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Kit Rae Avoloch Sword

Updated on August 27, 2013

History Behind the Avoloch Sword

Enter the world of Amman where the Ancient Ones were masters of flesh, fire and steel. According to the mythology by Kit Rae, as man and beast began to enter the world of Amman, the Ancient Ones felt the need to keep in control. They commanded the Dark Elves to create swords out of the elements of the land and named them the “Swords of the Ancients”.

It was during the 5th age of Amman when the Avoloch sword was forged. The name Anoloch means soldier of steel; “avo” means soldier and “loch” means steel. On the side blade, youâll find the inscription, “Avoloch will yield to none but truth.”

If you enjoy fantasy, you will love the tale by Kit Rae. An artist and a story teller, Kit Rae incorporates all his talents in the designs for his famous swords. Read all of the Tale of the Swords of the Ancients and Other Blade of Power by Kit Rae at Kit Rae's Tale of the Swords.

The Pros and Cons of the Avoloch Sword

The Avoloch Sword has three stainless steel blades (false edged), engraved runes, leather wrapped blade and handle grip plus the cast metal hilt is uniquely detailed. The workmanship is unparalleled, the detail is fabulous. The blade is 24 1/2" long while the entire sword is nearly 44inches. You won't find a better quality sword for the price than that of a Kit Rae. It will make a beautiful addition to any sword or fantasy weapon collection.

The only con might be the weight. It is a little heavier than other swords. At the same time, the weight really gives it a feeling of authenticity.

What's Your Favorite Sword?

Avoloch Handle Detail
Avoloch Handle Detail

What is your Favorite Kit Rae Sword?

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Who is Kit Rae?

From an early age, Kit Rae enjoyed drawing and painting. Between his dreams and his fascination with fantasy and sci-fi, Kit Rae found himself engulfed in the world of weapons.

He worked for United Cutlery for fifteen years. His early work included fantasy swords and knives. Much of his work there was for functional weapons and tools. He has also done custom work for Harley-Davidson, Remington and Colt.

His design work has been featured in many movies and on television including Star Trek, Burn Notice, The X-Files, The Lord of the Rings, Blade, Highlander and more. In 1997, Kit Rae founded the Kit Rae Fantasy Art brand and includes his art work with each sword he designs.

Details of the Avoloch Sword

Do You Want a Kit Rae Sword?

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