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"Super" Kings of the Marvel Universe

Updated on November 25, 2013

The Most Powerful Super "Kings" of Marvel

Just who are these super-powered magnanimous rulers of people and territories, governing their constituents and vast resources to diplomatically enact treaties and war upon the Marvel Universe? Some have high-minded goals, retaining the aspects of kindness and benevolence; others carry a distaste of man and need for their servitude. Are we even aware such individuals exist?

Whether commoner or elite, all will admit: there's something awe-inspiring...captivating about the regal figure carrying an air of authority and importance in his stance. Often it's a lithe gracefulness of movement; sometimes it's the iron-sturdy resolve in charismatic words. In each instance, super powers are only a sample of their true strength. Their real greatness is represented by the collective authority of the country they represent.

Before you stands a tribute - a testament of those heroic and villainous, enigmatic and all-powerful rulers that have once (or still do) controlled a part of the earth we love so dearly. These are the individuals of royalty and lawful standing; perhaps they've saved the day, maybe they are wanted criminals, but in each pulse-pounding event they still have diplomatic immunity! Right?

So stand back! Make way! There are kings walking among us. Let the annuls of their majesty be displayed for all to see!

#5: Magneto - Lord of Asteroid M, Avalon, and Ruler of Genosha

Magneto, Master of Magnetism, King of Genosha
Magneto, Master of Magnetism, King of Genosha

Of the super-powered leaders to rise and fall, one man, originally named Magnus, but later to be revealed as Eric Lensherr, stood out among them. Master of Magnetism, his cunning and leadership has lead mutants against the threat of mankind. His name: Magneto, and from early on in his super-villainous career, this extremely powerful mutant waged war across the globe, gathering those he could recruit to join his Brotherhood of Mutants.

Little did we know, though, that Magneto had aspirations of promotional greatness. Having honed his abilities to deadliness and perfection, he first created his own domain known as Asteroid M, a floating city-base beholden to no government. This, in effect, immediately raised him to rulership of his own miniature country. (Yet, it would later be destroyed.)

But Magneto's aspirations didn't stop there. After having witnessed the mutant slavery, oppression, and fall of the island-state of Genosha, he eventually craftily convinced the United Nations to cede its boundaries under his authority, making it a sovereign, mutant-only nation and effectively making himself their ruler.

As chronicled, Magneto's beginnings were quite small (of Jewish origin, it is said he survived the Nazi Germany death-camps), but have blossomed into complete regality. Recently, though, this magnetic mutant has passed back to commoner status. Now laid waste and utterly destroyed, Genosha is a kingdom no longer. Therefore, amidst his struggles, we'll always have to wonder about the man. And this begs the question: Will Magneto rule once again?

Magneto, Prime Super-Villain of the X-Men - He shows up in every X-Men movie.

Ever since the beginning, when Magneto first showed up in the first issue of The Uncanny X-Men, he has been the major super-villain to humanity. In the X-Men movie franchise, he is no less the threat, appearing in each film.

X-Men Trilogy (X-Men / X2: X-Men United / X-Men: The Last Stand) [Blu-ray]
X-Men Trilogy (X-Men / X2: X-Men United / X-Men: The Last Stand) [Blu-ray]

Portrayed by Sir Ian McKellan, Eric Lensherr is Magneto, the Master of Magnetism, bent on the existence of a coming war of mutants, or Homo Superior, against humans. Follow this exciting depiction of the X-Men saga on Blu-Ray and witness him at his best.


#4: Doctor Doom - Undisputed Ruler and King of Latveria

Dr. Victor Von Doom, Undisputed Ruler and King of Latveria
Dr. Victor Von Doom, Undisputed Ruler and King of Latveria

Very few in this world haven't heard of Victor Von Doom. Known as one of the greatest super-villains of all time Victor, or Doctor Doom to his fans, has ruled the kingdom of Latveria, a small nation in Europe, for many decades surrounded by Hungary, Serbia, and Romania. Having established himself as an absolute monarch with a steely-unforgiving will, his whims are instantly turned to law over his constituents.

