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Kathe Kruse Dolls and Baby Toys

Updated on October 7, 2014

My Kids Favorite Baby Toys and Dolls Are Made In Europe By Kathe Kruse

Looking to buy quality toys, puppets and dolls not made in China? Have a look at the Kathe Kruse brand. Kathe Kruse offers quality toys, puppets and collectible dolls made in Europe. These toys are affordable, cute and original. My 2 kids own 3 Kathe Kruse grabbing toys and they love them.

Intro image: Daughter with her pink cat grabbing toy

If you want to buy original toys, puppets or dolls not made in China, I invite you to discover this German brand. You will fall in love with these amazing baby toys. I know I did! Every time I have a baby gift to make I buy one of the cool grabbing toy!

Musical Baby Soft Toys - Whimsical music box

Kathe Kruse - Alba The Owl Musical Toy
Kathe Kruse - Alba The Owl Musical Toy

This adorable owl is getting rave reviews. He is certainly cute enough and made of soft materials in detail that is hard to beat. Alba has a string to pull to hear a soothing lullaby that isn't irritating as so many of them can be. You can attach it to a crib or cot or to a car seat so he can go anywhere with you. Like all Kathe Kruse toys this one is made of different fabrics to introduce texture to your baby's experience.


Why I Love Kathe Kruse Toys

Baby toys not made in China

All the collection is handcrafted in Germany. The quality is amazing. I do not collect dolls (the brand is famous for their amazing high end dolls), but over 5 years ago I ran into Kathe Kruse grabbing toys and bought one for my son. It's a cute colorful horse and he is very attached to it. The quality is amazing, the toy still looks and feel like new after over 5 years of intensive grabbing and hugging!. They are the best!! Incredibly soft, easy to hold and so cute!! I also bought him a Giraffe later on and bought 3 more grabbing toys over the years to offer as gifts to new parents. And two years ago I bought a pink cat for my newborn daughter.

I am a fan of organic, eco-friendly and not made in China toys such as Selecta for their wooden toys collection, Kallisto for the cute plush animals and Lana organic. That is why I also love Kathe Kruse baby toys!

Kathe kruse grabbing toy
Kathe kruse grabbing toy | Source

Doll Maker Extraordinaire

Kathe Kruse was originally known for her quality dolls. She started making dolls in the early 20th century. Over the years her reputation has cross the German frontier and she became renown among doll collectors worldwide. Now the Kathe Kruse company offers a beautiful selection of safe and quality baby toys and puppets as well as dolls.

2 Cute Kathe Kruse Dolls Star in a Stop Motion Short Film

Doll Collector?

Do you collect dolls

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Books and important references for Kathe Kruse dolls collectors

Books On Kathe Kruse Antique And Collectible Dolls - History and reference books

Kathe Kruse dolls are highly collectible. Here's a few books that may be of interest if you collect these dolls, or if you are interest in antique dolls in general. Some books are in German, but still provide a lot of visual information.

Kathe Kruse I.D. Guide: How to Recognize the Early Kathe Kruse  Models 1910-1962, with a key to their rarities
Kathe Kruse I.D. Guide: How to Recognize the Early Kathe Kruse Models 1910-1962, with a key to their rarities

If you collect Kathe Kruse doll (or just love antique dolls) this book is for you. It's a soft cover guide helping you identifying and asserting the rarity of your dolls. Published in 1994, it covers dolls made from 1910 to 1962, the golden age of these dolls. Lots of pictures.


Kathe Kruse Baby's Grabbing Toys - So soft!! These are a must. Honestly, the best and softest baby toys ever!!

These grabbing toys are SOFT. Really soft. They also are very easy to grab and hold. My daughter really likes her pink cat and It has been a favorite for a long time. I highly recommend those Kathe Kruse grabbing toys. They are high quality and will last long. My son has 2 of them, they are still looking almost new after over 5 years of intense love. The Kathe Kruse grabbing toys are colorful with vibrant colors. Some of these have rattles inside, others have a squeaky thing. You should choose one with a rattle for the babies because they just need to pick up their grabbing toy to make sounds.

