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Lazy Town Toys

Updated on August 23, 2017

Lazy Town Toys

LazyTown is a popular children's television program that currently airs in 118 different countries worldwide. Lazy town originally started in 1996 as a live-action play and it made its way to television in 2004, from there and made its way into the history books by becoming the fastest growing tv show, spreading to 90 different countries in its first nine months. As ever popular today here we take a look at lazy town's characters and lazy town toys.

The first of three humans in the show is sportacus, played by Magnús Scheving. Sportacus originates from an island in the north sea and is a super healthy hero encouraging the kids of lazy town to eat fruits and vegetables which he terms as sports candy. Sportacus also encourages the kids to participate in outdoor games and activities and parents see this as good viewing for their children to help discourage eating junk food and playing video games. Sportacus aims to show that happy kids are healthy and fit kids and constantly acts out physical activities (he even walks by doing gymnastics to get to where he wants to be) By eating his sports candy , which is usually an apple, sportacus gains speed, strength and athletisism, again trying to show that eating healthily is good for you. On his chest he wears the no.10 which contains a crystal, when somebody in lazy town needs his help this crystal beeps and sportacus dashes to their aid in double quick time usually in a sporting and or acrobatic manner. As most super heroes Sportacus does have a weakness, sugar, if he eats a very small amount he becomes fatigued, he refers to this tiredness as a sugar meltdown. Sportacus lives in an airship which floats around above lazy town usually making his journey down to lazy town on a futuristic looking flying pod bike which he needs to pedal to make his trip, again incorporating exercise into his movements. Sportacus is great for kids to learn the healthier side to life and this probably contributes to lazy town's continued success.

Energy Run With Sportacus - Join in at home

The second human character in the show is Stephanie, played by Julianna Rose Mauriello. Stephanie was the new girl in lazy town when she came to visit her uncle, the mayor of LazyTown, Milford Meanswell. While visiting Stephanie called upon sportacus for help when she couldn't get the other kids of lazy town to play along with her. Stephanie has bright pink hair along with a pink diary and is sometimes called 'pinky' as a nickname. She aims to help sportacus and helps keep the people of lazy town active.

Dance With Stephanie

The final human character in the show is Robbie rotten, played by Stefán Karl Stefánsson. Robbie rotten's whole purpose in life is to devise plans to try to get the kids of lazy town to eat junk food and to banish sportacus for good from the town so it can revert back to being lazy and quiet, like before Stephanie and sportacus arrived. Being the villan of the show Robbie rotten sometimes gets very close to achieving his goals only to get beaten in the end by Sportacus, Stephanie and the rest of lazy town. Robbie rotten seems to possess magical powers where he can make himself disappear, and then reappear in a different location.

Robbie Rotten - Master Of Disguise

Lazy Town Puppets

Ziggy (puppeteered and voiced by Guðmundur Ãór Kárason) The character who loves to eat candy and sweets - particularly Taffy. After Stephanie came along he found that there is more to childhood than sugary treats. He is now active and participates in any sport the gang plays, but still enjoys candy. He can usually be seen holding a lollipop.

Stingy (puppeteered and voiced by Jodi Eichelberger) As his name implies, the greedy and possessive character. He still plays with the gang, but he will always care about his stuff: especially his car and his prized piggy bank. He often says "It's mine!" and has his own song by that name (which names everything in LazyTown as his). He can also play the harmonica and recorder.

Trixie (puppeteered and voiced by Sarah Burgess) The trouble-maker character, though she does like to play with everyone else. Trixie refers to Stephanie as "Pinky" when trying to get her attention. She also likes to draw moustaches on the mayor's posters.

Pixel (puppeteered by Julie Westwood and voiced by Kobie Powell) The character who plays too much on the computer. He fixes up all sorts of gadgets to help him avoid doing something himself, such as a machine to tie his shoes or a remote that "does everything for you." He loves anything to do with computers, technology and gadgets.

Mayor Milford Meanswell (puppeteered and voiced by David Matthew Feldman) A nervous wreck who has a crush on Ms. Busybody. He loves his niece Stephanie very much and calls Sportacus if she feels sad or depressed. He is also famous for saying "Oh my!" all the time if something is wrong.

Bessie Busybody (puppeteered and voiced by Julie Westwood) Although patronizing, she tries her best to be motherly with the children. She is aware of every new trend, and is pompous but fashionable, and she loves to talk on her cell phone.

Taken from the article on wikipedia about Lazy town

Meet The Lazy Town Puppets

Meet The Lazy Town Puppets
Meet The Lazy Town Puppets

Dance And Sing Along To Bing Bang

Why Are Lazy Town Toys So Great For Children And Adults Alike

For hundreds of years children have played with toys, all of which were manufactured in the hopes that those toys would put a smile on a youngsters face. A lot of thought, preparation and hard work goes into toy making, many of which are popular for a small flash of time before fading and dropping into obscurity.

However, how many toys have been made that actually help teach a child a valuable life-lesson?

There are a few, but Lazy Town Toys is one and possibly one of the best. With 1/3 of North Americans being overweight, not only can kids learn a valuable lesson from Lazy Town Toys, but parents could, too. They serve as a reminder to kids and parents alike, that being overweight is a choice in most cases, and it can be changed. In fact, most of us could do with a little bit of a Sportacus run now and then!

In their uncomplicated, charming way, Lazy Town Toys help remind us that obesity eventually leads to poor health. As Robbie Rotten would tell us, junk food does taste great. The problem is that eating too much of it can lead to some major health problems, such as:

-high blood pressure


-heart attack


And a myriad of other health problems that are too numerous to list here, but are insidious all the same.

There are a lot of toys on the market, and the average parent can't afford to buy everything. But how many toys teach a valuable life-lesson that could benefit them and their children throughout their lives?

And they're cute aren't they? Lazy Town Toys really grow on you--Stephanie in all her pink, frilly glory and Sportacus, with his message of good health and inexhaustible energy. Let's not forget Robbie Rotten in his purple suit, strutting around like he owns the place, as well as the other inhabitants of Lazy Town, such as Mayor Meanswell, Bessie Busybody and Trixie.

Since 1996, Lazy Town has been helping to pave the way to better health. It uses fun, smiles and music to show kids, parents and adults in over 118 different countries that being lazy is not the best lifestyle choice, and as the fastest growing T.V show of all time, it delivers that message quickly, for everyone to hear loud and clear.

I sincerely hope you've enjoyed your journey through Lazy Town and learned a little something along the way. Lazy Town and Lazy Town Toys mean so much more than just a good time (although they definitely mean that too!) to children. While they watch the show amazed, and play with their Lazy Town Toys, you as a parent can feel satisfaction in the knowledge that these wonderful characters are helping to shape your child into an active, healthy and happy adult-to-be.

In fact, why not give Lazy Town the chance to leap into your heart as it has mine. You may just fall in love with the inhabitants of Lazy Town, too!

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Should Lazy Town Be Compulsory Viewing

Do you think lazy town is good viewing for kids ? Should we encourage kids to watch these types of programme and get then out and exercising instead of playing video games or watching tv.......

Is lazy town the way forward for modern kids ?

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      Many thanks yet again Chef......[in reply to chefkeem]

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