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How to Complete the Japanese TinierMe Tutorial Mission (and get free items!)

Updated on July 12, 2011

Now that you've made your Japan TinierMe account, complete the Tutorial Mission for free items!

Now that you've successfully created your Japan TinierMe (atgames) account, you can complete 10 special Tutorial Missions to get free items! Finish them all before your newbie stamp goes away, and you can even get a free Gacha Ticket!

If you haven't made your JPTM account yet, follow this English guide to making one! How to Make a Japanese TinierMe Account (in English!)

Done with the Tutorial Mission? Find out how to earn more Goodsel and free items here: How to Earn Goodsel on Japan TinierMe and Get Free Items!

Note: It's a good idea to turn off your pop-up blocker, because the Mission Complete screens are pop-ups. atgames doesn't have any ads, so you should be safe to just leave it off on!

Access the Tutorial Mission page

The Tutorial Mission page can be accessed by clicking the link under your ID box. The link will be there until you have completed the missions, so don't worry about losing the link! You can also click here.

There are 3 levels to the Tutorial Mission, but you can do them out of order. However, some missions require that you have completed others before moving on. But don't worry if you've gone ahead and completed something from level 2 first; it won't make any difference.

Note: With the exception of the last 2 Missions, you don't need to click on anything on the actual Tutorial Mission page to complete them or get the rewards. The rewards will be given even if you complete a Mission by accident!

Mission 1: Go to "My Room"

What to do: Just click "My Room" and enter your own room. That's it!

Prize: Orange Chair [Interior Item]

If this is your first time entering your room or Selfy Town, you will notice you have a ChibiPet egg! Go ahead and hatch it and give it a name. You will need your pet to complete a later mission!

What to do: Go to the Bar Village area (bottom left) in Selfy Town. Near the bottom of the screen, there is an NPC. Walk over to him, and use any emotion (using the emotions bar on the right.) Then hover your mouse over the character and a speech bubble with a black box will appear. Click the black box until you get the pop-up message that you've cleared the mission.

Prize: Goodsel Ball (to use in the Goodsel Ball Game)

What to do: Go to Fountain Area 2 (right above the Bar Village area) and find the female NPC off to the left. Write anything in the chat box and hit "Enter". Then click her speech bubble box in the same fashion as in Mission 2.

Prize: Red Crown [headgear item]

Now that we've cleared Missions 1-3, we have unlocked Mission 4!

Note: You can only start this Mission after completing Missions 1-3, and you must complete it before moving on to Mission 5.

What to do: Find 3 heart-shaped balloons in Selfy Town and click on them (like most of the NPC/objects in town, you must hover over the object, then click the black box in the speech bubble.)

Balloon locations: ChibiPet Area, Ring Gate, Fortune Area (all of these areas are in the same place as in TinierMe) The balloons are all off to the left, partially hidden by trees. Click on all 3, and the Mission is done!

Prize: Brown Shoes [footwear item]

What to do: Equip the Brown Shoes item you received in Mission 4. Make sure to save the outfit, and that's it!

Note: Changing clothes works exactly the same way as in TinierMe (and the buttons are in the same locations) so you should have no trouble! Use these images if you get stuck.

Prize: Baggy Pants [trousers/skirt item]

What to do: Go to the Selfy Shop in the top banner (the link has a T-Shirt on it), then click Fashion (the first option in the submenu). Scroll down to the recommended coordination box (above the Alchemy banner) and click.

If you're too lazy, just click here (make sure you're logged in): Selfy Shop Recommended Items

Prize: Shirt with Tie [blouse item]

What to do: Circles are the same thing as Groups. Click on the Community tab (with the speech bubbles icon), then Circle (the second tab in the submenu). You can join any circle you like, or search for one using keywords.

Note: I highly recommend joining English Only. It's a very active group and you can learn about the current events and campaigns that will get you free items!

Prize: Goodsel Ball

Mission 8: Visit the Fortune House and write about it in your diary

Now that you've completed Missions 5-7, you have unlocked Mission 8! This one has a few more steps than the others, but it's very simple. Basically all you do is play the Fortune game (accessible though the Fortune Area of Selfy Town, or the Games > Multiplayer menu.)

(Even though it's in the Multiplayer section, it's not really a multiplayer game!)

What to do: Access the Fortune game and click start. This isn't really a "game" per se, you just get your fortune told.

You can pick either of the top 2 options (I like it to ask me my Zodiac sign, so I go with option #1!)