You can hand wash them from time to time. I did that often without problem. Don't put them in the dryer.

They are designed to stimulate a baby's sight and touch and help to develop their motor skills. They are mostly unisex toy, available in a large selection of colors and patterns.

Ikibab Horse by Kathe Kruse
Ikibab Horse by Kathe Kruse

This is the first Kathe Kruse toys I bought. My son's likes it very much (not as much as Quack, but close). The colors are beautiful and it's a rattle toy so it is a great grabbing toys for the little babies.

Kathe Kruse Warming Pillow Ikibab Elephant
Kathe Kruse Warming Pillow Ikibab Elephant

This is my favorite Kathe Kruse cherrystone pillow. Cute colors, fun elephant! 4 x 2 x 10 inches.


Cherrystone Pillow by Kathe Kruse - warming pillows / cooling pillows

1 minute in the microwave and these cute pillows will help your baby upset tummy. They can also be helpful for bedtime, they are so cuddly!

1 hour in the freezer will also take care of bumps and other small ailments. These pillows will be you child best friends for a long time.

These are washable, just make sure you remove the cherrystones bag before.

Organic Towel Doll Pink Lamb
Organic Towel Doll Pink Lamb

Cute organic pink lamb with little knots and tags. Cute.


Kathe Kruse Organic Towel Dolls - Comforting for babies

This is a great doll, not as a toy but as bedding item: use it in a crib and place your baby's head on it. It's perfectly flat. As a mom, you can sleep with it a couple of days, or have it on you around the house, so your smell with stay on it. Your baby will be comforted, even when you left him alone for bedtime. I suggest you do buy the organic ones for health reason.

Regular Towel Dolls

Cheaper than the organic ones, these towel dolls are as beautiful and soft!

Kathe Kruse Fairies Puppet Theater - Excellent role play game

There are dozens of different finger puppets. You certainly don't need the theater to have fun with them. From knights and kings, to frogs, dragons and pirates. There is no limit to your kid's imagination.

Kathe Kruse Mini It's Me! Waldorf Fairy with Enchanting Felt Wings, Blonde
Kathe Kruse Mini It's Me! Waldorf Fairy with Enchanting Felt Wings, Blonde

Kathe Kruse Waldorf dolls are all made out of natural material such as wool, cotton, quartz sand, mohair, wood. The Dragonfly Libelle Flippippi is my favorite Kathe Kruse Waldorf doll. It's cute and delicate. Measures 13 inches. See more Waldorf dolls below.


Kathe Kruse Waldorf Doll - Large selection of Waldorf

Waldorf dolls have neutral features so your child can give his doll the personality or mood he wants. Waldorf is about kid's imagination and creativity. These Waldorf dolls are made in Germany.

Beware of the Toys you Buy!

All toys are not made equals. Thinks about your littles ones. You better buy only one great toys than 5 low quality ones.

For your Information: Latest Toy Recalls

Bookmark this website and visit often: U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. This site list all the latest toys (and household items) being recalled in North America. You can also report dangerous toys to them. To no one surprise, most of the recalls are from products made in China.

How Can I make Sure the Toys I buy Are Safe

  1. Avoid 1$ stores Toys sold in these stores are cheap, made in China. More than often than not they are knock-offs and fakes. Chance are that anything sold there have never been inspected. It is risky. You don't want anything from there around a kid. These toys can contain lead paint, toxic chemicals, dangerous part. Not to mention that you have absolutely no idea by whom they were made (would you like to encourage child labor?)

  2. Buy organic cotton or oeko-tex certified soft toys Cotton production uses a huge amount of pesticides. On the other hand organic (and oeko-tex certified) cotton toys must meet strict requirements, over and above regular government standards and so they are inherently safe from heavy metals, pesticides, etc.

  3. Read the packages Important safety indications are provided on all packages, as well as the recommended age. Read and follow these recommendations!

  4. Check often to see what toys have been recalled I have listed a few link you can check on this page. Use them. I know it is hard to keep track but better be safe than sorry.

