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Kids Games for Cars

Updated on October 16, 2014

Car Games for Kids

Sitting in the car, even when on a fun vacation, can get tedious for the best of us. It is especially hard for little wiggle worms (also known as kids).

Take along a good supply of car games for kids so they complain less and everyone enjoys the trip more.

Younger children will need more frequent breaks when sitting in the car. Older kids can be convinced to sit still for an hour or two before they get too bored. That is, if you prepare and take along plenty of kids games for cars.

Photo Credit: Peggy Hazelwood

Earn badges at ParkGrades when you review parks.
Earn badges at ParkGrades when you review parks.

Use to Find Parks on Your Route

Make the road trip better; let the kids blow off steam at a park

The ParkGrades site lets you find parks on a road trip route. Search for park in a new city or town using the site's search function or check the Quick Guides section that lists parks in more than 45 U.S. cities.

Look for parks with these features:

~ playgrounds

~ dog parks

~ splash pads

~ ball fields

~ courts (volleyball, basketball, baseball)

~ fishing

~ boating

~ horseshoes

~ museums

Eleven Road Trip Guides have been compiled to help you find parks on your route. More road trip guides are being added all of the time.

Photo Credit: ParkGrades

Car BINGO Games - Car bingo is so much fun!

Car BINGO, in case you've never played it, is similar to regular BINGO. The difference is that the car BINGO card is filled with objects that are frequently seen while traveling in the car.

Some objects might be a tree, a house, a cow, a school, a bell, and so on.

Make the Trip Fun and Educational

Older kids can learn about mile markers,

the number of miles between points,

and reading maps.

Make a road trip a learning experience

with just a bit of pre-planning.

Melissa and Doug Travel Games - Keep the little ones busy on the road

These fun games are perfect to take along in the car. Travel BINGO, the license plate game, a magnetic game (less chance for pieces to get lost on the floor or in the seat), and more will entertain kids for minutes if not hours at a time!


Free Printable Travel Games

Worksheets, Puzzles, Hidden Pictures and More

Keep the kiddos happy on your trip!

Take along plenty of free printable worksheets and games you've prepared ahead of time. These articles contain links to educational worksheets and games that are also fun!

Plant Worksheets
Plant worksheets are a great way to teach children about the life cycle of plants and more. Plants start with seeds and grow in soil or water and need sun, f...

Five Senses Worksheets
Our five senses are vital to living and enjoying ourselves. Use these five senses worksheets to teach children about sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch....

Brain Teasers for Kids
Brain teasers for kids offer hours of fun, whether you're a kid or not. While kids work on brain teasers they are also learning things like logic, rational t...

Flag Worksheets
Each country in the world and each state in the United States has its own flag, so use flag worksheets to introduce students to new countries and to educate ...

Animal Worksheets
Since most kids love animals, use these fun critters to your advantage. Animal worksheets with images of animals and names of animals make learning fun. Ther...

Farmer Coloring Pages
Children love animals, especially farm animals. Farmer coloring pages depict farm life similar to stories and picture books that appeal to kids. So coloring ...

Dot to Dot Worksheets
Dot to dot worksheets are fun for kids of all ages. Using easy dot to dot sheets is a great way to reinforce numbers and counting for young children. Drawin...

Printable Sewing Cards
With these printable sewing cards, also called lacing cards or lace-up cards, your little ones can sew too. You know how kids are: monkey see, monkey do. But...

Spot the Differences
We've all seen those find the differences worksheets where two pictures are shown. One has things removed or added, and the trick is to spot the differences....

Printable Word Searches
Printable word searches can be used for fun or as educational aids. Word search puzzles are great to reinforce spelling of words that children are learning, ...

Are we there yet?

Keep this quip to a minimum and everyone will be a happy camper (well, rider and driver).

Travel Journals -- Notebooks to Track Where You're Going - and Where You've Been

Children who can write enjoy writing down stuff as they go. Make road trips fun. Here are a few ideas of things for them to track and to jot in their notebooks:

- cities and towns you travel through

- places you stop

- parks you visit

- food eaten

- where you slept

These notebook and pen sets will keep everything a child needs to jot down whatever they like.

Sing Songs or Listen to Music - or give them earphones for some quiet time for you!

Most children love music. Take along several favorite CDs or an MP3 full of tunes they love. And be sure to hand them the earphones.

Postcards for Kids to Write - Then Mail Them at Each Stop

If you want to remember your trip, a fun way is to take along some postcards for the kids to write. They can write them to friends, grandma, or themselves. Be sure to take along postcard stamps (33 cent stamps in the U.S.) so you can mail them as you go!

Involve Kids in Decisions

Rotate who gets to choose the next place

to eat. It can be fun for kids to think

about what they'll be eating next.

Often meal time is a highlight of the trip!

First Aid Kits for Safe Travels - Stay safe with a first aid kit for the car

Affiliate Disclosure

This author, Peggy Hazelwood, participates in Amazon, eBay, All Posters, and other affiliate advertising programs. When you click an advertising link on this page and make a purchase, I receive a small percent of the sale. Thank you for reading this far!

Send us a postcard from your travels - or just leave a comment, if it's easier.

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