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Kids Spiderman Tents

Updated on March 27, 2013

Kids Outdoor And Indoor Play Tents

My boys love playing in tents. They can play with them inside or outside. I do not even now how many times they have camped in their tent inside instead of sleeping in there own beds.

My youngest son loves spiderman so we of course was on the hunt for kids spiderman tents. We found all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some of the tents was meant for inside use only while other could be used for both. There is even a Spider-man tent to put of a boys bed so he can always feel like he is camping.

Dome Shaped Kids Spiderman Tent - Outside Inside Spiderman Play Tent

This is probably the most sought after tent for a child. It is small and can be used inside or outside in good weather.

The graphics of spiderman is bright and fun.

Camping Tent for Kids, Marvel SpiderSense Spider-man, 5' x 3' Dome with Floor, with Hand-Powered LED Flashlight
Camping Tent for Kids, Marvel SpiderSense Spider-man, 5' x 3' Dome with Floor, with Hand-Powered LED Flashlight

This is the tent that my boys had. In fact they used it so much and wore it out we had to buy another just like it.

That being said the tent's frame can be broken by rough housing boys that end up throwing a lot of stuff on the tent. Most of the time it was fixed easily but I did wish it was a little more able to take the play. However, for the price I really could not ask for more.


Spider-Man Adventure Zone with Foot Pump - Kids Tent With Blow Up Mattress

A kids tent with a blow up mattress is fun to have, especially when it's a Spiderman tent. They are great to have to bring with on trips anywhere. They can be laid out Grandma's living room, a hotel room or anywhere you stay the night. They get their own bed and will be excited about using it.

Kids Pop Up Spiderman Tent
Kids Pop Up Spiderman Tent

How Kids Use Pop Up Tents

They are great for a party or sleep over.

I was once at a birthday party where a boy got a pop up tent. The mother smiled and then later whispered that she did not know what to do with all the pop up tents. Apparently he had gotten five in the past few months with Christmas and birthday presents. A lot of family lives out of town and just sends presents. She said she did not even open up one because she thought it would be just something in the way.

As a mom of three boys I know this was not really a problem. We unpackaged all five pop up tents and put them in the middle of the floor. Before we knew it all ten boys was playing with the tents all TV's and video games was being ignored.

Later on a find out that the pop up tents was a hit during the sleep over and the mom was glad they had a lot of them to go around. Reportedly she keeps them behind the couch and the kids are able to get them out and put them back up without hassle. Even the older kids had fun with the pop up tents.

Indside Kids Spiderman Tent - Easy To Fold Boys Play Tent

Not a tent for a backyard but defiantly a fun spiderman tent for the playroom. It pops up easy and folds up just as easy when it its time to put it up. A great kids tent for areas where you do not have room to keep up a tent all the time.

Playhut Spiderman Hide Play
Playhut Spiderman Hide Play

Love this tent because you can fold it up and put it away within seconds plus it is a great alternative to having forts build all over the house with sheets and blankets. If you have more then one or two kids you may consider getting one for each young kid.


Small Spiderman Kids Play Hut Tent

Marvel Spider-Man Spider Sense Classic Hideaway Tent PlayHut
Marvel Spider-Man Spider Sense Classic Hideaway Tent PlayHut

Fun cheap Spiderman pop up tent that is easy to set up and hide away as needed.


Outdoor Indoor Spiderman Tent With Matching Sleeping Bag

Spiderman 4 Piece Fun Camp Kit
Spiderman 4 Piece Fun Camp Kit

Cool spiderman sleeping bag and Tent set. It can be used indoors and outdoors in good weather conditions.


Is it safe to have a tent over a bed?

I have always thought the tents over the bed was very adorable and the kids always loved them. But I have known more then one parent that just was outraged that anyone would put a tent on a kids bed.

Personally after about age four I believe my boys was able to sleep in such type of bedding without problems but I know each child is different. Some bed tents I have seen that have more of an open area I could see a child much younger being safe.

I really do not see a great difference then them sleeping in a tent to sleeping in a tent that is made to go over a bed.

What do you think?

What Do You Think About Tents Over Beds?

See results

Over the Bed Spiderman Tent - Twin Sized Superhero Tent To Put Over Bed

Great for a kids size twin beds. I have seen it used on bunk beds and on regular beds. The Spiderman bed tent is easy to put on and take off as needed.

Kids Spiderman Tent
Kids Spiderman Tent

How To Keep A Inside Kids Tent Out Of The Way

* Get a pop up tent that can fold up when the kids are not playing with it.

* Put the tent in a corner.

* Use the tent as storage space. Store the kids stuffed animals, books or toy trucks in the tent.

Kids and Camping

How Often Does You Kids Camp Inside? - Do you let your older kids camp in the yard by themselfs?

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