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Where Did Lady GooGoo Go?

Updated on August 16, 2015

Lady Goo, where are you?

Lady Goo Goo Minecraft Pixel art by Dave French
Lady Goo Goo Minecraft Pixel art by Dave French | Source

Lady Goo Goo Is Gone ~ And She Is Now Known as Baby ROX

So what's the story behind Lady Goo Goo on Moshi Monsters?

Lady GooGoo was a popular diaper wearing Music ROXSTAR from the Secrets set of the Moshlings Zoo.

In early 2013, she disappeared from the Zoo and in her place was a new girl, called Baby ROX. The story is that Lady Gaga took offense to having a video game character with a name similar to hers. Many MoshiMonsters fans were sad to see her go.

Can we still find traces of her, like Moshi Monsters toys and magazine posters, or is she gone forever? Check out this write up with plenty of Lady Goo Goo pictures, including a screen shot of her old Moshi Monsters online game profile (a very rare find).

Moshi Monsters Minecraft fan art and pictures by squidoopets aka Darcie French

Lady Goo Goo's Online Profile in the Game

Lady Goo Goo's Profile
Lady Goo Goo's Profile | Source

Was Lady Gaga Right To Be Offended? - She was not happy and she sued Mind Candy

Gaga For Lady Googoo
Gaga For Lady Googoo

If I were Lady Gaga

See results

Can we find Lady GooGoo merchandise? - She's a rare collectible now

Since Lady Goo Goo disappeared from the game, MoshiMonsters fans want to know if they can still find related merchandise. There used to be minifigures toys in some of the earlier moshlings series foil bags - some lucky fan just might find her there.

Lady GooGoo Minifigure Toy - Rare item for serious Moshi Monsters moshlings collectors

Moshi Monsters Moshlings Series 2 - 102 LADY GOO GOO Moshling - ULTRA RARE
Moshi Monsters Moshlings Series 2 - 102 LADY GOO GOO Moshling - ULTRA RARE

No other moshlings that I am aware of have come and gone from the online virtual pet collecting game quite as mysteriously as Lady GooGoo did, when she was suddenly and without notice replaced from being the moshling reward for Super Moshi Mission number one. Now when game players complete the mission, they are rewarded with Baby ROX who looks very, very similar to Lady GooGoo, but not quite. With a different name and altered look, guess she's not so apt to find herself involved in copyright infringement!

If there ever were a moshling figure that became super duper rare, this is the one!


Lady GooGoo's Hit Music ROX Song The Moshi Dance - Sung like she's here to stay

Then she was gone tomorrow. Lucky for fans, we can still find her hit song on youtube.

Lady Goo Goo's Moshi Dance Song

Lady GooGoo Minecraft Pixel Art Wallpaper - Free computer desktop wallpaper

Lady GooGoo wallpaper
Lady GooGoo wallpaper

Have you ever wondered what happened to Lady GooGoo?

Follow along squidoopets' photo journey of the Lady GooGoo fridge magnet made by squidoopets.

squidoopets Photo Gallery of Lady Googoo Foam Moshling - Where did lady GooGoo go

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Is she singing on a window ledge?Volunteering for a greater cause?Hanging out at the cookie jar?Taking up gardening?Is Oddie her body guard?Does she live with Fizzbang the rat?
Is she singing on a window ledge?
Is she singing on a window ledge?
Volunteering for a greater cause?
Volunteering for a greater cause?
Hanging out at the cookie jar?
Hanging out at the cookie jar?
Taking up gardening?
Taking up gardening?
Is Oddie her body guard?
Is Oddie her body guard?
Does she live with Fizzbang the rat?
Does she live with Fizzbang the rat?

How many stars would you give Lady GooGoo?

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Post your thoughts on what happened to Lady Goo Goo

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    • squidoopets profile image

      Darcie French 3 years ago from Abbotsford, BC

      It's superduperfinefantastic to see you here too Lorelei :)

    • Lorelei Cohen profile image

      Lorelei Cohen 3 years ago from Canada

      Nice to see you and the Moshlings here at Hubpages. I think Lady Goo Goo was cute too.