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How to Earn Goodsel on Japan TinierMe and Get Free Items!

Updated on July 12, 2011

Earn Goodsel on Japan TinierMe and get free items! No G-Coins required!

If you have a Japan TinierMe / atgames account, you might notice there's not a lot of free / Chibi Coin items! Actually, there are (the shops are just kinda hidden!) and you can easily earn lots of Goodsel per day! Read on for every method of earning Goodsel, where the Goodsel shops and Gacha are, and even how you can get free Gacha and Alchemy tickets using only Goodsel! Let's start earning right away!

If you haven't made your Japan TinierMe account yet, follow this English guide to making one! How to Make a Japanese TinierMe Account (in English!)

Did you complete the Tutorial Mission yet to claim all your free stuff? If not, click here: How to Complete the Japanese TinierMe Tutorial Mission

Log in - 100 Goodsel

Just log in to atgames!

100 Goodsel once per day.

You will also get a Goodsel Game Ball just for logging in (it will be in your closet under Accessories - Hand)

If you look at your ID box, under your total Goodsel, there is a count of how many you've earned that day. You can see that I have 100 just after logging in. You can keep track of this count to make sure you get all your daily max Goodsel!

Play the Goodsel Ball Game - up to 10,000 Goodsel

Everyday that you log in, you get a Goodsel Ball (it is sent directly to your closet under Accessories - Hand.) You can also sometimes get more balls from events. You can play the balls here: Goodsel Ball Game

up to 10,000 Goodsel per ball. (Average is around 50, I suppose.)

You can stock up your balls and play them all at the same time if you like.

Change Outfit - 10 Goodsel

Go to your closet and save a new outfit. (Note: You don't really have to change anything, just save your existing outfit if you want.)

10 Goodsel once per day.

Change Interior - 10 Goodsel

Go to your Interior closet and save your room. (Note: You don't really have to change anything, just save your existing room if you want.)

10 Goodsel once per day.

Tip: If you want to flip or remove an item in your room, just click the object and use the buttons that pop up.

Hang out in Selfy Town - up to 15 Goodsel

Enter Selfy Town by clicking the large button on the top right of any page. Do whatever you like (the Ring Gate is a good place to go!)

Stay in Selfy town for 3 minutes and get 5 Goodsel

Stay in Selfy town for 15 minutes and get another 10 Goodsel

For a total of 15 Goodsel once per day.

Exchange Rings - 4 Goodsel

Exchange Rings with other Selfies just like you do on TinierMe. It is polite to bow after ringing.

4 Goodsel per different Selfy you exchange rings with. You can do this up to 30 times per day for a max total of 120 Goodsel.

Keep in mind time zones when looking for people to ring. There are usually lots of people at the Ring Gate starting around 5pm PST.

Click on the ChibiPet in the ChibiPet Garden - 10 Goodsel

Go to the ChibiPet Garden area of Selfy Town (upper left corner; you must enter it though the ChibiPet area) and click on the ChibiPet sitting on a pedestal on the far left. He will wiggle his head at you. ^^

10 Goodsel once per day.

Write a Diary Entry - 10 Goodsel

Click on the 4th box from the top on the ID box. You can anything you like, and click the bottom left orange button when you're done.

10 Goodsel once per day.

It's nice to invite others to comment on your entry for free Goodsel. You can write something like "comment for coins!"

Comment in Guestbooks - 10 Goodsel

Write a comment in any user's guestbook. It is common to "coin" them (clicking the green button sends the user 2 Goodsel), and you can comment with "coined!" or something like that.

10 Goodsel up to 30 times per day (you must make comments in 30 *different* user's guestbooks) for a max of 300 Goodsel per day.

Write a Diary Comment - 10 Goodsel

Write a comment on any user's diary entry. Lots of people make entries just for Goodsel, and open the comments to "free comment" so others can earn.

10 Goodsel up to 30 times per day (you must make comments in 30 *different* user's diary entries) for a max of 300 Goodsel per day.

Recycle an Item - 5 Goodsel

You can recycle an item in exactly the same way as on TinierMe. Remember, there is no way to recover recycled items

5 Goodsel per item recycled. As far as I know, there is no daily limit.

You can also recycle your Interior items for 5 Goodsel each! Just click the bottom link under any Interior item. It will delete it right away, so be careful!

Goodsel FAQ

What are Goodsel?

Goodsel (also known as Gusseru) are the free currency at Japan TinierMe. Some users refer to them as Chibi Coins, keeping the terminology consistent with the American site. You can use any of these terms on the site and most other users will know what you mean.

What are Puchi Coins?

Puchi Coins were the old free currency at JPTM. They were replaced with Goodsel. They no longer exist.

Where are Goodsel items in the Selfy Shop?

The Goodsel shop is separate from the regular Selfy Shop. You can access it by clicking here: Goodsel Catalog

Why aren't there any Goodsel items in the Gacha?

JPTM does not include Goodsel items in its regular Gacha. I'm not sure why. Instead they have a monthly special Goodsel Gacha that contains random items, including animated items, backgrounds, and eyes!

Can I buy G-Coins on Japan TinierMe / atgames?

At the time of this writing, no, not if you're in America. You need to have your credit card linked up to a Japanese verification site, and they don't take Paypal. You *might* be able to earn some G-Coins doing free offers, but be very careful and ask a friend who knows Japanese to help you.

How do I get free Gacha and Alchemy Tickets?

Japan TinierMe offers a Goodsel Ticket Pack that contains a Gacha Ticket, an Alchemy Ticket, an Interior Ticket (you can get one free Interior item from a special catalog) and a Clothing Ticket (for one free Clothing item from a special catalog.) It's the first option on the page, and costs 15,000 Goodsel.

How many can you earn per day?

At the end of the day you can see how many Goodsel you earned. Today I...

  • logged in

  • played my Goodsel Ball (I got 90 Goodsel)

  • made 30 guestbook comments

  • made 30 diary comments

  • made a diary entry

  • changed my clothes and interior

  • hung out in Selfy Town, clicked the ChibiPet and ringed a few people

  • got 19 Goodsel in the ChibiPet Hunt

  • got "coined back" by 2 people

  • recycled one item

...which totaled in 1,034 Goodsel! Not bad!

Goodsel Power!

How many Goodsel do you have?

See results

Let me know! ^^

Did you find any other ways to get Goodsel?

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Thanks sooo much for posting this. It has helped out a lot. ^__^

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Could you possibly make a guide for the newer set up of the japanese tinierme site. I didn't find this very helpful since mine looks different than the pictures so I don't know how to get there etc. (Though I understand changing interior and clothes and going into town)

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I don't know where the Interior button is... Help? Could you possibly make a guide with what most of the Japanese buttons mean?

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      playing that Miku's Snowman Support game - I usually get 100 chibi coins a day (im american, so i call them cc).

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      doing some events


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