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KRE-O Star Trek 2013

Updated on April 16, 2013

Star Trek KRE-O Construction Toys

Star Trek KRE-O sets are coming in 2013! Watch the teaser trailer and find out about these cool building sets. Yes, I'm a Star Trek geek and my kids have several KRE-O sets already.

These sets sound great fun and my kids are going to need to be introduced to Star Trek at some point. This might just be the toy to do it. Of course you don't need kids to enjoy KRE-O Star Trek, adult fans and collectors will have just as much fun. Make it so.

One of the key features of this range is that it introduces Hasbro's Light Tech that gives lights to the sets. Excellent. It's about time we had more lights in our building sets and this is a perfect theme for it.

I'll be keeping an eye out for more information on the KRE-O Star Trek range and updating this page as i find it.

What is KRE-O?

KRE-O is a construction toy from Hasbro that allows you to build models from plastic bricks. My boys have several KRE-O Transformers sets and we've been pleased with them. The bricks click together nicely and they are also compatible with LEGO.

The range has minifigures called KREONs and in this range we'll be getting KREONs for the Enterprise Crew and other key characters.

Enterprise Crew: James T Kirk, Spock, Uhuru, Scotty, Sulu, Specialists

(No Chekov from what I can tell.)

I'll explain which characters are in which sets as we look at them so you can see how to build up your own Enterprise crew.

For the most part each of the crew members appears in one set. But Kirk appears multiple times (in different clothing) which is great. You don't have to get the most expensive set to get the captain.

There are also Klingons and a bad guy (we think it's John Harrison.)

The Klingon Bird of Prey Set is one of the medium-sized sets in the range. It includes a Klingon Bird of Prey set with two Klingons. You also get Captain Kirk and Uhura. The Uhura KREON is one of my favorites from the range.

This set also has Light Tech light up features and uses 2 x LR41 which are included.

Movie Tie In: Into Darkness

These sets feature the characters from Star Trek the original series and tie in with the 2013 Star Trek Into Darkness movie directed by JJ Abrams.

I'm excited about this movie for lots of reasons. I'm a big Sci Fi fan and watched Star Trek growing up. I've also enjoyed a lot of Abrams work including Lost and his 2009 Star Trek movie. And then there's the British actor Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock Holmes, The Hobbit) playing the bad guy John Harrison.

And then add KRE-O buildable sets that tie in with the movie. There's lots here for a Sci-Fi geek to like.

Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer

The sets tie in with this movie and several of the scenes and vehicles that inspire the sets can be seen in this trailer.

Look out for:

The USS Enterprise Ship

The Volcano

Space Dive

The USS Enterprise is the centerpiece set from this collection. It's the largest set, but not so huge that it's very expensive. I think Hasbro have done a good job of putting together a playable set for a reasonable price. It might not have all the details that adult collectors would appreciate, but it comes with lots of figures which is definitely what kids want (and adults will want them too.)

You get three of the main characters: Captain Kirk, Spock and Dr. McCoy. And you also get another two ordinary crew members which gives you five figures to play with.

The roof comes of the ship so you can put the figures inside so I can see this set being played with a lot.

And this set includes light-up electronic bricks too. Neat.

Note: Batteries NOT included.

Batteries for USS Enterprise

These toys light up and need batteries. The smaller sets include the batteries that are needed. But the big USS Enterprise set takes 3 x AAA batteries which are NOT included. I think that will catch some people out.

This medium-sized set features an important part of the plot. You get a mini version of the volcano from the movie together with a vehicle and Sulu and Spock to save the day.

This medium-sized set also has LightTech (batteries included.)

This is a small set but a nice one. It's a space dive scene with Captain Kirk in his space suit - you can see Kirk in a space dive in the trailer above.

But it looks like there's trouble, you also get another KREON who I think is John Harrison. There's LightTech too. Not bad at all for such a small set.

Hasbro KRE-O Light Tech

The Light-Tech feature of the Hasbro KRE-O Star Trek sets is very interesting. The ranges uses light-up parts to add cool effects.

The brick-based construction world has really needed this for a while. We do have a couple of LEGO light bricks from a Prince or Persia and a Lord of the Rings set. But they are generally only included in big, expensive sets and you usually only get one.

Even small sets in this range have light-tech features and bigger sets have multiple.

There have been attempts to make entirely light-up construction brick sets but the reviews have been mixed.

Kids like stuff that lights up! The fires in the Playmobil sets get played with more that any other pieces.

I think some people will buy the Hasbro KRE-O Star Trek sets just to get the LightTech pieces to use in their own creations.

I'm happy to see a transporter set included, it's such a memorable piece of technology from the original series.

The transporter has LightTech of course. And you get Scotty in this set, just perfect. But watch out, there's a Klingon included too.

KRE-O Star Trek Teaser Trailer

The KRE-O Star Trek Teaser Trailer was made by Bad Robot. Intriguing.

When are the KRE-O Star Trek Sets Released?

KRE-O Star Trek sets will be available in Spring 2013.

Update: We'll be getting the sets in May (possibly at the very end of April) and they are now available to pre-order. Very exciting!

KRE-O on eBay

Once Star Trek KRE-O is available on eBay, it will appear here.

Collectible Mini Build Ships

These mini build ships are smaller, cheaper sets that can be bought with pocket money to build up a collection. Each one comes with a display stand on a Star Wars insignia.

Collectible Mini Figures - KREONS

KRE-O Star Trek Kreon Figure Pack (A3685)
KRE-O Star Trek Kreon Figure Pack (A3685)

The KRE-O Star Trek range also includes blind bags of collectible mini figures and micro-build ships.


More Into the Darkness Tie-In Products

Star Trek Into Darkness
Star Trek Into Darkness

This is the book that tie's in with the movie. It's a novelisation of the story in the movie. Release date: May 2013.

Star Trek Into Darkness 2014 Wall Calendar
Star Trek Into Darkness 2014 Wall Calendar

A wall calendar featuring key scenes from the movie.


LEGO Sets for Adults
My favorite LEGO sets for adults. Do you need a gift for a grown up LEGO fan or AFOL (adult fan of LEGO)? Let's look at some LEGO sets that will appeal to me...

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KRE-O Star Trek 2013

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