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Kinect Star Wars Initial Walkthrough

Updated on April 8, 2012

Kinect Star Wars Kashyyyk Initial Walkthrough

In Kinect Star Wars, the gamer can assume the avatar and role of the padawan jedi in the jedi destiny quest – Dark Side Rising. The jedi avatars available to the gamer include Ara Barotta, Zeetara Maan, Kasi Sha'rhl, Fenella Druce, Kai Rees, Tren Alvar, Dar Singe and Cho Zeh'bra. Pick one and jump into the action of kinect star wars. The kinect star wars universe takes place in the time space between the first episode of Star Wars and the second episode. Darth Maul has been defeated, but rumors of the sith being on the rise are no longer rumors. Force senstitive people are being picked to become padawans, and padawans are being trained to become jedi knights. This will guide the padawan in navigating through the movements and action of kinect star wars in the initial walkthrough on the planet Kashyyyk (homeworld of the wookies).

Kinect Star Wars Using the Lightsaber

On the planet Kashyyyk, the padawan must tackle a variety of droids and enemies. This will illustrate how the padawan can combine his movements and translate them into effective and exciting actions via the kinect. The wise padawan should realize that this being the first edition of kinect star wars, the padawan will not be able to execute complex jedi moves and stances like the Shii-Cho techniques, etc (available on SWTOR). Perhaps, in a time not too far away, there will be another Kinect Star Wars – the Force and Lightsaber Truly Unleashed.

Nevertheless, the enemies types and the actions to effectively and excitingly dispatch them include the following -

  • B1 battle droids – these are eliminated easily with simple swipes of the hand, and the lightsaber will slice these enemies apart on the screen.
  • B1 battle droids with staffs – these are much more tough, as their staffs can act as a shield and prevent the lightsaber attacks from reaching them. To counter this, simply jump and the jedi will force jump behind them; if done quick enough, this jump action followed by the lightsaber swing will slice these enemies apart without much effort,
  • B2 battle droids – these are armed with shotgun laser like weapons. If the padawan attacks in front of the enemy, he will most likely get hit and the screen will turn red. To avoid this and still slice up the enemy, just do a sideways dodge (just move to the right or left) and then attack the droid from the side or from behind.
  • Destroyer droids – use a combination of the above actions, most likely the force jump and attack from behind move to destroy the destroyer droids.
  • Trandoshans (standard) – these are the organic cannon fodder of the Kinect Star Wars empire; simply use the hand swing movements to wipe them out.
  • Trandoshans with dual curved knives – these are more difficult, as they can use the knives as shields to block the padawan's attacks, and then kick out at the padawan. Again, use either force dash and then sidewards dodge and attack them from the side, or use force jump and attack them from behind.

Star Wars Kinect Learning the Force from the Master

Kinect Star Wars Learning the Force from the Jedi Master
Kinect Star Wars Learning the Force from the Jedi Master

Kinect Star Wars Using the Force

Using the force in kinect star wars against the above enemies may prove slighly more difficult, as Kinect needs to track the force exerted by the padawan. However, the most effective way is to use the left hand and direct a flick of the wrist at the standard B1 battle droids, and they will be swept aside. Otherwise, it may be more useful to use the lightsaber to attack the enemies initialy, and only experiment with the force when a few enemies are left. Use the force to pick up the enemies, or use the force to pick up objects to hurl at the enemies.

Kinect Star Wars Using the Jungle Speeder Bikes

On Planet Kashyyyk, the padawan will engage the jungle speeder bikes to race to the village to defend it against the separatist forces. Brake and engage full throttle as dependent on the situation.

Star Wars Kinect Defeating the Sun Guards

The Sun Guards will be one of the final mini bosses available to defeat on Kashyyyk. To defeat the sun guards, the padawan must learn the art of defense first. When enough defensive movement points have been accumulated, the padawan must then clash with the Sun Guard. Use enough brute force and the Sun Guard will stagger backwards. Follow this up with rapid attacking of the Sun Guard and he will be defeated. Next, escape from the spaceport on Kashyyyk.

Star Wars Kinect Initial Walkthrough Impressions

Although Kinect Star Wars may not be the ultimate canvas for the jedi enthusiast (ie whatever jedi movements you want may not become the replica jedi movements on screen), as the game progresses and the enemies accumulate in numbers, there is a definite adrenalin rush in forcing jumping, force dashing, and combining force moves with lightsaber swings and watching the enemies fall. It's a definitely good workout for anyone and provides enough lightsaber and jedi force action and things one wants to do in the Star Wars movies to keep it entertaining.


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