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Kingdoms of Amalur Theater of Fate

Updated on February 18, 2012

Kingdoms of Amalur Theater of Fate

Kingdoms of Amalur Theater of Fate - Surrounded by Tuatha Warriors
Kingdoms of Amalur Theater of Fate - Surrounded by Tuatha Warriors

Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Theater of Fate

In Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, the dynamic and exciting combat mechanics, the storyline and the level up choices of the hero come together and burst into life in the theater of fate area of the game. The hero will have amassed enough sorcery, might and finesse points just before the theater of fate at Dellach to have chosen to go down one path of the many kingdoms of amalur destinies choices available. This will guide the disciple (sorcery 6 and finesse 6) in using the right tactics to defeat the denizens of the ruins of Dellach, including the Ettin WarPriest and the Tuatha warriors.

Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Defeating the First Ettin WarPriest

In Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning, the hero travels through the ruins of Dellach with the fateweaver Agarth in search of the theater of fate. Along the way, the hero encounters typical dungeon monsters - the kobolds and ettins. However, prior to entering the theater of fate, the hero and Agarth encounter the Ettin WarPriest. Use the hero favorite moves to defeat this Ettin WarPriest. For this particular hero, this will be the stave electric attack of Fate's Arbor, followed by shock electricity sorcery attacks, and then poison dagger ranged attacks. Stay out of range of the Ettin WarPriest's attacks by rolling away (spacebar + direction on the PC). If the hero has a full fate meter, press X on the keyboard and execute the Reckoning move. This allows the hero to enter a phase where time slows down or almost stops, and allows the hero to alter the "fate" of the enemies by defeating an otherwise impossible to defeat monster. However, it is recommended not to use the reckoning move until the theater of fate fight. Against the Ettin WarPriest, simply roll away and then launch those ranged attacks until it is defeated. After this fight, it is possible for the hero to choose a destiny or class specialize.

Now move on to the theater of fate.

Kingdoms of Amalur Storyline Unravels in Theater of Fate

In Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning, the hero and the fateweaver Agarth enter the Theater of Fate. Following some skirmishes with some low level monsters, the actual fight within the Theater of Fate begins, as countless Tuatha warriors pour into the room. The Kingdoms of Amalur storyline becomes interesting as a would be Fae ally called Alyn Shir enters the Theater of Fate as well. Thus this becomes a super dynamic battle between the hero, Alyn Shir (double dagger wielding rogue), Agarth (Fateweaver) versus the Tuatha warriors.

At this point, the hero may be running low or may be out of health potions. The best way to deal with this battle as a disciple is to use the stave Fate's Arbor to generate mass electricity attacks on as many Tuatha warriors as possible. To do this, left click and hold on the mouse button on the PC. With the right mouse button, alternate between storm sorcery attacks and poison dagger attacks. If the enemies are too overwhelming, it is essential for the hero to enter the reckoning phase. As one moved through the ruins of Dellach, one would have defeated lots of monsters and built up the fate meter. Now go to one area of the theater of fate and hold the X button to unleash Reckoning. Within the Reckoning phase, repeat those moves above without fear of any retaliation from the Tuatha warriors. Watch as they are defeated. Now move to the designated enemy and press the F button for more experience points. Once the theater of fate battle is over, it's time to speak to Alyn Shir and attempt to uncover the mysteries behind the death and resurrection of the hero. Next speak to Agarth the Fateweaver to finish the Into the Light quest. And the Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning storyline starts to unravel (aptly) in the Theater of Fate. Choose the hero's fate as the storyline appears to split into two -


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