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Kids Kitchen Sets - Kitchen Playsets

Updated on August 18, 2015

Kid Kitchen Play Set

I grew up with a kitchen set, and if my daughter wants one, she'll have one. The kid kitchen sets are very popular; they're just as popular now as they were in the early 90's and even before that. Unlike many toys that are based on TV shows, the classic play kitchen set will never go out of style or fashion. Young girls, and even some boys, love imitating their parents in the kitchen.

The kitchen playsets allow the imagination to flourish. Cook. Bake. Microwave. Freeze. You can do just about anything in a playset that you can do in real life. Just make sure that you wast the dishes after you prepare your meal.

There are many different types of kitchen sets for kids that the options are wide and varied. Some are big enough for multiple kids at the same time, some make realistic sounds, and some even have add-ons that you can purchase to make the set larger and more realistic.

The kitchen playsets are sturdy and can be handed down. The wooden play sets can be refinished and repainted, but the plastic ones do need a little more work to keep them in shape so that can be used and reused over and over again.

Below you'll find 6 of the more popular playsets. Little Tikes and LifeStyle kitchen sets for kids are two brands that you'll find are the best and most popular. Just remember when you buy your child a kitchen playset, don't forget the extra food and pots.

Little Tikes Prep and Serve Kitchen

With stainless steel appliances, granite counter tops, sleek cabinets, a modern sink, and 18 accessories. The Prep and Serve kitchen set is great. You get loads of storage space and an electric burner that makes real cooking sounds. The price is very low compared to some of the other models, but just watch for a few safety issues.

Little Tikes Play Smarter Cook 'N Learn Kitchen

You get 3 food sets, a sandwich set, veggie stir fry set, mixing bowl set, and 16 other accessories. Each food set has it's own song at the end of the lesson. The Smarter Cook N' Learn set teaches children color, shapes, numbers, letters, sorting, measuring, and how to follow directions. This kitchen set is great for younger kids who are at least 3 years old.

Little Tikes Sizzle N Serve Kitchen

This Little Tikes kitchen set is more towards grilling. There's a grill that's mounted on the front of the kitchen for easy access, and it rotates 90 degrees for two different kitchen layouts- straight or L-shaped. The grill flickers flame and has matching sound effects. The ice maker works drops plastic ice cubes, and the overall feel of this kitchen play set is of a modern feel.

LifeStyle Dream Kitchen

With stainless steel appliances, granite counter tops, and wood styling that provide a very realistic approach to a child's kitchen set. There are 5 appliances- microwave, stove, oven, phone, and a light, as well as 7 cupboards and drawers. You even get a 37 pieces accessory set that includes dishes and a basket.

LifeStyle Grand Walk-In Kitchen

This walk-in kitchen measures about 23' x 25' which gives plenty of room for children to cook and serve their dishes. The large sink has a swivel faucet and a push button. The appliances are stainless steel, the counter tops are granite, and the floor is hardwood oak. LifeStyle wants your children to feel right at home with their play sets.

LifeStyle Deluxe Kitchen

LifeStyle doesn't want to give you a pretty pink playhouse. They want your kids to feel like they're using real appliances and are cooking in a real kitchen. The Deluxe Kitchen set has a 38 piece accessory set and appliances that make real sounds. There's even a framed window and working overhead light. The sink has a modern faucet and a pull-out sprayer. This kid's kitchen is a true wonder compared to what the original kids' home sets started out like.


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    • JenDobson27 profile image

      JenDobson27 8 years ago

      Nice Hub! I just got a kitchen set for my nephews and they absolutely love it!