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Top 4: Best Fitness Games for the X-box Kinect

Updated on August 15, 2013

Kinect Workout, Fight and Dance Games

Kinect movement software was released back in 2010 as part of the Xbox 360 console, to include movement scan in the game. Kinect software was produced to compete with several other motion detector software, most notably Nintendo Wii MotionPlus and Play Station Eye motion.

Kinect and movements sensors in general are very cool and were received with much praise, because you can no longer sit on the couch, play games and do nothing. Many game producers and manufactures decided to use this latest technique to produce games that you could use as workout software. It has a precise schedule you need to follow. In this article we will take a look at some of the best fitness games for Kinect that have been released.

#1. Your Shape Fitness 2012

Although this is a video game that has its focus on exercise and training in general, you could use with some accessories such as dumbbells or mats. Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012 goes as one of the best games in the fitness genre and is a must in every Kinect-equiped home.

What makes this game so unique, is that you are allowed to make your own schedule and suit it to your needs and abilities. Before you start the game, there is a quick quiz on your expectation from this game and its program. It can be about losing weight or simply as part of the everyday routine.

Just like in the real gym, you have to stretch before opening the program. Your Shape Evolved offers exactly the same service and take care of you just like a real instructor. All of the major workouts are there and you can focus on one part of your body, like abs, ribs, arms, legs etc. Whether you are an adult, child or a elderly person, you can adjust the speed of the exercises in order to fully enjoy it.

For those of you that want to take it easier and try to involve the psychical element to it, try yoga, which has a very special treatment in the game. And you can follow the number of calories burned and compare which exercise burns the most. What is a flaw to this game, is the lack of goals and results that need to be reached; you basically go and work out as long as you want.

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#2. The Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout on Kinect

Many game developers recognized the potential this type of games offers and many other games emerged. Biggest Loser Workout is another very successful game that follows training and workout exercises and it is based on the famous reality show of the same name.

Instructions in the game are very realistic and features a instructor on the screen, so you will be provided with encouragement an praises for the accomplishments in the game. There are quite a few differences between The Biggest Loser Workout and other fitness related games; the most obvious is in the purpose of the game.

It is not actually for training, since the TV-show itself revolves around overweight people and exercise programs to make them get in shape, hence the commentary and several hints from the virtual instructor during the game. Sound and graphics systems don’t put out anything special in the game and the whole thing is very average.

Sounds are poor and are not recorded especially for the game, basically just taken from the show itself.

The game might be a lot interesting while playing in multiplayer mode, which provides you the opportunity to work alongside your friend. I believe this is a very special add made for the overweight people, since working out in pair leaves a very special influence on them and will make them work harder for the ultimate goal, which is to lose weight. The game is not bad, au contraire, but if you are already fit and don’t have any weight issues, you might want to look after some other Kinect-workout games.

#3. Fight and Fitness Game: UFC Personal Trainer

Since the fitness games offers a whole variety of preparation as we mentioned, several genres evolved from the fitness games. Not all games are made for overweight people and not all games are made for casual people who work out. UFC Personal Trainer Kinect game is as extreme as it could be in Kinect. In today’s world, UFC, kickboxing and many other martial arts are very popular and why wouldn’t you create a game that offers you the chance to work out with a semi-professional UFC fighter.

UFC Personal Trainer is exactly what the title says, you are being assigned by a personal trainer and the moves you learn can all be applied in a real UFC fight. It does not actually make you a professional fighter, but it will build up a few muscles and learn you a few moves.

The games flaw and also an advantage is a really long stretching workout, which can be annoying but wants to make sure that you don’t get any injuries during the workout. Voices in the game are made by some professional UFC fighters and trainers, which gives a special feeling to the game. You get various comments during the game, much of them you see in some motivational video on the internet. That can become annoying too, since some comments are made randomly and do not fit the scenario. Moves function really good and you have no problems with Kinect.

#4. Zumba Fitness Rush Kinect Dance Workout Game

You can work out and train in many ways and one of them certainly is dancing. This is probably the most applied purpose of the Kinect feature, while it can be used by people of all ages: children, parents and even the older ones.

While it helps you develop and increase your dancing skills, with constant movement and dancing you can develop quite a few muscles and get in shape. One of the best games in dancing genre is Zumba Fitness Rush from 2012. Zumba Fitness Rush as one of the favorite Kinect games in the world and is very common asset in nearly every home.

Zumba Fitness offers dancing with all the music hits from the dance genre, and with Pitbull and Nicole you can really be in a great mood. Zumba has put all of the options in the game in hands of the user, with selection of songs, venues and the speed of the game. Zumba can be fun and useful at the same time and really. The multiplayer feature is also great and it allows you to form your kind of band with friends, while dance all together and laugh.

The Kinect’s popularity is rapidly growing and these games are must if you want to use more of the game, than just randomly playing arcade mode.


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