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League of Legends Tips - Free Riot Points, Champions, Runes and More

Updated on October 18, 2014

League of Legends Tips (Champions, Runes, Influence Points and Free Riot Points)

Follow these simple League of Legends tips and improve your play on the popular MOBA game of LoL. Would you like to get free Riot Points for League of Legends? Struggling to build rune and mastery pages? Or just interested in the Elo Rating system used for ranked matches?

League of Legends is gaining popularity everyday and is taking the E-Sports scene by storm. This page aims to provide new and intermediate players with various tips, information and resources to improve their game.

On this page you will learn how to get free Riot Points, how the Elo Rating system for ranked matches works, how to maximise your Influence Point gain (and spend them wisely) and learn how to make the most optimal rune pages.

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League of Legends Tips

Become A Better League of Legends Player


What Is League of Legends?

League of Legends (LoL) was created in the image of DOTA (Defense of the Ancients) and was released on October 27, 2009. Players are referred to as 'Summoners' and battle against other players on maps of 3v3 or 5v5. Summoners play as champions each with their own unique set of skills, play style and abilities.

A standard game on Summoner's Rift (the most popular and balanced map, which features 5v5 play) lasts for 30-40 minutes with the ultimate goal involving the destruction of the opposing teams base (Nexus) while defending yours. As of September 26th 2011 the Dominion gameplay mode also became available, which focuses on a capture the point style of gameplay. Dominion in League of Legends offers a faster and more action packed gaming experience.

Players are free to choose from over 100 champions and can customise them through masteries, runes and summoner abilities to further enhance the champions particular play style (or the players preferred style).



League of Legends has many different champions to choose from, each with its own unique abilities. Champions generally fall into an archetype category, these include: Mage (AP), Support, Tank, Jungler, Ranged Carry (AD), Bruiser (AD Melee).

Champions can be purchased with either Influence Points or Riot Points. Upon release all champions come in a champion bundle (can only be purchased with Riot Points), which includes the champion and a skin for that champion at a special promotional price.

League of Legends - The "Real" Season One Trailer


What Are Influence Points?

One Of The Currencies In League of Legends

Influence Points are a currency in League of Legends which are given to players for playing games and participating in Tribunal cases.

Unlike Riot Points, Influence Points cannot be used to purchase champion skins or name changes. However, Influence Points are the only currency that can be used in League of Legends to purchase runes, making them an important currency.

If your looking to earn yourself more Influence Points or are interested in the mathematics behind the IP system then be sure to visit the League of Legends: Influence Point Guide.

What Can You Buy With Influence Points? - Spend Your Influence Points (IP) On:

  1. Champions: You can purchase any champion in League of Legends with Influence Points (prices vary between 450IP to 6300IP).
  2. Runes: Runes can only be bought with Influence Points and can be used to fill up your rune pages to help you on the battlefield.

League of Legends Mouse Pads


What Are Riot Points?

The Other League of Legends Currency

As League of Legends is free to play it relies on micro-transactions (like many other online games). These micro-transactions are facilitated through the use of Riot Points.

Users can purchase RP directly from the game client via PayPal and credit card or may opt to purchase them through a prepaid card from a retail outlet. Once Riot Points have been activated or purchased on a particular account they cannot be gifted for use on another user account.

There are a number of websites available (such as PrizeRebel) where you can earn free Riot Points for yourself by completing simple tasks; including surveys and watching videos.

What Can You Buy With Riot Points? - Things For Sale In The League Of Legends Store For Riot Points (RP):

  1. Champions: Purchase champions to increase your playable champions.
  2. Skins: Get skins for your favourite champions.
  3. IP & XP Boosts: Increase the amount of experience and Influence Points you gain in every League of Legends game.
  4. Name Change: A summoner name change, change your League of Legends name.
  5. Rune Pages: Buy extra rune pages to give you more rune options.


Free Riot Points

Get Your Free Riot Points

If you are interested in getting your hands on some free Riot Points to buy the latest champion, unlock more rune pages or get a new champion skin then register for PrizeRebel and be rewarded for completing product surveys, watching videos and taking part in monthly contests.

To learn more and see proof, visit

Riot Point Prices - The Cost of Riot Points For NA/EU servers


League of Legends Season 1 Cinematic


Runes and Rune Pages

Rune Tips For League of Legends

Runes offer summoners an extra level of game customisation and are the only League of Legends in-game item that cannot be purchased with Riot Points.

There are four different kinds of runes (Mark, Seal, Glyph & Quintessence), runes also have 3 different tier levels which relates to the strength of a particular rune. Runes have many level based restrictions as to the number of runes that can be used and which tiers are available for use, a fully unlocked rune page can use up to 9 of each rune but only 3 Quintessences.

If you are looking for ways to quickly purchase runes and fill up your rune book then your best option is purchasing an Influence Point Boost with Riot Points.

Having trouble deciding which runes to purchase? Or which runes are best for a particular champion? See the League of Legends: Rune Page Guide.

League of Legends - Rune Pages Overview - By SeelyonGaming



League of Legends Mastery Tips

Masteries are like runes in that they allow players to customise their game experience.

Players gain a single mastery point every time they level up which can be used in one of the 3 mastery trees (Offense, Defense and Utility). Points are not permanent and can be reset and moved around as the player sees fit.

Similar to runes, masteries focus on boosting your early game strengths or reducing weaknesses and will vary greatly between champions and the individual player. If you are struggling with developing mastery pages for your favourite League of Legends champion stop by the LoL Mastery Guide, which offers a breakdown of each individual mastery along with some sample pages.

League of Legends - Season 3 Mastery Guide - By SeelyonGaming


The Elo Rating System (Ranked Games)

League of Legends like many other online games uses an Elo rating system to determine the skill of a player. Each summoner (player) in League of Legends has a normal game Elo (which is hidden) and a ranked game Elo which can be seen by both the player and other League of Legend summoners.

Ranked game Elo is separated between solo queue 3v3, solo queue 5v5 and pre-made 5v5. League of Legends makes use of an Elo decay system to ensure that players cannot hold a high Elo ranking if they are inactive.

The Elo rating system has given rise to the debate about the existence of "Elo Hell" which is said to exist below 1400 Elo. This Elo range is believed to be filled with griefers and intentionally bad players that prevent a player from reaching their true Elo rating.

If your looking to get out of Elo Hell, Definitely take a look at this League of Legends - Escape Elo Hell Guide.

League of Legends - Dominion Trailer

Got Some Good League of Legends Tips? Share Them Below! - Did You Learn Something? Have You Played League of Legends? Did You Get Free Riot Points?

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      askformore lm 

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      Great lens! I enjoyed the video.

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      good tips

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      Great lens!

      Was interesting to read :)

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      So who is your favorite?

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      Excellent info for game players.

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      @anonymous: I have another page here:

      Which is all about other popular MOBA games (like League of Legends) if you are interested.

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      Im playing for almost a year, but Im getting tired of huge patch of every month, Im starting to look another similar games in the market


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