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Kingdoms of Amalur Defeat Tirnoch

Updated on April 3, 2012

Kingdoms of Amalur Defeat Tirnoch

Kingdoms of Amalur Defeat Tirnoch
Kingdoms of Amalur Defeat Tirnoch

Kingdoms of Amalur Defeat Tirnoch

In Kingdoms of Amalur, Tirnoch is the final boss of the game. She is actually a dragon trapped somewhere between the planes of magic and Amalur. The hero must stop her from coming into the Kingdoms of Amalur. To defeat Tirnoch, the hero must first travel to Alabastra. That alone is daunting due to the large numbers of tuatha that litter the path all the way to Alabastra. This will guide the hero in forming tactics to reach Alabastra, and then assaulting the House of Vengeance, Bhaile and Winter Court to finally reach and defeat Tirnoch.

Kingdoms of Amalur Reaching Tirnoch

The hero must first reach the throne room that contains Tirnoch. There is the small problem of tracking through Amalur to reach Alabastra. This area is just jam packed with Tuatha. There is one fast solution – run down the path, and do not wait for the Tuatha to attack. This is especially so for the heroes who cannot wait to reach and defeat Tirnoch, and do not want to waste any more time on the Tuatha. With some expert running, the hero will reach the entrance to the House of Vengeance. There, the hero will rendezvous with Agarth and the team of the hero, Agarth and Cydan will head forth into the House of Vengeance to defeat the Cur of Vengeance. Later, the hero will venture into Bhaile and the Winter Court to face Gadflow alone. The tactics to defeat these bosses are pretty similar – use reckoning (make sure the fate meter has been filled up by defeating lesser enemies along the way) and then concentrate on the bosses. Cornering the boss into an area of the combat arena always helps with defeating them, and this is especially true with Gadflow.

Kingdoms of Amalur Tactics to Defeat Tirnoch

Finally, the hero will reach Tirnoch. The key features to defeat Tirnoch are as follows:

  • There will be three or more rounds where Tirnoch will suck fate from the hero, and reshape them into enemies known as splinters of fate.
  • In the first round, there will be one splinter of fate at one time battling the hero. Storm bolt will knock off a lot of their health, and then the hero can use the favorite weapons to defeat them. The defeat of each splinter of fate will restore a certain amount of fate to the hero. Once the three splinters of fate have been defeated, the hero will have enough fate to go into reckoning and hit out at Tirnoch.
  • Reduce Tirnoch's health to about a third, and the second round will start.
  • In the second round, there will be two splinters of fate each time. Summon the faer gorta to help the hero. Defeat another three splinters of fate, go into reckoning mode and hit out at Tirnoch again. Tirnoch will periodically shoot crystal shards at the hero, or breath fire onto the hero. Use blink teleport and dodge to get out of the way. If the hero is injured, use healing potions or the healing spell. Be conservative about using too many healing potions too soon as there is another round that the hero has to survive.
  • In the third round, there will be three splinters of fate. Defeat them, go into reckoning mode, and reduce Tirnoch's health to zero. Move over to Tirnoch's nose and use the finishing move to finish off Tirnoch.

Congratulations! The hero has completed Kingdoms of Amalur!

The hero is then returned to Rathir, where he is free to complete any quests that have not been completed, and level up and get power. The Kingdoms of Amalur journey continues.......


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