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League of Legends: Top Tips to Becoming a Pro ADC

Updated on June 11, 2014

ADC- The Attack Damage Carry

The role of the Attack Damage Carry (ADC) is to deal massive amounts of damage to the enemy champions. Common traits of an ADC Champion is low health, high damage, ranged attacks, and abilities that improve your basic attacks. Another name some people use for this role is the "Marksman". Improving your ADC play will greatly increase your win ratio because in most cases they are either "Make or Break" in the matches. Playing a very good ADC can sometimes over power the other team, even if your teammates are not having the best game. There are many methods that ADC players use, and I will give you the benefits and drawbacks of each in this lens.


Playstyles and Your Support

Like I said, there are many different strategies one will use to dominate the opponent. I will go through each one and explain why they work, and why they fail.

Conservative- Some times you find your self out-ranged by the enemy's ADC, this is whenever it is time to play safe and stay back near your turret to stay on pace and keep the same level as the opponents. Try to allow the turret to attack the enemy creeps while you get the last hit on them for gold and experience. This strategy is rather difficult to be successful with. Yes you may be able to stay unharmed, and alive, but the turret can make it very hard for you to kill creeps effectively and efficiently. It takes practice to learn how to last hit under your turret. (I give you tips on this later) Another drawback is that you may not get very many kills while using this strategy (which is the ADC's main job) so all your gold income must come from these creep kills. A couple advantages however are that the enemy ADC/Support will both have to extend further away from their turret making them a much more vulnerable target for your Jungler, and lastly, as long as you are safe the enemy will not be getting kills (A.K.A. gold) off of you. This will keep the game closer in the end, rather than attempting to fight a clearly unwinnable fight.

Mutual Farming- This happens when both Champions are pretty evenly matched, and have no advantage over each other. What happens in this is both ADC's try to last hit as many creeps as possible, while also attempting to disrupt the enemy from doing the same. Typically this is an enjoyable situation because both people have equal chances to set up plays to kill the other. There is much more action in this play type, and if you are quick on your feet and use all your resources, you can easily out maneuver and defeat your opponent. You must be ready for the enemy to attack, and must know how to maximize your own damage output to come out on top. The only thing that can go wrong in this play style is getting out played by your opponent. You just have to be quick on your feet and know your Champion and his/her capabilities. Choose your battles wisely, and only fight ones you know you will win. An advantage of this is that you will have great access to the creeps and will be able to effectively last hit. If you are strong in the last hitting aspect, then you will excel in these situations.

Aggressive- Basically the opposite end of conservative, but you are the one with the advantage, and you have the enemy cowering under their turret. I personally dislike these situations because if they know what they are doing they wont come out far enough to allow me to kill them. Yes you get ahead of them in the creep kills (Creep Score/ CS) but they just hang around and pester you while you try to farm. It also puts you a long way from your turret in case of an enemy Jungler emerging behind you. If at all possible in these situations, try to lay off of them and allow them to come out from their turret. Do not attack the creeps until as late as possible and allow their creeps to push yours back so they are forced to come out if they wish to receive at least some Exp (Experience points- used for leveling up and improving your abilities). The good thing that comes out by keeping them under their turret however, is it makes it difficult for them to get a lot of CS, because the turret usually kills them.

Now moving onto Support strategies.......

Coordinate with your support- As soon as you get into the pregame Champion Selection, say "I would like to ADC, who will my Support be on this fine day?" (Something along the lines of that or whatever) Sometimes you will get some genuine players who will jump at the opportunity to coordinate spells, ideas, strategies, ect. Even if it is something small like talking about how you tend to play, and what you will most likely do in certain situations, it will still make sure you are on the same page with some things and its better off to say it anyway.

Choose Cohesive Champions- If you are going to pick a Champion who tends to run low on health, and has very little sustain (Life Steal/ Health Regeneration) then it may be a good idea for your Support to know that and to pick a Champion with a healing ability to keep you at high health.

You and Your Support Counter the other ADC/Support- Grab some spells that will negate some of the enemies strong points. If you are going to grab a Flash and Barrier against someone with high damage, then you may want your Support to bring Exhaust to reduce their damage for a short period of time to allow you a fair chance in the fight.

Concluding this Section- I just want to give my main highlights of what I have said so far and what is more important than the rest. CHOOSE YOUR BATTLES WISELY! If people start roaming and you have clearly lost a fight, stay close just in case the tide turns, but stay far enough away to be able to escape. Instead of losing your whole team, it is better to cut your losses and not even get involved in the fight. Stay safe, spend your gold, and be ready for the next team fight. STAY ALIVE AT ALL TIMES! By staying alive you will reduce the time you are not in the action gaining Exp and gold. Staying alive wont make you look like a coward, I promise. It will make you look like a smart player with some common sense. In the end, the winner is almost always decided by the total gold the teams obtained during the game. BUILD DAMAGE FIRST THEN ATTACK SPEED! It is always a good idea to get some damage first and some life steal, a blood thirster will do well to give you health, and keep you in lane and continue getting Exp and gold. KEEP READING ON FOR SOME MORE PRECISE TIPS!

