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League of Legends: Last hitting

Updated on April 13, 2012

How to last hit in League of legends

Have you ever noticed that your gold gets low end game or you just cant keep up with players? Some of this may be attributed to the lack of "last hitting" and lack of gold. Last hitting, or cs, is a term to describe getting the last damaging spell or auto attack on a minion. This in turn grants you gold. This is a very crucial part of game play and can separate the good from the bad.

Last Hitting
Last Hitting

The Basics

The basics of last hitting come down to when to auto attack. What is often done is characters will stand by the minion, within range, and wait for it to get below enough health where they can one shot it. That point of health depends on how much attack damage you have! For instance, an AD carry, such as Ashe, Graves, Tristana, etc., has a ton of ad and makes last hitting a much easier process. On the other hand there are AP carries that don't stack AD, but rather AP. For these champions it is a little bit harder to get the hang of it. Depending on which champion you are playing you may want to take one auto attack while the minion has a lot of hp still and test how much your auto attack does, so you know and can watch for the minion to get below that point.

Minion Statistics

Melee minions give you 22 (+.5/3mins) gold per kill and there are 3 that spawn in every wave. Caster minions give you 16 (+1/3mins) gold per kill and there are also 3 that spawn in every wave. Finally, there are Siege minions that give you 27 (+1/3mins) gold and they spawn once every 3 waves for the first twenty minutes and every two waves after the 35th minute. (Information from League Wiki).

So lets throw out some stats:

First blood = 400g

Regular kill = 300g(depends on how many deaths and kill streaks but we will use 300 just as an average)

Every wave (without siege)= 114 gold(depending on time in game)

Average gold from a minion = 21 gold (just an average)

So say you go 10-3-0 with 20cs, great game right? well your score indicates a good game but imagine how much better you could've done with fewer kills overall but more cs! This would allow your team to do better pushes, team fights, etc.; making you more useful to them.

Scenario 1

10-3-0 with 20 cs

10 kills = 3000g

20 cs = 420g

Total = 3420g

Scenario 2

3-3-0 with 200 cs

3 kills = 900g

200 cs x 21g = 4200g

Total = 5100g

Scenario 2 > Scenario 1

This is just a small example to show you that farming is much more important than kills, when there are tournament games you may see pros play very passive with few kills. This is because they know the importance of farming and that it out weighs the chance of you dying just to get an enemy kill.

Attack Damage (AD) Carries

Attack Damage "AD" Carries, are champions that are ranged and use attacks to deal damage. These are some of the easiest champions to last hit with because they buff their auto attacks, making the last hit much bigger and easier to get. Often these champions are paired with a support bottom and the support allow them to "horde" the minions. AD carries need to get this farm to build big and expensive items, such as Infinity Edge and Phantom Dancer. I, however, am making this sound much easier than it actually is! AD carries and their support are often laned up against two other champions and they will attempt to harass you in order to cause you to miss out on creeps, minions. Read down a bit further to learn more about harassing!

Ability Power (AP) Carries

Ryze, Morgana, Brand, these are all ability power carries. Champions that use abilities and stack ability power to deal damage. These champions are a tad bit tricky to last hit with because they do not have a lot of base attack damage and don't stack attack damage. Some of these champions, however, have abilities to help them last hit. These champions include, but are not limited to, Annie and Veigar. With these champions they have a low mana spell that they can use to last hit that either gives them ap, or returns part of the mana. However, most AP champions do not have these spells and must resort to other tricks. One of my favorite things to do is to take 3 points in Brute Force, first tier offensive mastery tree. With this you get 3 more attack damage and a little more snuggle room for the last hit. Other things you can do is learn how much damage your auto attack does and watch the minions HP; but, I would not recommend this as it advocates bad map awareness.

Last hitting under a tower

This will happen to everyone, every game. When minions are under the tower and you still need to last hit. The important thing to remember is that melee minions require 2 tower hits and 1-2 auto attacks and ranged minions require 1 tower hit and 2-3 auto attacks. So when you are last hitting under a tower you need to last hit once on a melee minion then tower hit then another auto attack, unless you attack damage is enough where you can get one auto attack right after a tower hit to kill. For ranged minions you will need to auto then a tower hit and then another auto, unless again your auto attack damage does enough where you can kill the minion after one tower hit.


No not what youre thinking! Harassing is a term used to describe the trading that champions do in a lane. When one champion damages another to scare him from last hitting is called harassing. Another part of harassing is zoning, which is basically the same thing, but a complete block of all minions for your enemy. Harassing is often a good technique to use when you know an enemy jungler is not around, you can out damage your enemy, and you want to block him from getting minions. Good things to use for harassing are short cool down spells and ranged auto attacks, for instance ryze's q or lux's q. Warning, how deep you go in each situation is completely up to you but don't get caught without an escape method, it could turn a situation of you out-laning an opponent to him out-laning you. Also, when you run into a group of enemy minions they will only attack you if you auto attack another champion. They also reevaluate threat levels per say every couple of seconds, so if you are near when they do, they will attack you.

Late Game Farm

It is important to continue to farm as you head into late game! I've seen many easy wins turn into loses because our team stopped farming while the other team continued to do so. If you are behind because of deaths or just because of bad farm, you need to continue to go for those minion kills. This will allow you to come back into the game! In this video I started off relatively bad but I did some late game farming and came back, this is mostly just me talking but you can see how I do it.

Let me know what you think is the most important part of a good early game, there is obviously many good things, but what is the most important that will allow you to win end game.

Most Important Early Game

See results

Let me know what you think below! Anything I should Change or Add to make this guide better for everyone!

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    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Hmm I'm rather new at this game, I've just being practicing support, jungle, and AP mid with Morgana with whom it's easy to farm most of the creep wave using w. But indeed last hitting is so important! I still try to go in for the kill in my lane, whenever possible -- only because it usually means missing out on one creep wave maximum, while it denies the enemy champion at least 1 creep wave and gets me a kill. I can then b or push for other objectives like a dragon/gank. I however have terrible map awareness; Morgana is hard to CS with AA, so I'm often focusing on minion health to cs and don't immediately realize when a jungler wants to gank, when they ping blue buff for me, or when enemy jungler is invading our jungle.

      I don't roam often unless my laning partner is missing/lane is pushed to enemy turret and not coming to help could mean the turret being lost. It's difficult not to push the lane with morgana, as if the enemy champion decides only to autoattack and I can't get close enough to cs with autoattack without mega harass, I'm forced to use w to clear the back minions. The positive thing here is that it also denies them cs when allied creeps are under turret fire and I'm there to harrass. Morg can also pretty easily escape any gank with shield and flash up, so I say she's an excellent beginner player :) Only particular hard lanes I've found are akali (cloak makes it almost impossible to go in for a kill ) , morde (with no ganks), and syndra (excellent ranged harass/burst damage ult).

      Anyway completely agree that CS>kills. I've lost games with excellent scores that were a 90% win because the enemy stayed in their lanes and out-cs'ed.

    • blazingzone lm profile image

      blazingzone lm 5 years ago

      Great lens.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      CS is definitely more important than kills, but still if you're playing Pantheon vs Nasus I'd say I'll take those champion kills.

    • Bradmiller72 profile image

      Bradmiller72 5 years ago

      @anonymous: those are great ideas :) Thank you for the feedback and input!

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      To show the importance of CS, you could add the number of minions resulting in the earning of a kill (300 gold; I think somewhere around 2.5 waves average).

      Also the aggroing of minions while harrassing could be added as it can result in quite a bit of damage taken on your champion during the early game.

      But even without this, good job on writing this guide. I know many people who need something like this :)