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Knack for PS4 Review

Updated on August 17, 2014

My husband and I are playing Knack together on the PS4 that we got for Christmas in 2013. It's our first PS4 game as we await other titles to come out.... as right now there aren't a whole lot of games for the PS4 and we wanted a 2 player co-op game. I am not really good at the super realistic games and prefer cartoony games. You could say I am more of a casual gamer and not a hardcore gamer at all, but I did my share of video gaming growing up starting with the Atari 2600. I suppose that means I'm old!

When I first saw the game I wondered "What the heck is Knack?" because he looks weird. Well, I have since learned that Knack is made by the doctor in the game out of relics, and these relics are pretty powerful. Knack can grow when he gets relics and shrink when he uses them for different things.

I am playing Knack in the game and my husband has taken the role of Robo Knack.... the two player part of the game is a little lacking though, because Robo Knack is Knack's helper and not exactly the equal of Knack as he doesn't appear in any of the cut scenes. If Robo Knack dies, he can just come back and help Knack so it matters more if Knack dies than if Robo Knack dies.

However, Robo Knack is useful because he can heal Knack and the more he helps Knack beat up enemies, the more he can heal Knack. When Robo Knack dies, he has to work back up to being able to heal Knack. My husband calls Robo Knack "expendable" when he can't heal Knack yet.... which means he will go and fight bad guys when Knack is low on life so it takes his life away instead of Knack's life. When Knack dies, it takes you back to a checkpoint (the checkpoints seem invisible to me as I don't even know when I've passed one!)

Some people have said that Knack is a hard game, but we haven't experienced that too much playing it with 2 players. Knack can die easily sometimes, but he can get bigger as he gets more "relics" which makes it easier to beat up the bad guys, and harder to die. I'd like for Knack to be big all the time but he has to use the relics to do things and then will shrink back down again. Sometimes perhaps we let Robo Knack be the punching bag when we don't want Knack to die and I don't know if they intended for Robo Knack to be played that way.

Knack has a cool story to it, but it can be annoying sometimes when you are working your way through the game because there can be multiple cut scenes as you are playing a level. You'll finish one part then "move into" a cut scene where they advance the story. Also, while I like that we can play Knack with 2 players, it is annoying to my husband, who plays Robo Knack, when he gets behind because it focuses on showing you Knack so sometimes he gets lost and can't see where he's at. Ugh. But if he gets too far behind it will pop him back onto the screen near Knack.

Also, the graphics in Knack do not look as impressive as the graphics for some other PS4 games that we watched trailers for. However, I do think it's got some really great graphics.

Despite it's flaws, I still like Knack and had a lot of fun. It's cool if you like platform games and don't mind a game not being totally perfect. It really is fun and I hope that they will make more games featuring Knack where perhaps the 2 player co-op is enhanced where the 2 players in the game are partners instead of one being a tag along helper.

Here are the other PS4 Games I would like to get next.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes - PlayStation 4
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes - PlayStation 4

I played the demo of this one with my husband on the PS4 and enjoyed being the Hulk and smashing things. The Hulk can also turn in to Bruce Banner and it's amusing to watch him transform.

You also get to play Iron Man in the demo, then Spiderman comes in a little later. The two player part of this game seems cool because it splits the screen when you move too far apart so it doesn't mess you up too bad.

I am waiting for this one to go on sale before I buy it. It's also available for other game systems too and I'm not sure it takes full advantage of PS4's graphics but hey, it's a lego game and I thought it looked really good!

Injustice: Gods Among Us - Ultimate Edition
Injustice: Gods Among Us - Ultimate Edition

We watched the trailer for this game and it looks good. My hubby and I enjoy playing fighting games together and we also like comics so it seems like a perfect fit.

Little Big Planet 3 Plush Edition - PlayStation 4
Little Big Planet 3 Plush Edition - PlayStation 4

This is the game I am most looking forward to, but it isn't out yet. It is only available for pre-order as it will be released on November 18, 2014. There are other Little Big Planet games you can get now for other systems like PS3, PSP, and PS Vita to play while waiting for this one. The Little Big Planet Games are really just fun casual games that you don't have to be a hardcore gamer to play. Who would have thought a game about a sock puppet would be so much fun?


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