But many are forgetting that Doom's past hasn't always been so glorious; originally he was the son of gypsies, his mother hiding and being killed as a witch. Somehow showing advanced intellect and determination, Victor was fortunate to be later accepted to a notable university in the United States where he shared a dorm with none other than a young Reed Richards (eventually to become Mr. Fantastic).

Victor's transcended to royalty, though, came at a great cost. Carrying his typical air of superiority, he failed to take heed of the warning of his device to communicate with his dead mother. To that end, he was caught in a violent explosion, permanently disfiguring his face. This marked the beginning of the dedicated scholar to a ruler over others, also establishing the origin of Dr. Doom.

Traveling back to his homeland, wearing cold, metallic armor, Doom subverted Latveria's ruler and people, not only with his arsenal of powers, but with a fearful countenance of his authority. To this day, Dr. Doom continues as King, vowing there shall be no others to equal him.

You can wear Doom on your sleeve. - He's moody; why can't you be moody, too?

Dr. Doom has always been a draw to the comic book community, and has turned out to be one of the most popular super-villains of all time. Since it's obvious you want to fit in with all the other comic book...people, be sure to pick up a Dr. Doom t-shirt and fit in.

#3: T'Challa, The Black Panther - Chieftain of the Panther Tribe, King of Wakanda

T'Challa, The Black Panther, King of Wakanda
T'Challa, The Black Panther, King of Wakanda

As part of a royal lineage of kings, the one known as T'Challa is not only a figurehead, but a real superhero and diplomat to Wakanda, one of the most mysterious, originally hidden nation-states of Africa, deep under the cover of strange technologies and wondrous traditions.

But really T'Challa is only the current successor (and the most famous) to many hereditary rulers that have adorned themselves with the Panther habit. In truth, any member of his family can ascend the throne. In addition to receiving this position in his country, any family member hoping to rise to the Black Panther mantle must eat a poisonous, heart-shaped herb and commune with the Panther spirit. Failure to successfully complete this tradition usually results in death.

Although a typical Wakandan Chief has the traditional powers of the Black Panther, including the superhuman strength, agility, and senses of great cat, T'Challa has shown that he stands above them all. Also equipped with Wakanda technology and resources, including a vast storehouse of the virtually unbreakable metal known as Vibranium, he is considered a brilliant scientist and uses his personal wealth to collect rare, potent artifacts, which help him protect the nation (and the world).

Among all the super-powered rulers, there are none more skilled than T'Challa. In diplomatic circles, he is recognized in the reverent tones as a peace-maker, but feared as a powerful warrior in times of aggression.

The Black Panther Cartoon Series - Wakanda makes its debut.

The Black Panther has been becoming an increasingly popular figure in the Marvel Comic Books due to his culture and unique style of rule. Now you can watch some of the stories of his homeland.

Marvel Knights: Black Panther
Marvel Knights: Black Panther

This series follows T'Challa as the ruler of Wakanda, leading his nation, using a unique style of cut-action animation. (It might not appeal to everyone, so I'm giving you a warning now.) You can see him face off in an African-style oriented setting and show his stuff.


#2 Black Bolt - King of the Inhumans, King of Attilan

Blackagar Boltagon, The Black Bolt, King of the Inhumans
Blackagar Boltagon, The Black Bolt, King of the Inhumans

Among the populated human race, there is an equally hidden race that exists outside the perceptions of most people. Currently residing on the moon, these members form the isolated civilization known as Attilan, home of The Inhumans. And within their ranks, there is one member who rules them all; his name: Blackagar Boltagon, also called The Black Bolt.

Having full control over the Inhuman society, Black Bolt is a resilient leader, but ironically stands assisted with the royal family including his lover, Medusa, and Gorgon, Karnak, Triton, and Crystal. The reason he allows such influence in his leadership is due to an extremely devastating side effect - his voice - which destroys everything in its range. For that reason, the other members often speak for him or relay his commands.

