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Kinect Star Wars Defeat Sith Twins

Updated on May 13, 2012

Kinect Star Wars Felucia Mission Ending

In Kinect Star Wars, the penultimate mission sees the padawan being captured by the separatist forces, and then released through the actions of the republic forces at Felucia. Felucia is a planet full of giant fungus, and the padawan was about to be sacrificed before a timely arrival by Yoda and the republic forces saved the day. Despite the rescue, the padawan still has to battle through some trandoshan troopers with the force alone, and later with the force and the lightsaber. Finally, at the end of this mission on Felucia, the padawan must face off against the sith twins – Ror and his twin. This will guide the padawan in defeating the sith twins.

Kinect Star Wars Defeat Sith Twins

Kinect Star Wars Defeat Ror and his sith twin
Kinect Star Wars Defeat Ror and his sith twin

Kinect Star Wars Using Kinect to Defeat the Sith Twins

Using Kinect to defeat the sith twins is not too hard, but trying to execute the movements in typical jedi knight style without following the step by step instructions is not that easy. The following need to be observed, and then repeated as the fight with the sith twins proceeds. This is so that Kinect can sense the movements of the padawan, and try to replicate the actions of a jedi knight -

  • First observe the movements of the sith Ror.
  • Block the sith's double-bladed lightsaber by moving the hand in the appropriate direction that the opponent's lightsaber is coming down into.
  • As the number of blocks increases, the attack bar for the jedi padawan will increase.
  • When this bar is full, the padawan is ready to clash with the sith twin. Hold off the lightsaber and then use force push or a kick to make the sith twin stagger backwards.
  • On a successful clash of the two lightsabers for the padawan, he should then swing the hand (and through Kinect) and the lightsaber as much as possible at the sith twin so that his health is depleted by the swinging jedi attacks of the lightsaber.
  • Repeat the actions above until the sith twin Ror is defeated (click to the middle of the video to see the sith twins fight).


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