Click the top button (the bottom one takes you back to the menu)

Click your Zodiac sign (or whichever one you want) and click the top button again. (Note: if you want to turn off the music, click the button in the bottom right corner.)

Click the middle button repeatedly and let Misha tell your fortune!

When she's done, you will be asked if you want to post your results to your diary. Click the left button! It might look like nothing happened when you clicked, but check your browser behind the Fortune pop-up window: it should have loaded your diary.

The game has auto-loaded your fortune results into your diary. You don't have to change anything! Just scroll to the bottom and click the left orange button. You're done!

Prize: Lifestone (ChibiPet item)

Mission 9: Hatch your ChibiPet

On to Level 3! So close to the end!

What to do: Hatch your free ChibiPet and get it up to Level 5.

In atgames, you get a free "starter" ChibiPet (called SelPets). It's not super great or anything, but hey, it was free.

You probably already hatched your pet earlier. If not, simply open up your room or Selfy Town and click on the egg repeatedly. A box will pop up asking you to name your pet. Type in any name and hit OK.

To get your pet up to Level 5, interact with your pet in any way. You can use the emotion buttons at the bottom of the screen, or click on it, or click and drag it around. It should get to Level 5 pretty fast.

Prize: Chicken [ChibiPet food]

Note: You might as well feed that chicken to your pet now. Once your free Lifestone expires, there's no way to get another one without G-Coins. :(

Mission 10: Fish and check your Fishing Note

If you're like me, you hate SelFishing (as it's called on atgames). Don't worry, you only have to catch one fish!

What to do: I assume you already know how to fish from TinierMe. Just go to any area with water (the ocean is easiest, in my opinion) and it will automatically ask if you want to equip your free rod and bait. Click yes (the left option) and then walk to the water. Once the fish icon appears near your head, click on your Selfy to bring up the fishing menu. "Start fishing" is the top button.

It's pretty easy to catch one fish! Click the left button to save it.

Now just check your personal Fishing Note. Click your Selfy while still in a fishing area. The top right button is Fishing Note. Click it, and your Fishing Note will load in the background page. You should immediately get your prize!

Prize: Bait [so you can fish more...woo hoo?]

What to do: This one is easy! Just visit any member's profile and leave a guestbook comment. Do this for 3 different members in 1 day. You can write anything (even in English) such as, "Hi!" or "Coined!" (send them 2 Goodsel by clicking the green button in the same area!) You'll need to visit your friend's guestbook page after making the comments to complete the Mission.

Feel free to visit my profile and leave a comment! Add me as a friend if you like! You'll need 3 friends to get your free Gacha Ticket in the final Mission!

Prize: Fox Plushie [hand item]

What to do: Go to the Goodsel Ball Game page and click on any of the machines to play. You can keep playing as many times as you have balls. You get one ball each day just for logging in, and sometimes more during events.

Prize: Goodsel Ball (so you can play one more time! ^^) These are technically hand items, but you're better off using them! Note: You have to go back to the tutorial Level 3 page and manually claim this prize and complete the Mission. Just click on the orange button below the image of the prize.

If you've done everything right up to this point, you will be greeted with this screen when you go to the tutorial Level 3 page. Your final mission is to play the Goodsel Gacha (aka Chibi Coin Gacha or Free Gacha!) There is only *one* Goodsel Gacha, and the items are usually changed monthly.

What to do: Play the 250 Goodsel Gacha. You only need to play it once, but you can keep playing if you waste your Goodsel. ;)

Prize: 300 Goodsel

Note: You have to go back to the tutorial Level 3 page and manually claim this prize and complete the Mission. Just click on the orange button below the image of the prize.

That's it! You've completed the tutorial! Congratulations! But wait, there's more!

Return to the Tutorial Mission page and you should get this pop-up, giving you a reward of red eyes for completing all 13 Missions. Yay!

Next, you'll want go visit the Beginner Support page. You can get a few more free items if you fit certain criteria.

Finished the Tutorial Mission? Click to get your animated penguin!

Once you've got 3 friends, you can claim your free Gacha Ticket!

Important Note: You must still be a newbie to receive any of the items on the Beginner Support page! This means you must still have your wakaba mark (the yellow and green chevron) next to your name. I believe this goes away 2 weeks after sign-up, so don't delay completing the missions and adding 3 friends!

Tip: Add people in the English Only group! There are threads where you can post to make friends. ^^

Made it?

Were you able to complete the Tutorial Missions?

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Please let me know if you found anything confusing, or if I skipped anything!

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