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Kinect Star Wars Release Date

Updated on April 7, 2012

Kinect Star Wars

Kinect Star Wars - Become the Jedi you have always wanted to be
Kinect Star Wars - Become the Jedi you have always wanted to be

Kinect Star Wars Release Date

Kinect Star Wars release date was 3 April 2012. Kinect Star Wars was poised to be one of the hottest games in 2011; however, it's release date got pushed further and further pending further development and improvement. Star Wars the Old Republic did take a long time to be launched, but it looks like with the release of SWTOR amd star wars bluray and 3D series, Kinect Star Wars will finally be released.

Let's move on to the game itself. Hard core Knights of the Old Republic and Star Wars gamers may be slightly disappointed to find that kinect star wars is geared more towards a general public with an interest or are fans of the star wars universe. That means one may not be able to play on the dark side of the force. However, the actual mechanics of the game itself, including the ability to move one's hands and force push some enemies like droids away should make this game one of the star wars gamers' repertoire.

Time Line of the Kinect Star Wars Game

The timeline for any star wars game is extremely important in providing a cultural and gamescape for the star wars game to be set in, and immediately puts the player in the right perspective.

The Knights of the Old Republic Game takes place 500 years before the Star Wars the Old Republic game. Bastila Shan and Revan were the heroes (or anti-heroes) of that era. Similarly, Kinect Star Wars takes place in the events following the discovery of Anakin Skywalker - the one who will bring balance to the force. It is in this era that the kinect star wars player will be found in. Makes sense, given that this era is one of the golden hours of the Jedi Order, with the Sith having gone into hiding and some thought to be completely extinct, that is until Palpatine came along and subverted the chosen one.....

Star Wars Kinect, Xbox 360 Bundle and the Old Republic

Using the Force or Lightsaber in the Kinect Star Wars Game

This is really not a tough choice. As a jedi, one could just use the force initially and then draw on one's lightsaber when the odds are increased ie the enemies start coming down in force towards the player. Wield the lightsaber and watch the combos manifest itself onto the tv screen. Could wielding the lightsaber actually help one to become the ultimate jedi warrior that one wants to become? It could, and may even help with one's own fitness with all the block and attack moves to execute before the Star Wars Kinect sensor.

To really boost the gameplay on this kinect star wars game, prepared to be immersed in a deep star wars story (as a Jedi only - remember the only known Siths in this era are Palpatine and his apprentices - at least to the known star wars universe). This is also the pod racing module to keep one occupied when not defeating enemies of the Jedi order. Next to fully enjoy the game and the star wars experience, it may be wise to invest in the Kinect Xbox Star Wars bundle, which includes R2-D2 sounds when one powers up the Xbox 360. A gold C-3PO (remember C-3PO is painted in gold metallic colour) controller and white kinect sensor makes up the rest of the bundle.

With the kinect star wars release date, expect an onslaught of other games built on this model of sensor gameplay. The next great rpg game may be based on using some weapon accessory, and magic fireballs from wielding one's hands to defeat monsters. Just be sure not to destroy the television in the meantime.......

Kinect Star Wars - Play Like A Jedi


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