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Lalaloopsy Land

Updated on April 16, 2013

Visit Lalaloopsy Land, Meet the Lalaloopsies, and Discover Tons of Lalaloopsy Merchandise

Come visit the colorful, friendly world of Lalaloopsy Land. Meet the adorable Lalaloopsy dolls and learn all about their individual personalities, which are as unique as your daughter. Girls every where are falling in love with Lalaloopsies. The price of the dolls sky rocketed on the internet as supplies started running low. While the Loopsy dolls and toys are fairly easy to find, other items like home decor and party supplies just aren't out yet, unless you get creative. Here you'll learn more about Lalaloopsies.

My two girls, ages 2 and 5, love Lalaloopsies. They each have their own doll, accessories, and now share a bed with Lalaloopsy bedding. I think all the Lalaloopsy toys and decor are so cute and love it all almost as much as my daughter's do.

I hope you enjoy your tour through Lalaloopsy Land.

Visit Lalaloopsy Land - Learn more about the Lalaloopsies

Come visit Lalaloopsy Land and meet the original eight Lalaloopsy girls. Learn about the special cloth that was used to sew each doll and how it contributed to her unique personality.

Lalaloopsy: Meet the Lalaloopsy Girls
Lalaloopsy: Meet the Lalaloopsy Girls

Get to know Crumbs Sugar Cookie, Jewel Sparkles, Peanut Big Top, Bea Spells-a-Lot, Mittens Fluff 'n' Stuff, Dot Starlight, Pillow Featherbed, and Spot Splatter Splash.


Welcome to Lalaloopsy Land - Travel through Lalaloopsy land

Travel through Lalaloopsy Land to meet all of the Lalaloopsy dolls and tour their neighborhoods.

Lalaloopsy Playhouse - Lalaloopsy sew cute playhouse for girls

Your daughter can create her very own Lalaloopsy Land with this fun and colorful playhouse. This adorable playhouse features a built in table, dutch door, working doorbell, and built in swing for your little girl's favorite Lalaloopsy doll.

Little Tikes Lalaloopsy Sew Cute Playhouse (Discontinued by manufacturer)
Little Tikes Lalaloopsy Sew Cute Playhouse (Discontinued by manufacturer)

Playhouse includes kid size sitting stool and built in swing for Loopsy dolls.


Lalaloopsy Doll House - Lalaloopsy doll house for mini Loopsies

Your little girl can recreate Lalaloopsy Land for her adorable Mini Loopsy dolls with this sweet little doll house. This three story doll house is designed specifically for Mini Lalaloopsy dolls. It features dutch front door, pet elevator leads to attic, porch swing for 2 mini Loopsy dolls, wind up garden hose, balcony with French doors, and all of the window shutters open and close. Sew cute!

Lalaloopsy Bedding - Turn her room into Lalaloopsy Land

With this absolutely adorable Lalaloopsy bedding set, you can transform your daughter's room into Lalaloopsy Land. The comforter features Mittens Fluff n' Stuff and Jewel Sparkles. The eyes on the comforter are actual buttons and Jewel's crown is a 3D felt applique. It really is sew cute.

Lalaloopsy Bedding Set Comforter Set with Sheets Full
Lalaloopsy Bedding Set Comforter Set with Sheets Full

This is also available in a twin bedding set.


Meet the Lalaloopsy Dolls - Who's your favorite Lalaloopsy girl?

Vote for your favorite Lalaloopsy.

Lalaloopsy Clothes - Lalaloopsy fashion packs

The Lalaloopsy Fashion packs allow you to quickly and easily change your Loopsy's outfit.

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into Lalaloopsy Land.

Do You Know a Little Girl that Loves Lalaloopsy Land? - Thank you for visiting

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    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Ya my grandaughter, she likes the sleepy one in PJ's. Fits her because she hates mornings!

    • profile image

      sheezie77 5 years ago

      Fantastic lens, nicely done! Squidlike