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Why Jenga is the Best Family Game

Updated on July 10, 2014

Extensive research that comes from a lifetime of playing board games with family and friends has led me to the conclusion that Jenga is the BEST FAMILY GAME! Now, I give Jenga as gifts during the holidays, bring Jenga to parties, and always keep an extra at home.

Virtually all ages can play this game, making it perfect for multi-generational family gatherings. Grandma and grandkids don't even need to share a common language to have fun!

Why is Jenga great for families? I think it hits all the needs of family game night -

Jenga is appropriate for all ages! Pre-schoolers to 100-year-olds can play Jenga together, making it a perfect multi-generational game.

Jenga is simple and easy to play! The entire concept of the game is stacking blocks in a pattern that gradually gets taller, without knocking them down - that's it.

Jenga is still complex enough to be entertaining! While simple to play, the game requires strategy and balance, as well as a careful touch when stacking, so it offers enough of a challenge to be entertaining, not to mention suspenseful.

Jenga is affordable! As you can see, Jenga is a very affordable game, but once which will last for a lifetime as it it sturdy, well-made, and can still be played even if the dog runs off with one of the pieces or the grandkids loose a piece under the couch.

Jenga is easy to store and transport! Just put the pieces back in the box, and put the box on the shelf. It takes up very little room, and its easy to bring to a friend's house party.

Jenga is educational! Jenga serves educational purposes too, by helping kids learn spacial reasoning and strategy, as well as helping older folks maintain dexterity and balance.

I've pictured the Classic Jenga above, but there are some other fun varieties as well!

What do you think of Jenga? Got any tips or tricks to share?

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