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Updated on February 19, 2011

Jewelpet - Coming Our Way in 2011

Welcome to our information page on the Japanese Anime/Manga/Toy Range, Jewelpet. Jewelpet is a joint venture between toy giant, Sega and Hello Kitty creators, Sanrio. We're told that Jewelpet is to be rolled out across Europe in 2011 in a big way, but given the massive plans, there is remarkably little information about Jewelpet available from any non-Japanese online source. On this page, we'll try and bring you links to as many of those limited resources as we can - we have video, images, an introduction to the anime, glimpses of the toy range and much more besides.

As more information becomes available as the year progresses, we'll be keeping this page up to date with more news on the European Jewelpet launch. In the meantime, enjoy what we've pulled together...

KEY FACTS: Jewelpet is a Japanese toy range created by Sanrio and Sega, which has now also become an Anime series.

A Brief Background to Jewelpet

Unusually, the toy range for Jewelpet beat the anime into existence. Produced by Sega Toys, the Jewelpet plush toys were released in Japan in late 2008. In common with many popular toys, the purchase of items from the plush range gives access to the online Jewelpet world.

In April 2009, the anime series, made by Sanrio, hit Japanese screens. The first season comprised 52 episodes, aired weekly and (for the slow of maths) ran for a year. It features the human character, Rinko, who finds a Jewel Charm and discovers that it contains one of a number of magically transformed Jewelpets that have been scattered across earth, far from their magical home of Jewel Land. Rinko and her friends take on the mission of regathering the Jewelpets and returning them to Jewel Land.

Straight afterwards, the second series - Jewelpet Tinkle - began airing. It's still running and features the adventures of a human girl called Akari and a Jewelpet called Ruby.

Watch Some Jewelpet...

Here's your chance to see some subtitled snippets of Jewelpet. Enjoy...

Jewelpet Plush
Jewelpet Plush

A First Glimpse of Jewelpet Toys...

A tantalisingly small one at that, but here's a little look at one of the Jewelpet plush toys released in Japan.

We should have far more information on the European toy range for you very soon. Watch this space...

Buying Jewelpet Merchandise in the US

There's not much available yet, and most of it is imported, but here's a selection of what's available right now...

More Jewelpet Items

If you're on the hunt for Jewelpet Merchandise, here's some more options currently available on eBay...

Bus Stop Toy Shop
Bus Stop Toy Shop

About Us

This guide to Jewelpet was brought to you by Bus Stop Toy Shop, a United Kingdom based Toy and Hobby retailer.

We're hugely excited by the arrival of Jewelpet Toys in the UK later this year. We'll bring you more news on them on this page, as it becomes available.

Give us your thoughts on Jewelpet.

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