Of leaders and kings with great power, Black Bolt may be the most powerful. In accounts of his adventures, his powers have never been fully tested. What is known is that he has the incredible ability to manipulate matter on the electron-level, giving him extraordinary powers. And although his voice is a dangerous tool, he has on occasion turned it against his foes, including in matters of war.

Typically part of a xenophobic society, Black Bolt has kept the Inhumans out of the actions and ways of man. To support that measure, he has maintained a policy that humans are not allowed in Attilan. Still, to this day, we occasionally interact with the Inhumans, sometimes raising their ire or needing their assistance.

The Inhuman King - He's fully poseable, too!

If you're looking to find a depiction of Black Bolt to add to your collection, this figure is pretty rare and hard to find. Of course, everything Black Bolt is hard to find. Purchase this now before the item runs out!

Marvel Legends Exclusive Nemesis Build-A-Figure Wave Action Figure Black Bolt
Marvel Legends Exclusive Nemesis Build-A-Figure Wave Action Figure Black Bolt

Part of a Marvel Legends collector's series, this is a fully-poseable version of the Black Bolt, which was once suspended from release, but came back. I recommend you pick this up if you're a collector; after all, it's hard to find stuff with him.


#1: Namor, The Sub-Marinor - King of Atlantis

Namor, The Sub-Marinor, Lord of Oceans and King of Atlantis
Namor, The Sub-Marinor, Lord of Oceans and King of Atlantis

Introduced to us in 1933, the people of the world found out they were not alone; far below the oceans, underneath the waves, dwelled the race of the Hhomo Mermanus, water-breathers who had secretly avoided our society until then. And to readers of comic books, we came to know them as the Atlanteans.

But as quiet and distant as their people were, there was one among them, a mutant offspring of an Atlantean princess and human ship-captain, who rose from the waters, changing our landscape and history. A powerhouse of strength and a protector of the sea-people, that unbeatable force was embodied in the name "Namor", better known to us as The Sub-Mariner.

Of short temperament and violent response, Namor is probably one of the greatest kings of all time, having appeared in uncountable stories and numerous great wars (such as World War II) to recent times. Whenever the surface dwellers overstep their authority into the sea, he is there, repelling them back; and when the world is in need of peril, he (sometimes reluctantly) comes forth in aid to those weaker.

Although Namor is an atlantean-man, the fact that he is the unyielding king of an entire nation-race is only part of his astounding greatness. What follows him are the superhuman adventures and legendary struggles he has undertook, some which have made him heroic while others have made him the villain. Namor is truly an unfathomable diplomat and clearly wields the power of a nation with the mind of conqueror.

The First Mutant? - It includes Atlantean Vampires so its gotta be good.

Namor, the Sub-Mariner, has a huge amount of stories to draw from. In Namor, The First Mutant, you'll get a taste of a unique-style mission where the Lord of Atlantis takes on a vampiric problem. Very cleverly done and created, and it also develops him well.

Namor: The First Mutant - Volume 1:  Curse of the Mutants
Namor: The First Mutant - Volume 1: Curse of the Mutants

This epic story collects The First Mutants: 1-6, detailing Namor's interaction with a new vampiric threat terrorizing the public. What's enjoyable about this is that Namor really develops well as a character in this graphic novel. Check it out now!


Which ruler do you choose? - Pick your King and Kingdom

Who is the greatest King in the Marvel Universe?
Who is the greatest King in the Marvel Universe?

Listed below are all the rulers depicted in this article. Which one do you think is the best of the best?

Of all the rulers of the Marvel Universe, the coolest is...

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Thanks for dropping by! Did you see anything cool? Something you liked? Please chime in and tell me what you think. I'm always looking for good comments or criticism -- anything that can give me new ideas or help me make old ones better.

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