  5. Avoid buying toys of unknown origin

© 2008 Nathalie Roy


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    • Diaper Bag Blog profile image

      Stanley Green 

      5 years ago from Czech Republic

      Lovely dolls... The best thing I love about these is, they are not just another "Barbie"-like dolls.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I've always loved Kathe Kruse, my children played with them too. Added your lens to my lens!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      These are new toys for me. I have previously not heard of them before. Nice lens.

    • Missmerfaery444 profile image


      6 years ago

      Hadn't heard of these Kathe Kruse toys before, they are lovely! I love the grabbing horses and the puppet theatre.

    • Brite-Ideas profile image

      Barbara Tremblay Cipak 

      6 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      If I could have a dedicated space just for me in the house, I think I could become a doll collector - just love them

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I knew about Kathe Kruse antique dolls but had no idea they were still making them. This is one to keep in mind for my grand-daughter as we're being extra vigilant at the moment about anything made in China. If you start looking at the small print on labels it's frightening - so thanks for the good advice here.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      These are really lovely, perfect for a new baby and would make lovely baby shower gifts.

    • dotpattern profile image

      Pat Moire 

      7 years ago from West Village, New York City

      The Grabbing Toy Elephant and Camel are so unique. One of those toys where someone on my list has to get one of these as a present, just need to figure out who.

    • Lady Lorelei profile image

      Lorelei Cohen 

      7 years ago from Canada

      Just popped through stumble upon and then realized that I had already been to visit your Kathy Kruse dolls lol. Have a wonderful holiday season. Best of wishes.

    • WindyWintersHubs profile image


      7 years ago from Vancouver Island, BC

      I will have to remember this brand of toys when buying toys for little ones. There is such a wide selection and they are quite cute.

    • juditpaton profile image

      Iudit Gherghiteanu 

      7 years ago from Ozun

      so good to see these adorable toys, i do not have right now proper grandchildren, they want car now, but still can enjoy this beautiful lens with beautiful toys.

    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 

      7 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      These are so beautiful and well made. I wish I knew about them when the grand kids were younger.

    • CruiseReady profile image


      7 years ago from East Central Florida

      Very informative lens. What great gifts for children these would make. I especially like the little dragonfly doll.

    • ForestBear LM profile image

      ForestBear LM 

      7 years ago

      very cute, nice collection you have here. Thank you for sharing

    • MelissaRodgz profile image


      7 years ago

      Wow these dolls look beautiful

    • KimGiancaterino profile image


      7 years ago

      Beautiful ... the kind of toys I would make if I had more time for crafts.

    • Lady Lorelei profile image

      Lorelei Cohen 

      7 years ago from Canada

      I had never heard of these toys of course but going back to old fashioned quality in toys is certainly an idea that catches my attention. Wonderful tpy designs.

    • Stacy Birch profile image

      Stacy Birch 

      8 years ago

      I just love the home made look of these toys.

    • Trudy Hanley profile image


      8 years ago

      Great lens!! Anyone concerned about children coming in contact with excess chemicals can use this information to make safer choices. Beautiful toys! Thanks

    • darciefrench lm profile image

      darciefrench lm 

      8 years ago

      Very cute collection of dolls!

    • katiecolette profile image


      8 years ago

      Wow - great toys and excellent lens! Sounds like a great gift idea for the little ones :)

    • Senora M profile image

      Senora M 

      8 years ago

      never heard of these toys, but they look cute. likin' them!!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Yes indeed ... I have been a fan of Kathe Kruse since I first saw them. Simply ADORABLE.

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      Oh, I must send you some pictures of my girl's Kathe Kruse Dollhouse Doll Collection. They are so adorable!! I bought them years ago at Magic Cabin Dolls and they are treasured in our house.

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      OH, NO! I am going to have to add these dolls to my collections - I don't even collect dolls - well at least I didn't. Now, I guess this goes on my short list of must haves! What a great lens, I do love those darling grabbing toys, too! 5 Star Lens, and lensrolling you to my Fabulous to Funky Finds lens. Thanks for sharing, janieruth

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      Wow, I love these dolls. Great Lens!

    • CollectorsCottage profile image


      11 years ago

      These dolls are new to me - thanks for the great information! I'm happy to add your lens to the Collector Clubs group!


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