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Journey Girl Dolls Are A Great Buy

Updated on September 30, 2013

A Less Expensive 18 Inch Doll - The Journey Girls

If you have a little girl, it is likely that sooner or later they will ask you for an American Girl doll. I will be the first person to admit that I love AG Dolls. They are wonderful and a lot of fun for girls.

So, what's the downside? The cost. Unfortunately not every parent can afford an American Girl doll, or at least not afford such an expensive present for a young girl.

While I was shopping for 18 inch dolls this season I came across Journey Girl Dolls. They are quite lovely, reasonably priced, and the accessories and clothes are sooo cheap compared to official American Girl items. I found out from reading page like this that a lot of people, even doll collectors, choose Journey Girl Doll accessories for their American Girl dolls.

If you are considering an 18 inch doll for a young girl that is inexperienced with doll care, or even for an older girl you want to "test the waters" before buying a more expensive doll, the Journey Girl dolls are an excellent choice.

Read on to learn more about the Journey Girl dolls.

All images courtesy of the featured listings.

Journey Girls Dolls Are Exclusive

Journey Girls Dolls

The first thing I learned about these dolls is that they are made exclusively for Toys R Us. That means you may, or may not, be able to find them locally. Also, if you do find them locally, the one you want may not be there. I discovered that the hard way!

Even the TRU website is out of some of the dolls for the season. Since they are difficult to find, you may have to be flexible about which doll you choose. I have seen them all in person and I am going to give you my opinion on the the ones I think are best. Read on!

Oh, Journey Girls dolls are soft bodied dolls, like AG dolls, and they have vinyl heads, hands, and feet. Journey Girl dolls also have a vinyl upper chest area, so strapless fashions look good on them.

Kyla - Journey Girl Doll
Kyla - Journey Girl Doll

Kyla is my favorite Journey Girl doll

Journey Girl Dolls

When I first saw a photo of all the dolls, I really thought Dana (shown later) would be my favorite. She has glasses, and since I do as well, I have a soft spot for dolls that have to wear them.

When I saw Kyla though, I just loved her. She has hazel eyes (like me) and auburn hair. Her skin is a medium value, I believe she is meant to look HIspanic. I saw her in her Winter outfit, which is just adorable.

The thing I like most about her is her eyes. They are incredible. One thing you should know, unlike AG Dolls, Journey Girl dolls do not have "sleep" eyes. When you lay them down their eyes stay open.

Kelsey Journey Girl Doll
Kelsey Journey Girl Doll

Kelsey, the green eyed girl

Journey Girl Dolls

Kelsey has wavy, auburn hair and fair skin to go with her beautiful green eyes. She is gorgeous. Like all the other Journey Girls, Kelsey loves to travel and seek out adventure.

Another difference between Journey Girl dolls and AG dolls is their figure. Journey Girl dolls are noticeably more thin than their AG counterparts. I think TRU went with this to make them look more fashionable.

Personally, I like the AG look better. It looks more realistic. I only mention this so you know that the clothes made for one type of doll might work for the other kind, or might not.

You might have best luck mixing up furniture, wheelchairs, and other accessories like that, rather than clothes. Dresses give a little more leeway than pants, of course.

Check out the two versions of Kelsey that are available for purchase right now!

Buy Kyla or Kelsey Now - Journey Girls Dolls

There are two versions of Kyla and Kelsey available right now. The first outfit for Kyla and the first for Kelsey are my favorites.

1 - Kyla in her comfy looking winter outfit. I love the silver outfit, offset by the colorful scarf, and the boots are great.

2- Kyla wearing a stylish pink tiered skirt, a jean jacket with a a grey zip shirt underneath, purple socks and boots.

3 - This first outfit shows Kelsey with big hair, an adorable dress, and awesome bomber jacket. Those are the highlights. I love the jacket and the hair looks gorgeous.

4 - The second outfit shows Kelsey as she dressed up to visit Costa Rica. I love the brightly colored sweater! Her auburn hair does not look as wavy here. I haven't seen this version of Kelsey in person. I assume maybe it is tied back.

Click for bigger photos, more views, and additional information. Free shipping when spending more than $49 with this seller.

Taryn Journey girl doll
Taryn Journey girl doll

Taryn has dark hair, eyes, and skin

Journey Girls Dolls

Taryn is a cutie pie! Taryn has brown skin, dark brown eyes, and black curly hair. It is done up in pigtails.

Part of Taryn's story is that she is a muscian/performer. Like all Journey Girls, she loves to travel.

She is also offered here in two different choices of outfits. The one with the cropped green jacket is one of my favorite available outfits. It is the kind of casual look I like.

Dana - Journey Girl Doll
Dana - Journey Girl Doll

Dana, the one with glasses

Journey Girls Dolls

This is the girl I thought I might like best. She has fair skin, blue eyes, and dark brown hair. She is very cute. She is rocking the side braid in this version too.

Dana is all ready for safari, museum, and aquarium visits in South Africa. Stay out of the water, Dana! -----^------\o/-----

Little shark humor :) Check out Dana on offer and see her cute cardigan!

Buy Taryn or Dana Now - Journey Girls Dolls

There are currently no versions of Taryn or Dana available.

1 - This first version of Taryn is my favorite. I love her clothes, especially the green cropped jacket. I've actually been looking for something just like it for myself!

2 - I love this outfit! It looks very classy.

3 - My favorite thing about Dana's outfit is her red, tying cardigan. It looks great on her. The thing I like least is the black and white cap. Easy enough to take it off, though.

Click for bigger photos, more views, and additional information. Free shipping when spending more than $49 with this seller.

What is so fun about 18 inch dolls?

Journey Girl Dolls

Possibly, you haven't figured this out yet. The answer is...

Undressing them, re-dressing them, buying them new clothes, and other fun accessories, of course!

There are some great outfits and accessories you can purchase to go with your new Journey Girls doll. Some of the outfits may have a certain doll photo on the packaging, but everything is mix and match. Buy what you like for your new girl!

Check out what is currently available. I highly recommend that you purchase at least one extra outfit, but personally I would go with two outfits, plus jammies.

Buy Journey Girls Fashion Outfits Now - Journey Girl Dolls

It is worth noting that if you order a doll and one outfit you will qualify for the free shipping offer this seller has right now. Something to think about!

The outfits are cute and would make great extra choices for any Journey Girls doll.

Click a photo to see closeups and other views.

Buy Furniture and Play Sets Now - Journey Girl Dolls

Journey Girl furniture and play sets are great for Journey Girls, as well as other 18 in dolls. They are significantly cheaper than AG furniture, but since they are all for 18 inch dolls, they work great. Even collectors mix up play sets and furniture.

You do not have to be a member to comment, so go right ahead :)

Do you like the Journey Girls Dolls?

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      i have danna but i started seeing my journey girls scalp like two days after getting her

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I have Kayla!!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      i have kelsey and i love her

    • victoriuh profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      @anonymous: I've only ever seen that on Meredith. I don't think it is available separately. It is a great looking coat!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      where can you buy the outfit that the other journey girl have? i was looking for the out fit that meredith wear the pink hooded coat

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Love my doll dana she is like a daughter to me and i am ten

    • KarenTBTEN profile image


      5 years ago

      They are a nice alternative. I like that you showcased reasonably priced ones from eBay as the ones I have seen on Amazon have prices are a good deal higher than Toys R Us.

    • victoriuh profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      @dellgirl: Thank you for visiting.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Thanks for sharing this information on Journey Girl Dolls, itâs helpful for those looking to buy them for their little girls.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      These Journey Girl Dolls are really nice.


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