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Sierra's Classic Adventure Game Kings Quest

Updated on March 14, 2013

Kings Quest Game Series

Kings Quest is a classic point and click puzzle-adventure game for the computer. It was created in the early 80's by Roberta Williams. The graphics were very high quality for the time, and people still yearn to play these nostalgic games. Kings Quest is a series of eight games. They are all full of laughs, adventures, villians, fairy-tales, and amazing stories. Each individual game is short for this day-in-age, but they are well worth the play. In each game, you play a character that has a mission. You must travel to other lands to gather information, and ultimately, save the day. Be careful though, there are many ways you can die.

Kings Quest
Kings Quest

The Silver Lining

The Unnofficial Kings Quest 9

There will soon be an unofficial KQ 9 released, called The Silver Lining created by Phoenix Online Studios. It is a fan-made game, but it has many followers. It has taken years to gain progress, mainly because the company who owns KQ currently put a halt to the game for a few months. Fans came together and convinced Vivendi (the owners of KQ) to give them the okay to release the game with a non-commercial fan license.

Check out The Silver Lining to play the demo, post in the forums, and check for updates!


After 2 cease and desists, the fans won and the game is being released. Check out the TSL website to download the episodes!

King's Quest Collection
King's Quest Collection

Play Kings Quest 1-7 on your computer now! The owners of the games have created a way for people who still love the games to play them on newer computers hassle free (Except for that darned firework bug in KQ7!)


King's Quest: Quest for the Crown

The first game in the series was created in 1984. The story begins in the Kingdom of Daventry as Sir Graham is sent to find three missing items for the current King. If he succeeds in finding the items, he will become King Graham of Daventry.

Kings Quest 1 playthrough

King's Quest II: Romancing the Throne

You play as King Graham in the second game. King Graham is sent to the world of Kolyma to rescue a woman by the name of Valanice, who was imprisoned by the witch Hagatha. To do this, he must travel the land and obtain 3 keys to unlock 3 doors.

King's Quest III: To Heir Is Human

This is the first game where you do not play as Graham. Instead, you play as Gwydion in the land of Llewdor. Gwydion is a young boy who was kidnapped by the evil magician Manannan. You must escape from Llewdor and return to the Kingdom of Daventry.

This is the hardest of the games in my opinion because you have to type out spells. I had so much trouble with this when i was younger! I finally beat it now that I am in my 20's!

Kings Quest IV
Kings Quest IV

King's Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella

In the fourth Kings Quest game, you play as Princess Rosella of Daventry. In the beginning of the game, you learn that King Graham will die within 24 hours because of a heart attack. Genesta, a fairy from the land of Tamir, contacts Rosella through the family's magic mirror and tells Rosella about a magic fruit that can save her father. But before Rosella can obtain the magic fruit, she must first help Genesta gain back her power by getting her stolen talisman from the evil fairy, Lolotte. If you fail to complete the tasks and come home without the magic fruit, the ending will not be a happy one.

This game is one of the creepiest of them all. In one section, you must wait until night-time to dig graves to obtain certain items.

King's Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder!

In the fifth installment of the Kings Quest series, you return to play as King Graham. This is my second favorite of the series. You find that your castle has disappeared into thin air! Cedric, the owl comes along for the adventure to help you. You find out that the evil wizard Mordack took your castle and family. In this adventure, you must travel to find a way to save your family from the evil wizard.

Kings Quest V is also available on the old Nintendo game system.

Ways to lose in KQ 5

The makers of Kings Quest had a way of making death hilariously funny. For every death, something different happens. Here is an example of ways you can die in KQ 5.

Kings Quest VI
Kings Quest VI

King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow

This is probably the most loved game by Kings Quest fans. It is also my favorite of all the Kings Quest games. You play as Prince Alexander (Gwydion in KQ3).

At the start of the game, you learn that Alexander can't stop thinking about Princess Cassima from Kings Quest V. He cannot find her or the land where she lives. The magic mirror shows Alexander a vision of Cassima in a tower longing to see him and later learns that she is being held captive by Abdul Alhazred. After seeing her in the mirror, he takes a crew and a ship to search for the Land of the Green Isle, only to be shipwrecked. Alexander is left alone on an island he has never been before, and must find a way to save Princess Cassima.

There are two ways to finish this game. There is a long-play and a short-play. Both end up the same way, but there are two ways to get here.

This game is full of different lands, magic, adventure, and fun! I have literally played it over and over again.

