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The 8 Best K'nex Roller Coasters for Kids

Updated on September 10, 2014

K'nex Roller Coasters Entertain Kids and Teach the Physics too!

K'nex sets can be a lot of fun for kids but without a doubt, the coolest K'nex sets are the K'nex Roller Coasters. These sets can not only be great for kids building and fine motor skills, they also teach them about physics. There are currently about 10 of these fun roller coaster toys for kids.

This page will help you pick the best one for your child.

Or you can check out this complete list of K'nex Roller Coaster and Amusement Park sets

K'NEX DoubleShot Roller Coaster - Over 3.5 Feet Tall!

The most popular K'nex Roller Coaster is the Double Shot Roller Coaster. The set, which contains more than 1100 pieces, is recommended for kids ages 9 and up and builds a roller coaster that reaches heights of more than 3 1/2 feet tall.

K'NEX DoubleShot Roller Coaster
K'NEX DoubleShot Roller Coaster

This K'nex Roller Coaster has duel tracks. There are two coaster cars which race on the side by side tracks which makes it more exciting for kids. The roller coaster contains over 32 feet of tracks with many twists in it.

The set includes the following:

1113 pieces

A motor and chain lift

2 roller coaster cars

An easy to follow color coded instruction booklet.

On top of that, kids can download instructions at the K'nex website for an additional roller coaster model. They can also use the parts to invent their own coasters.


K'NEX Cosmic Twist Coaster - Over 2.5 Feet Tall and More than 700 Pieces

This is another extremely popular set. If the 1100 pieces in the DoubleShot coaster sounds like too much for your child to tackle, then the K'nex Cosmic Twist Coaster might be a better option for them. This set, which is over 2 1/2 feet tall, is best for ages 8 or 9 and up.

K'NEX Cosmic Twist Coaster
K'NEX Cosmic Twist Coaster

With more than 19 feet of track, this roller coaster toy has lots of fun features. There are plenty of twists and turns for the metallic coaster car to take. And to add to the excitement, there are flags that pop when the car is making it's ascent up the motorized chair lift.


K'NEX Steel Scorpion Roller Coaster - 3 Feet High and 1034 Pieces!

The K'nex Steel Scorpion Roller Coaster is another monster. With 1034 pieces, this set will give kids a fun challenge and hours of building entertainment.

K'NEX Steel Scorpion Roller Coaster
K'NEX Steel Scorpion Roller Coaster

Like the DoubleShot, the Scorpion is also a dual roller coaster. Not only does it have dual tracks, it also has some other impressive features including a speaker for MP3 hook up and graphics. It also comes with a storage tub. This coaster is rather sprawling so you will need a fairly nice sized space to set it up.


The Biggest K'nex Roller Coaster - K'Nex Lava Launch Coaster - Over 4 Feet Tall and 1200 Pieces!

If you are looking for the biggest K'nex Roller Coaster that you can buy, you will definitely want to check out the impressive Lava Launch Coaster. This set is more than four feet tall and it's 1200+ pieces builds more than 20 feet of track.

K'Nex Lava Launch Coaster
K'Nex Lava Launch Coaster

The volcano inspired roller coaster is a single car coaster that features plenty of spirals and twists as well as loops. The roller coaster car starts out by shooting up and out of the middle of the volcano and then making it's decent through the twisting and turning track. Like some of the other coaster sets, you can also download directions for building another model with this set from K'nex's website.


K'nex Speed Demon Roller Coaster - 3 Feet and 625 Pieces

The K'nex Speed Demon Roller Coaster is another single car, medium sized roller coaster set. It contains 625 pieces and is recommended for kids ages 9 and up.

K'nex Speed Demon Roller Coaster
K'nex Speed Demon Roller Coaster

The roller coaster features a steep climb and lots of twisters and turns in it's 19 feet of track. The set includes the roller coaster car, the motor and chain lift, and the instruction guide. This set also has a second model that can be built by going to the K'nex website and downloading instructions for it.


K'NEX Rippin Rocket Coaster - 4 Feet High and More Than 20 Feet of Track!

The Rippin Rocket Coaster is over 500 pieces. It has a steep incline that then sends the car into a series of twists, turns, and loops. The total track length is over 20 feet long.

K'NEX Rippin Rocket Coaster
K'NEX Rippin Rocket Coaster

The set includes a total of 545 pieces which includes a motorized blaster and roller coaster car. The finished roller coaster is 4 feet tall. There are also plans for a second coaster that can be built with this set on their website.


K'NEX Corkscrew Coaster - Over 300 Pieces, Ages 7 and Up

With the K'nex Corkscrew Coaster set, kids can build a 1.5 foot high corkscrew style roller coaster. This set is part of a three part Amusement Park Series that K'nex released that also includes the Vertical Viper Coaster and a Ferris Wheel.

K'NEX Collect Build Amusement Park Series #2 Corkscrew Coaster
K'NEX Collect Build Amusement Park Series #2 Corkscrew Coaster

Because this set only has 315 pieces, it is great for younger kids. The set includes a battery operated motor which runs on AA batteries, a coaster car, and chain lift. The track, although not as long as some other K'nex coasters, still has some exciting twists and loops.


K'NEX Vertical Viper - A Great K'nex Roller Coaster Set for Younger Kids or Beginners

If you are new to K'nex, this a nice easy roller coaster set to build. The K'nex Vertical Viper is just 318 pieces, which is a quarter to a third of the pieces many of the bigger K'nex coaster sets. It's also a fraction of the price! This set is a real bargain.

K'NEX Collect Build Amusement Park Series #2 Vertical Viper
K'NEX Collect Build Amusement Park Series #2 Vertical Viper

The Vertical Viper is a 1 1/2 foot tall coaster. It is part of a series of three sets that are included in an Amusement Park Series created by K'nex. The other sets in the series include another roller coaster called the Corkscrew and a Ferris Wheel.


More K'NEX Amusement Park Sets

Add these sets to your kid's collection, and they can build an entire K'nex Amusement Park.

K'NEX Amusement Park Bundle
K'NEX Amusement Park Bundle

This bundle includes three sets from the Amusement Park Series: the Corkscrew Coaster, the Vertical Viper Coaster, and the Ferris Wheel. Each set is more than 300 pieces and recommended for ages 7 and up.

K'NEX Thrill Rides - Hot Shot! Video Coaster
K'NEX Thrill Rides - Hot Shot! Video Coaster

With 725 pieces and a length of over 4 feet, this coaster is impressive enough, but it's most impressive feature is a built in digital camera to record the ride.

K'NEX Micro Amusement Pirate Ship Building Set
K'NEX Micro Amusement Pirate Ship Building Set

Build your own Pirate Ship ride from your amusement park with this K'nex set. At 201 pieces, this a great beginner set for kids with no K'nex building experience.

K'NEX Micro Amusment Octopus Ride Building Set
K'NEX Micro Amusment Octopus Ride Building Set

Another great beginner set is this 192 piece Octopus Ride.

K'NEX Collect Build Amusement Park Series #2 Ferris Wheel
K'NEX Collect Build Amusement Park Series #2 Ferris Wheel

No amusement park is complete without a ferris wheel. This 465 piece set allows you to build one that is 1.5 feet tall and really spins. We own this set and my boys like to build it and then put their Lego men in it to take a spin. They fit perfectly in the ride cars.


A Complete List of K'nex Roller Coasters

Click here to View a Full List of the K'nex Roller Coasters seen here on this page and to price compare them.

Fun Links about Roller Coasters

In case you want to explain the physics about how roller coasters work to your kids, you might find these links helpful.

Which K'nex Roller Coaster Set Do You Think Is Best?

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