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IV Breeding in Pokémon XY and ORAS

Updated on January 8, 2015

Getting Started

Hello readers! Today I'm going to teach you how to breed for perfect IVs in Pokémon XY for the 3DS. IV breeding is one of the many methods that competitive battlers use to get the edge on their opponents, and it is absolutely critical for the best battlers to master. In this guide, I will explain the basics of IVs, inheritance, and best practices. I'm going to show you how to breed flawless Pokémon from scratch, so you need absolutely no knowledge of IVs to succeed with this guide. Let's jump right in and find out what IVs actually do!

What are IVs?

If you're here, you probably already have an idea what IVs are. I'm sure you've heard the term before, but maybe you're wondering why you should care. A Pokemon's IVs are its Individual Values, which determine the potential of each stat. Stats are typically listed in the order of HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed. Each stat has an implicitly assigned value, which can range from 0-31. The numeric value of a Pokemon's IVs is hidden, but there are ways to determine if you've reached maximum potential. You may have noticed that virtually identical Pokémon of the same level can be stronger, bulkier, or faster than others. One factor is the Pokemon's IVs; other factors include nature and EVs. The first step in getting your dream Pokémon at its maximum potential is generating flawless IVs: 31 in all necessary stats. In most cases, this means five out of the six stats need to be at 31, but sometimes you will need to push for all 6 (usually ideal with mixed sweepers). Now that you have an idea of what you're looking for, let's find out what we need to get started.

Ditto by Caramelody
Ditto by Caramelody

A List of Things You Need

  • Destiny Knot (Cyllage Hotel, maid on the 2nd floor, left side)
  • Everstone (Geosenge Town, scientist in the left house behind the Pokémon Center)
  • Male Parent
  • Female Parent of the same species as the desired child Pokémon, or a Ditto to produce the male's species
  • Any Pokémon with Flame Body (I recommend Talonflame)
  • Access to Kiloude City (post-Pokemon League)
  • Your desired child Pokémon in the Friend Safari (helpful, but not required)

The Friend Safari guarantees at least 2 flawless IVs
The Friend Safari guarantees at least 2 flawless IVs

Step One: Find the Right Parents

Finding the right parents to start breeding can be a challenge sometimes. If you have your desired child Pokemon in the Friend Safari, I highly recommend starting there. I decided to breed for a flawless Noibat, so I started by catching a bunch of Noibats in the Friend Safari. If you have a high-leveled Pokémon with False Swipe, you should be able to catch your desired Pokémon fairly quickly. I recommend leaving 4-5 open spots in your party for you to catch Pokémon and keep organized. Every time you fill up your party, leave the Safari and run down to the Kiloude Pokémon Center, where the Ace Trainer on the left will check your IVs. If you caught your Pokémon at the Safari, you're guaranteed at least two flawless IVs.

The Ace Trainer will tell you the stat with the highest IV as well as any stats that equal that value. You'll know when you get a flawless IV when he ends by saying "[the stat(s)] couldn't be better in that regard" or "[the stat(s)] simply can't be beat!" Your goal is to match up IVs between two parents so each desired stat has a 31. For example, if my female Noibat has flawless HP and Special Attack, the male should have flawless Defense, Special Defense, and Speed. Attack is ignored because I want my Noibat to be a special sweeper, so it won't be using any physical attacks. Now that each desired IV is covered, it's time to head over to the Day Care.

I chose to breed Noibats as my first project
I chose to breed Noibats as my first project


Before placing your two parents in the Day Care, equip one of them with the Destiny Knot. This item guarantees 5 IVs are passed on between the parents. If either parent happens to be the target nature, equip it with an Everstone for an 100% chance for the child to inherit the right nature. It's a good idea to get the right nature early so you don't have to backtrack later.

Place your Pokémon in the day care, and clear your party of everything but your Flame Body Pokémon (Talonflame, in my case.) Having a Pokémon with this ability allows you to hatch all eggs in your party in half the number of steps it would normally take. Talk to the Daycare Man outside and make sure your Pokémon are from the same egg group. If he gives you the message "your Pokémon prefer to play with others rather than each other," you are trying to breed two incompatible Pokémon, and you will not receive an egg. If he gives any other message, you should expect an egg soon. Get out your Bicycle and cycle back and forth along the long horizontal path. When the Daycare Man turns to face you, you know you have an egg ready to pick up.

