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Jungle Water Park Inflatable Slide

Updated on July 4, 2017

Jungle Water Park Slide by Banzai

Want some fun this summer? One of the best selling waterslides this year is the Banzai Jungle Blast Water Park slide.

The reason is that it is one of the largest waterslides that Banzai makes that is still reasonably priced (you can usually pick this up for around $600 when Amazon has it's special deals).

These waterslides are made with durable material that will withstand heavy use year after year.

Watch it in action

What It Looks Like

The Jungle Blast Water Park has two main slides, a racing slide and a curved twist slide that goes through the rainforest tunnel. There is also a wading pool area and water guns attached to the side.

It comes with the motor (which is really heavy) that is used to inflate it in around 3 minutes or less and keep it inflated while the kids play on it.

You will also need to attach it to a water supply like a regular garden hose for the water.

To pack it away you must wait until it is dry. A good tip is to keep it inflated after you turn the water off. It dries much faster that way.

Here are what some people are saying about the Banzai Jungle Blast :

From actual customers at Amazon:

"This slide has been the hit of our neighborhood for two years and going on the third! Even the parents have a blast flying down this thing."

"My two sons, ages 12 & 9, enjoyed having friends over and having races and challenges using the waterfalls and slides as obstacles. Personally, I'm amazed at how much water pressure we had even though we don't actually HAVE a lot of water pressure."

"Now we have the Jungle Blast water slide. LOVE IT!! My son stands on the curvy slide and bounces lays on/leans on the green tunnel and we've had no issues. This is our favorite of all three we've had so far."

Looking for a less expensive water slide?

The Banzai Falls Original Water Slide is a really fun way to enjoy a hot day in the summer (or if you live in a warm climate).

This slide is one of the cheaper ones that Banzai have because it doesn't include a lot of the extra fancy water park accessories that many of the others do. In fact it's just a pretty standard water slide.

You set it up very easily just like you would a tent by staking the corners into the ground to keep it held in the one spot and then hook up the spray head to the top of the slide, attach the blower where indicated and turn it on. It inflates pretty quickly, in about 3 minutes. Once it's inflated you can attach your hose to the spray head and get sliding.

Kids aged around 5 to 10 especially have a great time on this water slide and don't be surprised if all of their friends get invited around.

You do have to be careful with older children, or those that are heavy as they can come down the slide pretty fast and there isn't a lot of room at the bottom to 'catch' them.

But as long as you adhere to some simple safety rules then it should be fine.

When you've finished you need to tip the water out (easiest to do by deflating it) and then let it air dry. It drys much quicker if you put the blower back on and inflate it again without the water (takes around 1 to 2 hours if you do it this way).

Don't bother trying to store it back in the back it came in, it never seems to fit. Instead go to a camping supply store and by a large bag (such as used for tents), or you can even use a large plastic storage bin as well. Make sure it's completely try before storing it in plastic though.

Many people are concerned with the durability of the Banzai Falls Water Slide (or any of the Banzai slides really) and it's true that sometimes you'll get a tear on the seams if the slide is used frequently or not dried properly. A good tip is to use duct tape and ordinary bathroom sealant to patch the holes. Works a treat.

Overall the Banzai Falls Original Water Slide is a good investment and will provide hours of fun for your kids this summer.

The most expensive Banzai water slide is ...

But of course if you really want to splash out on the biggest waterslide that Banzai have then you probably need to look at the Banzai Roaring Rapids Water Park slide.

This inflatable waterslide is a monster with three slides (2 for racing each other and 1 curved). It also has a climbing wall, basketball ring and lagoon pool for the younger children.

It can hold up to eight kids at the same time so if you have a large family or feel like inviting the neighbourhood kids around for a splash then as long as you have room in your backyard this might be the slide for you.

But like I mentioned before - the roaring rapids adventure waterslide doesn't come cheap. In fact in currently retails for over $1800. I know! Start saving.

But I don't want you to buy it for that. You see each year in the Summer sales this slide goes for around half price. You can usually pick it up for around $800 in May / June.

So if you've decided that this is the waterslide for you, then I suggest timing your purchase wisely so you don't end up paying a fortune.

But many large families do say that even at full regular price it is still cheaper than planning a family vacation to a real water park - so maybe you need to take that into consideration. Especially because you'll be able to get many uses out of it over summer and the years to come.

Which Outdoor Inflatable Water Slide is Best?

Outdoor inflatable water slides are a great way to keep the kids entertained all summer long. They are especially good if you have a large family or like entertaining as some of the larger models can hold many children at the one time. But with so many of them on the market, how do you choose which water slide is right for you and your family?

The leader in the inflatable water slide industry is without a doubt Banzai and they have many different sized slides to choose from. Lately newer companies are also starting to enter the market with Little Tikes releasing a range of waterslides for younger children as well.

The size of your backyard should be the most important consideration when choosing an outdoor inflatable slide. Some of the larger Banzai slides which are more like water parks as they have many different activities and will need a lot of room to set up. If you have a big backyard then you might consider the Banzai Roaring Rapids Adventure slide, but if need something smaller then the Double Drop Falls is equally as fun.

The age of your children should also be considered as some waterslides are better for older children, whereas younger children like to have a wading pool to splash around in as well. We actually like the Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race for younger children as it has a climbing wall, two slides and a wading pool especially designed for ages 5 to 10.

Finally there is budget. Waterslides really can range in price from $100 all the way up to nearly $1,000. One of the most popular slides in the budget range is the Banzai The Plunge which you can get for around $300 or you can go all out and splurge on the Jungle Blast Water Park which is often on sale for $900.

If you would like some more ideas on which outdoor inflatable water slide is best for you and your family then visit our website for more ideas.

Got the Banzai Jungle Water Park slide? - Let us know how great it is below

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    • sudokunut profile image

      Mark Falco 5 years ago from Reno, Nevada

      Wow that Roaring Rapids one looks like a ridiculous amount of fun for big families! Wish I was a kid again so I could play on it :)

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      how much does it cost excactly?

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      $500 dollars

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      hollw melissa cotton my in summer post my aaddes

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      hollw melissa cotton my post to myaaddes $600 $500

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