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January: National Hobby Month

Updated on August 21, 2014

January is National Hobby Month

January is National Hobby Month. Here are a few ways you can celebrate hobby month when the weather is cold and chilly. You can pass the time away by participating in one of your most favorite types of hobbies no matter what that hobby might be.

Whether you already have a favorite hobby you enjoy or you are searching for some great suggestions for developing a new hobby you can enjoy, you have found the right place to find out more about how to celebrate National Hobby Month in January.

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Sewing hobbies can be a lot of fun as well as rewarding. I enjoy these types of sewing hobbies. They include cross stitch. i began learning how to cross stitch when I was 19 after seeing it done for the first time. I've played around with learning how to crochet since I was a little girl, while watching my mother and grandmother crochet. I taught myself how to knit when I was about 21 or so by reading an old magazine. I love to sew and learned to sew when I was very young at about 6 or 7 years old. Mother taught me to sew. I want to learn more about tatting. I have the shuttle and thread and a book or two. All I need now is someone to watch or maybe watch a how to video to learn more about it.

Learn a New Hobby

January is National Hobby Month

Another great way to celebrate National Hobby Month in January is to learn a new hobby. For instance, is there a new hobby that you would like to learn more about and how to do? There is no time like the present to learn a new hobby. Since, January is National Hobby Month, you have the most ideal reason to begin learning a new hobby, something you have always wanted to learn how to do. Learning some new hobby may be easier than you might consider since, you can find new classes being offered at various craft stores and artist co-ops. Learn more about what types of classes might be offered to you locally or even available online today.

Other places to look for cheap or even free hobby classes might include checking out the schedule of your local home improvement store to learn more about their home improvement projects that you can learn how to do for yourself. This is a wonderful way to learn something new and practice your new skills.

Learning and Sharing Hobby Skills

Celebrate National Hobby Month in January

Learning and sharing your hobby skills can be fun for you and others. Some of the other ways you can celebrate National Hobby Month in January include:

- Create a How To Tutorial Video

Since,How To tutorial videos are so very popular online, why not create your own how to video? This is a great way for you to share your hobby skills, while showing others how to do the same hobby. How To videos are wonderful references for others who are just starting to learn the skill you will be recording. If you enjoy a lot of different types of hobbies, you might want to make more than one how to tutorial video to share with others who want to learn the things you already know how to do. This is a win-win situation since, you can enjoy and share your creativity and hobbies, while others will enjoy using your how to video to help them learn more about a hobby they find interesting.

- Watch a How To Video

Another great idea for celebrating National Hobby Month in January is by learning more about a hobby you find interesting but, lack the skills. You can watch a how to video to learn more about your interest. Watching how to videos can help you learn a great deal about a hobby you find interesting and worthwhile. Why not take some time right now to search for some how to videos about hobbies you find interesting?

Teach Hobby Skills to Children

It is quite sad really that there are many of the older hobbies forgotten down through the years. If you have a special hobby that is being forgotten you should teach hobby skills you enjoy to the children around you whether they are your kids or not. Doing so can help keep some of the older hobbies from dying out. You can volunteer to help schools or even some non-profit organizations that are doing their best to keep some of the older hobbies alive. You can offer some local classes or even a talk to help keep kids interested in some of the hobbies you and those before you have enjoyed for years.

These are just a few ways you can help celebrate National Hobby Month in January. However, stay opened minded and you might find a few more great ideas for celebrating the hobbies you love so well.

What is Your Favorite Hobby? - January is National Hobby Month

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