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Kinect Star Wars Space Battle Above Kashyyyk

Updated on September 8, 2012

Kinect Star Wars Win Space Battle Above Kashyyyk

Kinect Star Wars Win Space Battle Above Kashyyyk
Kinect Star Wars Win Space Battle Above Kashyyyk

Kinect Star Wars Space Battle Above Kashyyyk

In Kinect Star Wars, the padawan must first escape from the Wookie tree using the landspeeder, and then escape from Kashyyyk in the space battle above Kashyyyk. Although seemingly simple, these mission parts can be difficult if Kinect cannot sense the movements of the padawan. This will guide the padawan in navigating the landspeeder and the red mines to disable the spider droid and then manning the gun turrets to defeat the space ships in the space battle above Kashyyyk.

Kinect Star Wars Disable the Spider Droids

The spider droids are spherical giant robots that rely on thin legs to walk, and have radars to detect enemies. The spider droids stand in the way between the padawan's landspeeder and further journey in the jedi destiny: dark side rising mission. To disable the spider droids, the padawan must first dodge the laser wire by squatting. Following this, the spider droid's legs must be removed through the use of a mine. To use the mine, use the hand and the force to grab the mine, and then flick it through to the leg of the spider droid. This does take some practice to perfect; otherwise the padawan may find himself repeating this mission many times.

Kinect Star Wars Win the Space Battle Above Kashyyyk

The space battle above Kashyyyk is another battle that may be difficult to win. To go through the various components of this mission, the padawan must unleash the land mines from the Millennium Falcon (or the spaceship that looks like the Millennium Falcon) at the appropriate times to destroy the enemy space ships in masses. To do this, the padawan must release the space mines in the right direction, and before the masses of space ships congregate. The enemy space ships will be destroyed before they have a chance to attack. This technique will allow the padawan to save the Millennium Falcon from going down in a barrage of laser fire from the enemy space ships, especially when there are too many to take down one at a time.


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