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Kingdom of Loathing

Updated on November 29, 2012

An Adventurer is you!

Do you enjoy online role playing games (RPGs)? Do you enjoy parodies to other video games and popular culture? If so, then Kingdom of Loathing (KOL) is for you.

This in browser game is very simple and is primarily single player (there are some multiplayer components but you do not have to participate in them.) The images are black and white stitch figures, as you can see in the knitting chart that I made off of the main KOL image. You have quests for each level, and after level 13 you "ascend" where you can keep a skill that you've learned and go back to level 1. The more times you ascend, the more skills you collect and the stronger your character becomes.

I started playing Kingdom of Loathing as a birthday present to my fiance... and I became severely addicted! I hope you enjoy this teaser of the game. I won't share every single detail but lens will point you to where you need to go to find all of the information you could desire.

40 Turns a Day

After a "rollover" each evening, each character gains 40 new adventures (aka turns) with a max of 200 after rollover. You can gain more adventures by letting your character eat food and drink booze.

The Kingdom of Loathing Map, after unlocking all of the areas.

The Kingdom of Loathing Map, after unlocking all of the areas.
The Kingdom of Loathing Map, after unlocking all of the areas.

Kingdom of Loathing is a Free Game

But you can use real money to help you along

You do not need to pay any money to play Kingdom of Loathing and do well at the game. The KOL developers release an Item of the Month which are usually among the best items of the game. For $10 USD, you can receive a Mr. Accessory which you can either use for a bonus of +15 to all stats or trade in the Mr. Store for the current item of the month.

If you can't afford to or don't want to spend real money, don't worry! You can buy Mr. Accessories in the marketplace from other players. The cost of Mr. Accessories has fluctuated between 5-10 million since I've been playing. It isn't hard to get millions of meat, even without trying you can get 100k/day.

Meat: The Currancy of the Kingdom

Monsters don't carry money around... but they do have meat on their bones!

The Main Page of the Kol WIki

The Main Page of the Kol WIki
The Main Page of the Kol WIki

Have a Merry Merry Crimbo!

A couple times of year, TPTB (the powers that be) release limited time content. You can count on this every Crimbo (Christmas) season.

Game Play Basics

* Leveling Up

* Get a new quest

* Explore the Kingdom fighting monsters

* Explore "aftercore" content after completing all level specific quests

* Ascend to gain a skill and play through as another class

Speed vs. Casual

Many players in the

If you were to play a game like this, would you be competitive and play for speed, or you would play for the flavor of the game?

KolMafia Helps You

-Automate Adventures

-Keep track of adventures used in a zone

-Keep track of items you have received

...and much more!

KolMafia - Remove Repeated Clicks

Kingdom of Loathing sometimes requires that you adventure in the same place repeaitidly. This can get old really fast when you have to go through the same sequence of fighting tactics. (Kol now supports custom combat scrips, but previously KolMafia was your only option for automating.)

"KoLmafia is a cross-platform desktop tool, written in Java (J2SE 1.4 compliant), which interfaces with [Kingdom of Loathing]" -Creators of KolMafia

This program eliminates the need to repeat the same actions over and over. You can set up the actions you want your character to do, and then the program will run through the adventures for you. Or you can play in the KolMafia relay browser which has some helpful tips and shortcuts that reduce the amount of clicking around the world you may have to do.

The KolMafia User Interface

The KolMafia User Interface
The KolMafia User Interface

Multiplayer Aspects

-Clans: Hang out with your friends

-Clan Dungeons: work together to fight monsters in an area

-Sharing: You can gift and trade items with other players. You can even sell them for more meat

Kingdom of Loathing Knitting Pattern
Kingdom of Loathing Knitting Pattern

Kingdom of Loathing Knitting Pattern

designed by ChemKnits

As many of you may know, I am a huge knitter. I blog about my creations which has led me into the world of design.

I wanted to pay tribute to this game that I have been playing for a couple of years. This chart is 41x44 stitches, and would be fantastic on a hat or on the back of mittens.

I have reproduced this image with my permission as I am the author of This pattern was created by ChemKnits and is intended for your personal or charity use only. This chart is not for commercial use. © 2009 ChemKnits

I hope you have enjoyed this brief introduction to Kingdom of Loathing and the resources that will help you play the game. I'd be more than happy to answer any specific questions you have about the game (if I'm able to, of course!) If you join, send me (shasta_qt) a kmail!

Does this game sound fun to you? - Please leave any questions or comments

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    • cuteordeath profile image

      cuteordeath 6 years ago

      I love KoL! Awesome to see this here. ^_^

    • profile image

      Tahamtan 7 years ago

      Reminds me of lots of good memories with pen and paper RPGs from my childhood. Great lense.

    • jp1978 profile image

      jp1978 7 years ago

      I absolutely love this game! I was going to do a lens and then I saw this one. I really like the jokes, and the correct grammar! I haven't really participated in the social aspects though like clans, kmail, trading, and chat.