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Ken Doll - Where to Find Great Prince, Beach, Toy Story, Collectible and Hard to Find Ken Dolls

Updated on September 2, 2011

Barbie and Ken - Together Again

Barbie was single for two years before she met her beloved Ken for the first time. The year was 1961 and she met him on the set of a television commercial.

Both Barbie and Ken have gone through a lot of changes over the years (and yet, through it all, somehow always managed to keep up with current fashions)!

The world was stunned when in 2004 the iconic couple decided to call it quits after spending 43 years together. This however, has not stopped little girls from dreaming about them getting back together again.

Luckily, Ken is just as popular as ever. This is especially true since the recent release of Toy Story 3 that features the couple prominently throughout the film.

There are so many different Kens to choose from, there are almost too many to list here.

There is innocent Ken from Toy Story and then there is the slightly darker Ken from the Twilight movies. There are Beach kens, Fashion Kens and Prince Kens from just about every Barbie movie that has been made.

See below to discover the vast array of Ken dolls available and where to purchase the perfect version for your little Barbie fan,

Basic Ken Dolls, Beach Ken Dolls, Fashion Ken Dolls

Here are a bunch of everyday play Ken dolls. These Kens come ready for the beach or dressed in great fashions and can provide hours of pretend play fun.

There are even Groom Ken dolls that come already dressed for their wedding to Barbie.

There is the "Alan" Ken doll from the Happy Family collection which even includes a stroller and an adorable little Ryan doll for Barbie's instant family or Ken the doctor doll with little Tommy as his patient if your little one wants to give Ken his own career.

Basic Ken Doll - Beach Ken Doll

Prince Ken Dolls - Prince Kens

Prince Kens are probably the most often purchased Ken dolls because little girls love to reenact scenes from their favorite Barbie movie.

Mattel has made a matching Ken doll for each of the Princes in Barbie's movies as well as a few general Princes for everyday play. A list of the Prince's from the Barbie movies are listed below:

  • Prince Eric Ken Doll From Barbie Nutcracker
  • Prince Aiden Ken Doll from Barbie and The Magic of Pegasus
  • Prince Ken Doll from Barbie Mariposa
  • King Dominick Ken Doll from Princess and the Pauper
  • Prince Ken Doll from Barbie and the Three Musketeers
  • Prince Daniel Ken Doll from Barbie of Swan Lake
  • Prince Stefan Ken Doll from Barbie Rapunzel
  • Prince Ian Ken Doll from Barbie & The Diamond Castle Prince
  • Ken Doll From Barbie: Mermaid Tail

Collectible Kens - Collectible Ken Dolls

Mattel has manufacturerd quite a few collectible Ken dolls over the years.

One of their best known collectible Kens are the Harley Davidson Ken Dolls, but there are quite a few others as well such as: Santa Claus Ken, Coca Cola Ken, Route 88 Ken, Platinum Label Ken and Silkstone Ken.

See below to find out where you can purchase these great dolls for your collection.

Ken and Barbie Sets

These awesome Ken and Barbie sets are great for both collectors and/or for fun play.

Over the years, Mattel has come out with quite a few elaborate Ken and Barbie box sets that feature Ken and Barbie together depicting famous shows, famous people or popular themes. Some of these sets include:

  • Barbie and Ken as Herman and Lily in The Munsters
  • Barbie and Ken as Morticia and Gomez in The Addams Family
  • Ken and Barbie as King Aurthur and Guinevere
  • Barbie and Ken Lord of the Rings Arwen and Aragorn
  • Ken and Barbie as Romeo and Juliet
  • Ken and Barbie as James Bond
  • Barbie and Ken Romance Novel - Jude Deveraux The Raider
  • Ken and Barbie The Waltz
  • Ken and Barbie Phantom of the Opera
  • Vintage Ken, Barbie and Friends Set

  • Elvis and Priscella Presley on their Wedding Day
  • Barbie and Ken Toy Story 3 Set
  • Speed Racer and Trixie Set
  • Barbie and Ken Star Trek Set
  • Barbie and Ken X Files Set
  • Barbie and Ken Campus Set
  • Barbie and Ken Bride and Groom 50th Anniversary Set
  • Ken and Barbie Friday Night Date Set
  • 2 Different Harley Davidson Ken and Barbie Sets

Movie Ken Dolls - Toy Story Ken Doll - Famous Characters Ken Dolls

Ken has also been known to represent famous people in his own right - even without Barbie included.

The following Ken dolls are either characters from movies or simply famous people themselves such as:

Toy Story 3 Ken Doll, Jacob from Twilight New Moon Doll, Speed Racer, The Tin Man, Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion and Guard from the Wizard of Oz, Robert McKenzie from Enchanted, Ken as Rhett Butler, Brandon Walsh from 90210, Legolas from Lord of The Rings, Ken as Superman, Elvis and even Henry Higgins from My Fair Lady.

Rare and Hard To Find Ken

The following selection are rare and hard to find Ken Dolls.

As you know Ken has been around almost as long as Barbie, and he has followed nearly every fashion trend throughout the years from 1961 to present day.

There are long hair Kens and short hair Ken dolls, Astronaut Ken, Movie Date Kens, Ice Capades Ken, Dr. Kens and so many other vintage Ken dolls to choose from.

Simply click on blue link next to each item for larger pictures and where to purchase these hard to find dolls.


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