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Kitchen Toys-The Best Kitchen Play Set to Choose for Your Active 5-10 Year Old

Updated on February 27, 2011

Playing cooking games and pretend kitchen play has been a favorite of young children for many years. Most parents understand the benefits of allowing their children to learn to cook and clean as it enables them to be better prepared for the real world responsibilities of adult life. Buying kitchen toys such as a kitchen play set, play food, pots and pans, and some dishes allow your child to play on their own or have fun with a friend. The expense is minimal for the length of time your child will be learning and growing with this toy. Most children can play with a toy kitchen for several years without getting bored providing there is enough to engage their imagination, help them learn and give them something to do. If you are worried about toys all over the floor, you can always buy toy broom and dustpan, vacuum cleaner and any other toy cleaning supplies you can come across so they will learn to understand that cleaning is a crucial part as well. Most of the products listed below have ample storage space, and if you find you still need more, you can easily buy toy bins or baskets at a discount or dollar store.

Little Tikes Super Chef Kitchen

This is the kitchen my children are getting. My son will be 4 in March but has been playing with his grandma's toy kitchen for awhile now and wanted one of his own. I wanted something that was compact, yet big enough for both him and his 2 year old little brother to play with together. While I was contemplating getting one from the list on my other hub for toddler kitchens, my son is kind of big for his age and a little on the rough side, so I needed something that could take it.

This kitchen play set has a modern style too it with lots of electronic cooking sounds and accessories. It is compact, and will fit easily into their play room which is 16 x 20 and still leave room for them to move around and play with their other toys. The cabinet doors open with lots of storage inside for them to put their play food and dishes. The microwave oven and oven doors work with a clicker knob above the oven door. My son wants to cook with me all the time and is always impressed with the sounds of bacon frying and everything else on the burners. This toy also has realistic electronic sounds. This was voted one of the best sellers last year. It also includes a coffee pot, 2 cups and 2 plates, 2 forks,knives and spoons, 1 frying pan and a phone. With the dimensions being 40"H x 14"W x 28"D, it should be big enough for children to grow.Also the color scheme is perfect for both girls and boys so there is no gender discrimination.

Step2 LifeStyle Custom Kitchen

This is another very cute kitchen play set and even comes with free shipping. This is better in the design area than the last product listed above but appears to be a little wider and needing more room which not everyone will have. It comes with a frying pan with lid, boiling pot, 2 plates, 2 bowls, 2 cups, 2 knives, and 2 forks. It also comes with a basket, salt and pepper shakers and an electronic phone. There is a swivel faucet in the sink and the granite looking counter tops and stainless steel look for the appliances lend to the realistic look. It has a dish rack to store the dishes after washing. Dimensions are 41.5" x 28" x 14".

Step2 LifeStyle PartyTime Kitchen

These kitchen toys are yet another favorite created by Step2. This is an ideal kitchen play set for more than one child as it has more cupboard and counter space than the Custom Kitchen. It is designed for three-sided play which combines presentation, preparation, and the dining experience all in one. It boasts numerous activities and has 33 accessories. These include realistic electronic features in the microwave, stove top, phone, overhead light and clock. Like the other kitchens mentioned, the frying pan and boiling pots generate realistic sounds when activated by placing on the stove top. There is a special silverware drawer, 2 wicker baskets, sink with swivel faucet with push button action. It does require 5 AA and 5 AAA batteries which are not included.

Step 2 LifeStyle Dream Kitchen

And on to the next one in the Step2 designs. This unit boasts all of the other features of the kitchen sets listed above but also has loads of extra storage space for the included 28 piece Dining Room and Pots and Pans set. Also features a framed window with an overhead light. The faucet not only has a swivel mechanism but also includes a pull out sprayer. The dimensions of this kitchen play set are 35.5" x 15.25" x 44.75". It requires 12 AA batteries that are not included.

Step2 Grand Walk - In Kitchen

Can you tell I like the Step2 products? These kitchen toys are so durable, come with such modern stylish real looking designs and great add ons, so who couldn't love them? This one is my favorite and if I had the space for it, I would buy it today. If you have a large area or run a day care even, this is the perfect choice. Children can sit around and talk while another child is in the kitchen whipping up a snack or lunch idea. It is also durable and could be used outside if you wanted to keep it in the backyard. There is an extra area for a pretend grill along with the electronic stovetop burner. There is over six feet of granite looking counter tops which makes ample room for cooking and dining fun. It also comes equipped with a realistic oak hardwood foam flooring that is both comfortable and stylish. Comes with the special frying pan and boiling pot that create the cooking sounds when activated by placing on the stove top burner. The large sink has a swivel faucet with push button. The stainless steel refrigerator provide valuable storage space for all the extra accessories. Real handles on the cabinets and drawers.

Children of all ages and of both boys and girls should be encouraged to let their imaginations free and to learn how to work and do all of the things necessary in the kitchen. Purchasing a kitchen such as one of the ones above can mean hours and years worth of place for your little ones. These are made to last, can take slamming of the doors and cupboards, and will not only provide entertainment in the form of songs or activities but also spark their imaginations.

If you are looking for kitchen play sets for babies and toddlers, you can read my reviews of which ones are best here: A Kitchen Play Set For Your Child-Discover the Best Choice for Babies and Toddlers


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