When you manage to hatch your first 5 eggs, fly to Kiloude City (this is why I recommend Talonflame, as he can serve as the Flame Body Pokémon and the flyer, which saves a trip to the PC). Check your child Pokemon's IVs, and replace the parents when you get something with more flawless IVs in the necessary stats. Be careful to keep all of your desired stats covered with at least one 31 at all times. You'll notice your first batch are mostly double flawless, and maybe a few triple flawless. In my case, my starting parents looked something like:

Noibat(m): 31 Defense, 31 Special Defense, 31 Speed

Noibat(f): 31 HP, 31 Special Attack

After hatching about eight eggs, I picked out a new female parent:

Noibat(f): 31 HP, 31 Defense, 31 Special Attack

Notice that all five of my desired stats can still pass down a 31. You never know when you're going to get lucky and get all 5 of the right stats to pass down via the Destiny Knot, but each time you replace a parent with one that has more 31s, you increase your chances. Now anytime Defense is passed down, it will be flawless because both parents have 31 in the Defense IV.

Additionally, the female parent passes down its Pokeball to the child. Egg moves can be inherited from both parents, but TMs are never inherited. If you're used to earlier generation breeding mechanics, take note that the Everstone can be equipped to either parent for a 100% chance of passing down the nature. Just like 5th generation, the Power items can also be used to control one stat. If either parent is equipped with a Power item, the stat that the Power item promotes will be passed down automatically. If one parent holds a Power item and the other parent holds the Destiny Knot, the stat that the Power item passes down will count as one of the 5 inherited stats. Use of Power items can be ideal when starting out, but you'll want to swap out for the Destiny Knot and Everstone as soon as possible.

Continue Breeding

Admittedly, this part takes a little while. From the time I started catching Noibats to the time I got my flawless, I played for roughly 6 hours. As you change your parents, you will notice the number of flawless IVs will increase to an average of 3-4, and before too long, you'll have two quad-flawless parents. At this point, if you don't have the desired nature, you should start looking for a tri-flawless or quad-flawless of the desired nature and equip an Everstone to it, making sure the Destiny Knot is equipped to the other Pokémon. I didn't pick out my Modest Noibat until the quad-flawless stage, but the earlier you get this out of the way, the better off you'll be.

Sell your extra Pokémon (or mob the Pokémon League, your choice)
Sell your extra Pokémon (or mob the Pokémon League, your choice)

Extra Pokémon

Without a doubt, you'll have some leftover Pokémon when you're done. I recommend keeping all of the quad-flawless and quint-flawless, as you can trade them off for other Pokémon with lots of flawless IVs to make your next breeding project go even quicker. If you're not a member of Smogon, I highly recommend creating a thread on their trade forum and advertising your spitbacks for others to use. In a large community like this, you can multiply your efficiency exponentially. You can also make a lot of breeders happy by sending your extra Pokémon through Wonder Trade. The decision is completely up to you, but you'll have to find some way to clear out your boxes before long.

The End is Just the Beginning

I hope you enjoyed my guide and found the information of use to you. My goal for this guide was to show everyone what I found works for me, and it is as close to a step-by-step guide as I could have made it. As I mentioned earlier, my first flawless breed took about 6 hours from the time I started catching Noibats in the Friend Safari to the time I hatched my flawless (31/x/31/31/31/31) Noibat. While this may seem like a long time, future breeds will definitely take less time now that I have a feel for how it works. The more Pokémon you have bred, the faster the project becomes. I can use a 5IV male Noibat to get ahead on breeding any Pokémon of the same egg group, too. The more Pokémon you breed, the quicker your next project will be!

If you have any questions or feel that I missed something important, please leave your comments below. You can also find me on Smogon and see what I have for trade, as well as make offers on my Pokémon. I will look forward to hearing from you, and best of luck on your journey to become a Pokémon Master!

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