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Colorful Ladybug Toys for Children aged 5 to 7 years

Updated on December 31, 2014
Ladybug Micro Kite
Ladybug Micro Kite

Cool and Cheerful Ladybug Toys

Ladybugs are cute, but very useful mini-beasts. They are actually beetles who patrol our gardens munching on aphid pests.

Ladybug toys are colourful and lots of fun for young children. They are cute, cool and cheerful. Here, you can see some of the most popular gifts and toys for children, aged from 5 to 7 years.

Children in this age group usually have a lot of spare energy, so toys that get them out in the fresh air are winners. The Ladybug Micro Kite is a tiny kite that is easy to fly. As a micro kite, about 4 inches across, it only takes a little wind to get flying.

Ladybug Micro Kite
Ladybug Micro Kite

This cute ladybug kite is 3.9 inch long, with a mylar sail, handle and line. It is easy-to-fly kite and can fit in your pocket. Suitable to fly between 4 and 10 mph.


Ladybug Scooper

For indoor fun, this lovely Ladybug Scooper scoots around the floor, blinking and chirping, and collecting Orbeez into it's shell. It works by remote control, but can also be pushed manually to collect the Orbeez. It works very well on hard floors.

RC Ladybug Scooper
RC Ladybug Scooper

Zoom around collecting orbeez, then press the button to release them. Ladybug Scooper comes with 16 page activity book, remote control and 2000 Orbeez in 10 different colors. You will need 4 AA batteries and 1 nine volt battery.


What do Ladybugs eat?

Ladybugs eat the little green aphids that live mainly on roses and other plants.

Enjoy a Ladybug Tea Party or Picnic!

Would your child enjoy sharing a tea party or picnic with this pretty tea party set? Decorated with a cute ladybug design, and the "Lady Bug Fly Away Home" rhyme, this play set is very appealing to children.

In Close-Up

Ladybug Tea Set

Schylling Ladybug Porcelain Tea Set Basket
Schylling Ladybug Porcelain Tea Set Basket

Tea service for four, including basket, silverware, napkins and tablecloth. The basket can be used for travel or storage.


Secret Agent Ladybug

The bright colors of ladybug toys are very appealing. And, who could resist this cheerful face..?

The Littlest Pet Shop VIP Ladybug is a snuggly plush pet, with a secret life. Find the secret code hidden in its collar to unlock activities and games on the littlestpetshop website!

Littlest Pet Shop VIP Ladybug
Littlest Pet Shop VIP Ladybug

This Ladybug is a VIP (virtual interactive pet). At the littlestpetshop website, children can play with their virtual pet, unlock games and activities, and more. And when they're not in a virtual mood, they can snuggle with their your plush pet at home.


Bugs for Story-telling

Ladybugs are very cute, colorful and cheerful. Butterflies are pretty flying flowers. Bees and dragonflies are a little more dramatic, maybe even scary. These realistic vinyl finger puppets are fun for imaginative play and story-telling. The set contains an assortment of 12 insect puppets, including ladybug, bee, dragonfly and butterfly.

Fun Express Insect Finger Puppets 12ct Toy
Fun Express Insect Finger Puppets 12ct Toy

These vinyl bugs are perfect for a budding bug lover as they can be handled and played with repeatedly, unlike real-life bugs.


Do Ladybugs Bite?

Well, yes, they do. But you don't need to worry it's quite rare, and they can only give you a little nip.

The Ladybug Game

The Ladybug Game is an interactive game, invented by children for children. It will help them learn about bugs in their garden, and about numbers, symbol and words. Even young children will love the characters and adventures, including the aphids, the three lazy ants and the praying mantis.

Do You Like These Ladybug Toys? - Have I missed any really cool toys?

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