Making Kings Quest VI

King's Quest VII: The Princeless Bride

Released in 1994, the 7th Kings Quest game stars Princess Rosella and Queen Valanice.

In the beginning, Queen Valanice and Princess Rosella are discussing the importance of marriage. Rosella has no interest in marriage and wanders off, jumping into a magic whirl-pool, only to be sucked into a vortex. Queen Valanice jumps in after her. They both end up in different places. Queen Valanice is in the desert, and Princess Rosella is transformed into a troll and is soon to be married to the troll king. You play as both characters trying to find each other and save the land of Eldritch from the evil sorceress Malicia.

King's Quest: Mask of Eternity

Although this is the 8th installment of the Kings Quest series, it is not really considered a Kings Quest game by most fans of the series. I have never played it, but it seems like it is much different from the other games. You don't play as any of the family Daventry characters. You play as a knight.

Favorite Game Poll

Which KQ game is your favorite?

See results


Here are the remakes that I have found so far. I don't think anyone has remade the newer KQ games because they are already high quality.

AGDInteractive Studio have remade Kings Quest 1 and Kings Quest 2. They are much easier to play than the old original versions of the game because of the better graphics and added speech. They have done a very good job on these and they are free to play.

Infamous Adventures have remade Kings Quest 3.

For example, Here is a compare and contrast picture of the remake and the original Kings Quest 3.

The difference is amazing!


Kingdom of Daventry

King Graham: He played a knight in the first Kings Quest, and became King. He is the King of Daventry.

Queen Valanice: The Queen of Daventry and wife to King Graham. She was rescued by Graham in KQ 2.

Princess Rosella: The daughter of Queen Valanice and King Graham. She stars in Kings Quest IV and VII.

Prince Alexander: Was known as Gwydion in KQ 3, but later found out he was the long lost son of King Graham and Queen Valanice.

Land of the Green Isles

Princess Cassima: Made her debut in KQ 5, as a kidnapped princess in Mordack's castle. She is the princess of the Isle of the Crown.

Captian Saladin: He is the captain of the guard dogs in Kings Quest VI.

Abdul Alhazred: He plays the evil vizier in KQ 6. He holds Princess Cassima Prisoner in Isle of the Crown Castle tower.

Kings Quest V

Cedric: Crispin's owl that comes with King Graham on his adventure.

Crispin: A good wizard who helps King Graham and allows his owl, Cedric, to go along with Graham.

Mordack: The villian who kidnapped King Grahams family and their castle.

Memorable Quotes

more quotes coming soon!...

Kings Quest V

Cedric: "Graham, look out - a poisonous snake!"

Kings Quest VI

Lamp Seller: Old lamps for new! Old lamps for new!

Tom Trow Gnome: Old Tom Trow, smell your smell. Do that which you do so well.

Bookworm: Don't mind Oxymoron and Diphthong. They're fairly limited grammatical principles, you know.

Narrator "Alexander pulls out his magic map..."

Are you a fan of the Kings Quest game series?

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    • glodny profile image

      glodny 6 years ago

      Oh, yeah! Good old game. Love it still

    • glodny profile image

      glodny 6 years ago

      Oh, yeah! Good old KS

    • MissBuffySpears profile image

      MissBuffySpears 6 years ago

      @sudokunut: I agree! I bought both seasons of the new Sam & Max (tell tale games) because Sam & Max Hit The Road is one of my favorites. The new stuff is not as good as the old stuff - but I want to show support for the point and click adventure genre. It's so much fun and I miss the good stuff! Tell Tale games is creating a Kings Quest game too. Not sure how it will turn out but I will probably buy it anyway.

    • sudokunut profile image

      Mark Falco 6 years ago from Reno, Nevada

      It's real shame there are so few new games like this being released today. I loved point and click or text adventure games and would still buy them if there were decent new ones being released. They did revamp the Monkey Island games on the Xbox 360 arcade though so maybe there is still some hope for the genre!

    • profile image

      tpoint 7 years ago

      I'm glad they finally released the silver lining game after all the failed attempts at getting it released!

    • profile image

      JoshK47 7 years ago

      Absolutely one of my favorite classics!

    • CozyKitty profile image

      CozyKitty 7 years ago

      KQ was my first, and probably still favorite - nice to know it's still around! You've done a beautiful job with this lens. I especially like the way the "Characters" module is laid out.


    • profile image

      tpoint 8 years ago

      Good job on this description of the King's Quest game series! I bought the collection series on Amazon in 2007 and love it! I enjoyed all of the informative videos and guides you put on this site!