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League of Legends IP Farm Guide - Tips To Get Maximum Influence Points

Updated on April 3, 2015

League of Legends IP Farm Guide: How To Farm & Boost Your Influence Points (IP)

Are you short on Influence Points (IP)? Desperately need an IP Hack? The truth is that there are no IP Hacks for League of Legends but there are some great tips and strategies that you can use to boost your Influence Points (IP).

Influence Points (IP) are an important currency in League of Legends as they allow you to buy champions, runes and extra rune pages from the Riot Store. However, IP is hard to earn and it can take you ages to save up enough IP for that new champion or a complete rune book.

The methods on this page are simple tips and tricks to boosting the amount of Influence Points (IP) that you can earn in League of Legends. You will not find an IP Hack on this page, the IP Hack in this case is simply applying the strategies here.

The easiest way to get more Influence Points for League of Legends is through IP boosts in the Riot Point store but of course not everyone wants to spend money on League of Legends so these strategies here focus on IP efficiency to maximise your returns for hours played.

Why Do You Want More Influence Points?

What Do You Need IP For?

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Influence Point Guide

Earn Maximum Influence Points Using These Strategies (No IP Hacks)

What are Influence Points (IP)?

Influence Points (IP) are earned by players for playing games or solving Tribunal cases. These Influence Points (IP) can be used in the League of Legends store to unlock champions, runes and even extra rune pages. The amount of Influence Points (IP) earned is based on many factors and as such there are many ways to increase your overall Influence Points (IP) gained.

There are not any working IP Hacks that give you free Influence Points (IP) and there never will be. Anything you see relating to an Influence Point (IP) Hack is simply a virus that will infect your computer. The only true Influence Point (IP) Hack is using strategies to increase the effectiveness at which you gain Influence Points (IP).

The Real League of Legends Trailer - By TheSeelyon


Playing Games

For Influence Points

The main source of Influence Points (IP) is playing the various different game types that League of Legends offers. Of course the more games that you play the more Influence Points you will earn but by understanding the rules that apply to IP gain you can increase your overall IP gained for amount of time spent.

The reward per game is based on game type (normal, dominion or co-op vs AI) as well as the length of the game and whether you were victorious.

Influence Points Win/Loss Graphs


Rules of Influence Point Gain - When Playing Games

  • Influence Point gain increases linearly based on the length of the game.
  • More Influence Points are awarded for a win than a loss.
  • Matches longer than 55 minutes give the same IP as a 55 minute game.
  • Matches shorter than 25 minutes give the same IP as 25 minute games (This can be used to your advantage, by surrendering on 20 minutes for games that are beyond a comeback).
  • A win is worth, 18.193 IP + 2.312 per minute IP (approximately).
  • A loss is worth, 15.401 IP + 1.430 per minute IP (approximately).

First Win Of The Day


To further optimise your Influence Point (IP) gain you want to be sure to play League of Legends everyday for at least one win. This is because League of Legends offers 150IP as a bonus for your first win in a 22hr period (roughly everyday). By doing this you can ensure that you can earn maximum Influence Points (IP).

League of Legends

League of Legends
League of Legends

Bot Farming

A popular method of gaining efficient Influence Points (IP) is to farm them from games against bots (either co-op vs AI or just custom games filled with bots). This generally means quick and easy wins leading to simple Influence Point (IP) gains.

There are however restrictions and penalties that apply to this method to reduce its effectiveness particularly at higher summoner levels (method is best for summoners level 1-15). You are also restricted to 150minutes of IP rewarding custom game play per 22hour period (roughly 5-6 Summoner's Rift games).

Custom Game Restriction IP Reward

Custom Game Restriction IP Reward
Custom Game Restriction IP Reward

The Tribunal

The Tribunal is a League of Legends initiative to cut down on AFKers, leavers and generally disrespectful players. Summoners who are level 30 are able to review cases regarding other Summoners with the option to pardan or punish the offender of the Summoner's Code. If you side with the majority of players you will receive a small Influence Point (IP) reward for your time.

If you have some extra time on your hands and are a level 30 summoner then this is an easy method of Influence Points (IP) generation.

League of Legends Tribunal

League of Legends Tribunal
League of Legends Tribunal

Influence Point (IP) Boosts

If you really want to generate some Influence Points (IP) quickly you can consider buying one of the various IP Boosts on offer from the League of Legends store.

The boosts come in set time periods (24hrs or 14days) and also come in per win boosts, which last for a specified number of wins. If you don't have money to purchase Riot Points consider checking out this page on How To Earn Free RP for League of Legends.

Influence Point (IP) Saving

One of the best and easiest ways to maximise the amount of Influence Points (IP) you have is to simply be more careful with the Influence Points (IP) that you already have.

By using IP saving methods you can make better use of your hard earned Influence Points (IP) and thus remove the need for earning more. Some good tips to follow include:

IP Saving Methods

  • Not wasting money on un-needed runes, by following this Rune Page Guide.
  • Be careful with your champion purchases, only buy champions after trying them out during the free champion week
  • Consider buying a League of Legends bundle.

League of Legends - Rune Page Guide - Save IP By Following This Guide

IP Saving: Buy A League of Legends Bundle

Amazon offers a great League of Legends bundle that comes with the League of Legends client, $10 worth of RP, 4 summoner runes, 20 playable champions and a free champion skin.

League of Legends - Season Two Begins!

What Is Your Experience With League of Legends? - How Is Your IP Saving Going?

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      Hey, can I ask if there are no IP hacks then how come I have seen some people like Phreak with 100000000 IP on there account...

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