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A Kitchen Play Set For Your Child-Discover the Best Choice for Babies and Toddlers

Updated on December 17, 2012

Children are never too young to learn to have fun in the kitchen. When they are just infants who are too little to crawl, they are still fascinated with sights, sounds and movement. More than likely if you have ever had your little one sitting in the kitchen with you while you bustled around, he has been watching you and fascinated with the many things you have been doing,
if you are anything like me and would stop to tell your little one what you were doing, he may have followed you along even more. As little ones get older, you can introduce them to their own kitchen and allow them to handle and learn how to use all the miniature reproductions from the real thing. But figuring out which product to buy can sometimes be a nightmare.

There are thousands of little kitchen play sets on the market today and no time to run through and read all of the testimonials for each one. I have made it easier for you. As a mom of four and an aunt to a dozen more, I have had the pleasure of seeing some of the best products for little ones and which ones work best for their imaginations as well as educational teachings, plus don't forget, with 3 boys, I needed durability! Hope the reviews below will help you with your choice no matter what the age of your little one.

For Babies and One Year Olds

Little Tikes Discover Sounds Kitchen

This cute little kitchen is the perfect size for those little ones who are just learning how to improve their eye hand coordination,recognize sights and sounds and aren't too mobile. This Little Tikes Discover Sounds Kitchen plays songs, flashes lights,and allows your child to try his hand at sorting out different shapes and trying to see if he can put them into the right slots.They will have countless hours of fun spinning the dial to create the sounds and songs. When they place the pan on the burner,they will be able to giggle at the silly sounds. This comes with batteries. There is also a pop up toaster they will be delightedwith. Measuring 15.5"L x 8.75"W x 15"H this is the perfect size for children ages 6 months to 2 years old.

Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn: Learning Kitchen

This cute little kitchen is much like the one listed above but it offers learning in an additional language which is Spanish. The light comes on when your little one opens the fridge door, she will learn about opposites and hear a variety of different songs. There are a few yummy foods and shapes for learning sorting. There is also a flip book where she can hear about the many foods shapes and colors. On the other side of the kitchen, there is a realistic light switch she can have a blast flicking on and off. She can turn on the faucet of the sink, open the oven door and roll the roller of the clock.

For 2-5 year olds

Fisher Price: Laugh n' Learn Kitchen
This kitchen resembles the ones above but it is bigger and boasts a few more things for the growing ones to do. Children can crawl through the doorway which will trigger music to play. These will have sing along songs that you child will soon be singing from heart at any time of the day, no matter where he is. Children can enjoy the dancing lights and fun sounds. You can play on both sides of this kitchen so there is enough stuff to do if you have multiple children or are babysitting. This unit requires 3 C batteries. Children can learn the alphabet, drop balls into the kitchen sink for counting fun, 21 songs both oldies and new ones. Three modes to use, a learning mode, a play mode, and a music mode with two volume settings.

Step 2 Sizzlin' Shapes Kitchen

This is a smaller kitchen for those who are limited in the amount of space they have. Good for apartments or even keeping at Gramma's house. This kitchen play set includes refrigerator doors that offer fun shape sorting opportunities. The drop down sink is also great for sorting and learning. The electronic burner on the kitchen counter makes real cooking sounds, and the knobs on the faucet make sounds just like real running water. The microwave features are also realistic sounding when opening the door and clicking the buttons. It does come with a frying pan, an egg, milk, cheese, a can and an orange and apple although you may want to invest in some plates and cutlery or more food choices. For an added touch it comes with shutters to play peek a boo. Takes 2 AAA batteries which are not included.

As children get older, they can do more things. They fine motor skills have improved and their eye hand coordination is no longer limited. Once they reach the age of 4 and 5 they love to get into pretend play and with a kitchen play set, it is a great way to help them explore their imaginative worlds while still learning real hands on experience. If you would like to read up on the benefits and disadvantages of kitchen play sets for children ages 5-10, be sure to visit my hub: Kitchen Toys-The Best Kitchen Play Set to Choose for Your Active 5-10 Year Old


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