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Kino Der Toten Tips 2015

Updated on November 27, 2015

Best Kino Der Toten Tips Call Of Duty

Searching high and low to increase your level on Kino Der Toten Black Ops Zombies? Want to get past level 7,8,9 ? These are the best tips to date on getting higher. I've gotten to level 38 and could probably go much farther if I didn't require sleep. Read on to learn the foolproof method of getting farther.

Team Spirit is necessary!

Ok, I've been in hot pursuit of good zombie killing tips. Unfortunately, most of the tips apply to people that play with a "team spirit". And as you will notice, 90% of the players on multiplayer either do not know how to play or simply do not care that it will take a team effort to win. I have no idea why they don't that is the only way to win. Why waste 30 minutes of game play just to get to round 13 and screw it up for everyone? The world may never know.

All that being said, I am no expert. I have gotten to round 38 solo and 30 in multiplayer. Considering the top level as of today is 70, I can't say I'm the worlds best player. But what is starting to really tick me off is that I know we could get much farther if people would just play together.

Ok, on to the tips.

Don't Open That Door!

You know how everyone says "don't open all the doors right away". This is true. Except, you have 3 other players on your team who will still insist on doing so. So this means you must be on high alert for people opening doors.Don't bother bitching at them. They either can't hear you or just don't care. When you hear a door open, you have to follow that guy or you will be overwhelmed with zombies. You always want to back yourself into the next openable door.

Now after that guy has opened 3+ doors, he will want you to contribute to his idiocity. He will either tell you directly to open the door or he will jump/shoot in front of it. Unfortunately, if you have all the points, you have to open it. Why? Because the moron will refuse to revive you if you die in the future. And at that point, you may as well end the game because we know he's not getting far without you.

The reason they insist on opening the doors so quickly is that they are all racing to the mystery box. This is pure stupidity. The guns on the wall do just fine until at least level 12.In fact, the guns on the wall are better as it takes more shots to kill the zombies...which leads to massive points. (similar to the pistol in the beginning tip). And they will all fight over the box too. Doesn't matter if an entire new wave of zombies are coming. You will see all 3 of them huddled around the box trying to steal each others turn. They will all die. It is up to you to keep a distance and fend off zombies alone.


Now onto strategy. Because your so called teammates are all still huddled at the box, you can not rely on them to kill zombies. This is where you start rounding zombies up. Let's say the mystery box is behind the stage. Stand near your dumbass teammates for a bit until the zombies start moving in, then walk (you should rarely run) straight up the center steps and back into the lobby. Most likely, all of your teammates now need to be revived. Go forward until you are in-between the two staircases. Stand there until a zombie is about to attack and then start taking headshots.The idea is that all the zombies are now lining up and one bullet goes through multiple zombies. This conserves you will need them because your team sucks. Go up the staircase and feel free to turn around and fire if the zombies are in a neat line. If not, just keep going. Understand that in later rounds, when you knock off zombies behind you, this causes new ones to spawn in front of you.But since you have juggernog (get it) it is easy to dodge them. Resist the temptation to fire at the one zombie who spawned in front of you and scared the shat out of you. Sidestep him and let him fall back in line with the other zombies.

So you went up the main staircase and then turned you are going though the tiny hallway and heading to the staircase. ALWAYS run in staircases. It is the worst place to be trapped. Remember I said to rarely run...this is one of those rare cases. The only other time you run is if being overrun by zombies or attempting to sideswipe multiple zombies that spawned in front of you. Ok, so now you are heading down the stairs and towards the dressing room. This is where I like to turn around and unleash my ammo. When your first gun needs to reload, you just bring up your secondary (assuming it's something other than a pistol) and go at it again. Hopefully you got them all. If not, throw a grenade for good measure. If you have enough space between you and the zombies, go revive your idiot teammates that are probably still at the mystery box. This is the only circle you need. No other doors need to be open unless there is a mystery box in a locked room and the wall weapons are becoming useless. Even when these other doors are open, this shouldn't be part of your circle. The only circle you should complete is the one I've mentioned. There is no other reason to go in another direction unless you get overwhelmed and freak out...and you'll probably die shortly after that anyway.

Learn What a Crawler is

And how to make one...

The REAL strategy is to make consistent and planned use of the teleport. But this is impossible because you will find once you link the port, your awesome teammates will teleport without you. So learn how to do the loop without relying on the teleport.

ALSO, your team doesn't know or apparently does not care what a crawler is. You need the crawlers to take time to get perks, weapons, pack a punch, rebuild windows etc. This whole concept is lost on them. It is up to you to get a crawler. And getting a crawler is the easy part. The hard part is not letting them know there is a crawler or they WILL kill him. You have to be sneaky and get a crawler as far away from your team as possible. Then book to the nearest perk/window/teleport etc.

So what exactly is the point of teammates since you have to do everything on your own anyway? Simply extra ammo. Ammo is very luxurious in this game. If your teammate can manage to kill 5 zombies (times 3 other mates) before they die at the mystery box, that is less ammo you need to use. So by all means, if you can revive without dying, revive. Even the ones that die and respawn with a pistol are at least bait.

Understand that this strategy only applies to 90% of teammates. Rarely (10% of the time) you will get awesome teammates and then the goal is to stick together. Take turns at the doors. Ensure that each player is covering a window so the other player doesn't get taken from behind. You will know in the first round of the game what kind of teammates you have. If they buy a gun right off the bat, move to multiple windows, steal kills or just randomly stand in the center, you have crappy mates. If you notice everyone staying at their own window and calling out "breach" when a zombie breaks through, you have the rare 10%. Don't leave that lobby even if you guys lose.


Perks To Buy

Perks to buy:


Speed cola - nice to have but not a must

Quick revive - this is up to you. I get it because I usually have unlimited points from killing all the zombies. So it just makes sense to get my bait back up and running as quickly as possible.


Guns to Use

Hint - You need them all!

Guns to use:

You should be comfortable using ANY gun. This is important because sometimes things happen to the best of us and we get cornered with no ammo. You should have no qualms about grabbing the nearest weapon and knowing how to use it. I absolutely HATE the burst guns. But they have saved my ass here and there. So it's not something I'm going to seek out, but I know how to use it if I have to. The main idea is to get a gun on the wall that you like as soon as possible. I try to get mine just before the dogs hit, but if the door isn't open, I will use anything. And hold onto that gun until it just isn't killing zombies anymore. Then go raid the box with your unlimited points(I'm sure all the doors will be open at this point anyway) Just make sure you have a crawler so you can take your time. Remember, it is much easier to get ammo if you have a gun on the wall.I've been known to pack a punch a wall gun many times. You just can't beat being able to buy your own ammo sometimes. Now if you end up getting a thunder and ray gun at the box, that beats the ammo situation.


Just remember to roll with the punches. Adapt to your "teammates" style. Don't get pissed and run back to the lobby because they opened 4 doors. Follow them to the next locked door so you stay alive. If you remember that your teammates suck and can't be relied on to watch your back, you will stay alive much longer.


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