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Just The Right Shoe

Updated on December 25, 2013

Looking For "Just The Right Shoe"

Well, you're in just the right place! Anyone who loves shoes will be thrilled pink to receive one of these collectible shoe statues as a gift. They make a great Christmas or birthday present for that shoe crazy woman you know. How do I know that? Because I am one of those shoe crazy woman! I adore more shoes. I believe that you can never have too many shoes...big ones that you wear or small ones that you can collect. The Just The Right Shoe collection is a fun and fashion savvy shoe fest. I know a real dressy girly-girl and she dates a fireman...well, they have a fireman's boot and a fancy high heel on a shelf. The heel was a gift to her from him on their first Christmas together. She loved it so much she went and found a firemen boot to place beside it. What a perfect theme for those two love birds!

Just The Right Shoe Miniature Collectibles

Can you pick just one of these fabulous looking high heel shoe figurines? I don't know that I could. Pick by your favorite style, sling back, open toe, strappy, sexy, sandal or even Duckie shoes. Pink shoes, blue shoes, green shoes, brown, I want everyone of these retro and new style shoes. Check out Chain of Fools, E'lan, Split Up, Highly Irregular and Coming Up Rose Mother's Day style.


Here are a few...I repeat, it's only a few, of my favorite shoes from this large selection. It's like going to shoe heaven! Look at those Ruby Badd red heels, perfect for that girly girl Wizard of Oz fan or those black and silver Breathless heels, love that bow! The Pop shoes are a cutsie boot cut heel and those pink Incarceration shoes with all those ankle straps are stunning. Looking for something blue? How about the Seriously style in light blue. I love these miniature shoes, but now I'd like to see them all in my size, they are some seriously fab shoes for ladies who love, love, love shoes.

Animal Print Just The Right Shoe Design

Like animal prints and wild shoes? Then take a look at these fab selections I found...the Enticing, the Potpouri, the District and the Animal You...and the Animal You has a matching purse.

Just The Right Shoe In Red

Here are some red shoes for ladies who love to wear red shoes, or just collect them. I think my favorite red figurine is the Ruby Badd collectible miniature shoe that's higher up on this page. Guess I just have a thing for that ruby color.

Just The Right Shoe In Blue

Don't be another miniature shoe for your collection! That's a great way for you to over come the blues...Into The Blue, Blue Plate Special, Denim Blue, Felicity Blue and Karner Blue...all for you.

Green Just the Right Shoes

You can't go wrong with green? It's not the average colored shoe in anyone's closet, but look at these mini collectibles and picture them on your shelf...these are seriously funky and cool shoes. Pick from Summer Buzz Green Mint, Sumptuous Quilt, Green with Flowers, Forbidden or Emerald City to add green to your collection.

Striped Just The Right Shoe Styles

What does a shoe with the name Whiplash, look like. OOH...that's nice. The Distraction style is quite a distraction, don't you think? The Suspense is quite aptly named too, for it is certainly a distraction. I really like the Unhinged! BBUUZZZ All The Buzz and Mirage are fun to look at too.

Pretty Pastel Just The Right Shoe

Pretty Pastel shoes are something a shoe hound can't have to have a couple of sweet, goodie goodie heels in your shoe collection..although with heels like these I dont' know if these actually qualify as such. I just know I like 'em! Spring Fling just caught my eye and so did Petals, Epoch, Lillies of the Valley, and Dallas!

Just The Right Shoe Collectibles For Christmas

Go to Squidoo Just The Right Shoe and order a miniature shoe for Christmas!

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