the PS Vita games though but some of them are good games I never knew about and would have otherwise missed out on.

We even bought a second PS Vita for my husband and a second PS Plus membership for him just for the PS Vita games. We really love the Vita and getting to play games on it for free (except for the membership cost). I know eventually they will have some better games I want to play on the PS4 as well. And if I had enough space and money I might also get a PS3 because it has good games via PS Plus.

Anyway, if you're on the fence about getting a PlayStation Plus membership I hope this helped. And if you do get it, you might want to bookmark the PlayStation Plus Free Games page at!/en-us/free-games/cid=STORE-MSF77008-PSPLUSFREEGAMES so you can "purchase" the games when they are free for the systems you don't have yet...if you don't "purchase" them when they are available then you won't be able to play them later when you get that system. I also "purchase" PS Plus free games via the web browser for the Vita that I don't want to download to the system yet. You do have to remember to "purchase" the free games to get them added to your account while they are available as a free game. I check every Tuesday for games since that's when they come out.

Oh and the PlayStation blog at announces what the PlayStation Plus free games in the US will be each month. It's exciting everytime they post about the free games!

Here are consoles to get where you can take advantage of the Playstation Plus Instant Game Collection if you buy a PS Plus membership.

Sony Computer Entertainment Playstation 3 12GB System
Sony Computer Entertainment Playstation 3 12GB System

The advantage of getting the PS3 is that it has a lot of games! I don't have one yet but I'm tempted.

Borderlands 2 - Limited Edition - PlayStation Vita Bundle
Borderlands 2 - Limited Edition - PlayStation Vita Bundle

This is the latest PlayStation Handheld system


Is Playstation Plus Membership worth it?

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