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How to Skin a Deer: The Easy Way

Updated on February 1, 2017

Even the pro deer hunters have not yet mastered how to skin a deer. In fact, some hunters are quick to get down a deer, then they are in skinning the animal. When trophy deer is involved and your desire is to see the amount on the antlers of the deer, a taxidermist would do a better job for you. Generally, you can follow the tips below to skin your dear the easy way.

Things You will Need

In learning how to skin a deer, you need to know the necessary tools required for the task. You would need the following to skin a deer;

• Hunting Knife – A sharp one
• A golf ball
• Block and tackle – this would be used to hang the deer
• A rope – approximately 3-8 inches and of nylon material

How to Skin a Deer

Step 1:

The starting point is to hang the deer by its antlers or neck, off the ground. Then, stretch your dressing hide cut to the deer’s neck, about half-way to its head.

Step 2:

Use the sharp knife to cut the hide, walking the knife towards the animal’s neck. Also, make a cut around the deer’s legs, slightly below the deer’s flesh that you would want to preserve.

The next cut would start from the circular cut you made around the animal’s leg but would be a straight cut this time. Cut into the flesh and walk your way upwards, extending to the field dressing cut. Return to the cut around the neck and start skinning the hide downwards, approximately 12 inches or less. Gently pull the hide down in order to reveal the flesh.

Step 3:

Position the golf ball between the flesh and the skin, and start folding the hide over the ball, upwards. Use the rope to make a slip knot. Next, loop the knot over the animal’s hide lying across the golf ball.

The last step on how to skin a deer is to tie off the deer’s skin over the golf ball, followed by pulling the knot tight.

Obviously, deer skinning is not such a fun task for anyone. But, you just have to do it, except you want your effort to be wasted and watch your hunting trophy rot.

When it comes to how to skin a deer, there’s something very essential to keep in mind. And that thing is; your hands, weight and body pull are required in their fullest potential in order to achieve a clean task. Once you combine this element with the right tools (sharp knife, golf ball and other items), the deer skinning task will come so easy. Indeed, the task is not an uphill one once you follow the tips and instructions in the step-by-step format provided above.

And, if you are a beginner asking how to skin a deer, you can attach yourself to a pro and learn how it works. The pro’s experience will surely guide you through.


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