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Tips on Improving Your ADC Performance

I know you are saying "Finally he got to the tips!

These tips are not in any specific order, it is more of a compilation of what tips I find to be essential for any player of the ADC role. I will thoroughly explain and give examples of each term that you may not know.

Tip #1 Farming or Creep Score (CS)

More Gold, More Items, More Kills

The term farming comes from "farming" the enemy creeps/minions for gold. You must deal the killing blow to the minions to obtain the gold however, you cannot just rapidly attack to try to get gold effectively. You must time your attacks to deal the final bit of damage, and you will get a lot more gold income than you used to.

What is worth more though, a kill, or a few CS? Well a typical kill will be around 300 gold. One creep would equal about an average of 20 gold. If you do this math you find that... 1 Kill = 15 CS! This really is not a bad deal seeing as though you will have a lot more ease killing the tiny little creeps that deal minuscule damage. Farming is a much more consistent way to get gold instead of relying to try to get only kills. Once you pull ahead in the "farm race" you will practically automatically become stronger than your opponent, so this is definitely a good skill to practice and enhance.

Main point of this tip: Learning how to last hit will take practice. The more you try to do it the better and better you will become. When I first started understanding this game itself (I DID start as a complete NOOB!) I set up a custom game alone with myself and farmed for a half hour. Then I proceeded to add a CPU player to increase the challenge. This is what I suggest you do to get quick and easy practice. It really works great.

Tip #2 Know Your Enemy

When You Know What's Coming, You Don't Get Caught Off Guard

In order to predict the enemies moves and attacks, you must know what their abilities do and how you can avoid them. I made it my priority to learn all the Champions abilities, including their passives. I have played about 3000 matches in the past 4 Seasons, so eventually through playing a lot you do pick up some good knowledge about the Champions, but I seriously went through the entire Champion log and read about all 117 Champions and learned all of their abilities. Although not all of these are ADC Champions, it still pays to know what to expect from the enemy mage when you happen to run into each other later in the game, because it WILL happen. It pays off to know how often they can cast their abilities, and how to avoid them, so it negates the fact that they even have abilities!

Main Point of This Tip: By knowing what your enemy has in their arsenal, you can easily and effectively prepare a defense and a game plan to counter them with. Just always be prepared for what they can do, and they wont be able to take you by surprise. The element of surprise can be crucial in a fight, so why not just take it out completely, you know?

Tip #3 Let Your Team Take the Damage

Stay Alive Longer, Deal More Damage

When you find your self in a 5v5 fight, it is crucial that the ADC stays behind the team, and avoid all the damage from the enemy team. ADC's never have high amounts of health or defensive abilities, therefore they are highly vulnerable to enemy attacks. To stay safe in team fights, sometimes you must wait before even attacking anyone, because if you get close enough to attack someone, most likely they will be able to reach you for a counter attack. To become an ADC that can really turn the tides and carry your team to victory, you must be able to determine when it is safe to begin your attack. Some tips on when it will be a good idea to attack are: 1 Wait for your team to jump in and fight, this will ensure the enemy is too busy to focus on killing you. 2 Watch when the enemy team uses most of their abilities, by waiting for them to use their abilities on the other members of your team, they wont be able to use them for another approx. 10 seconds, meaning they won't be able to use them on you! 3 When you are late to a fight and you have to "Mop up", sometimes you wont make it to your team in time for the fight and there may be several enemies low on health near by after the fight is over, this is when it is perfectly safe to go in guns blazing, secure all the kills and make sure your teammates deaths were not in vain.

Main Point of This Tip: Stay safe behind your teammates and keep your distance, until it is a good opportunity to deal all your damage. Staying safe in a team fight can very easily turn the tide of the fight.

Tip #4 Always Kite

A Moving Target is Harder to Hit

Kiting is moving while attacking. Your Champion can not really attack while moving, but you can move between attacks to become a more difficult target for the enemy. This term is often used in the pro games because it is very effective while running from an enemy or two. You will be running, and every once in a while you will stop and attack or use an ability. Eventually while they are trying to chase you down, your persistent attacks will weaken them down enough to where you can just straight up turn around and bring them down. This skill is also crucial in team fights, while the enemy team may try to focus on you because you deal most of the damage. When you kite in a team fight it makes it more difficult for the enemy to target and land abilities on you, and can even force them out of position so the rest of your team can jump on them and secure a kill. Some times the ADC's job goes from dealing all the damage, to setting up your teammates to make a play and get the kill.

Main Point of This Tip: Always be moving, even when you are not attacking. If you sit in one spot, it is much harder to react to an incoming spell or ability. It isn't a lot of effort to randomly move the whole time, so you might as well do it.

Tip #5 Know When The "Lane Phase" is Over

Time to Roam, Time to Kill

It is important to know when it is time to roam the map to try and get some kills. There is nothing more irritating than having an ADC go to the bottom lane to farm alone when the rest of the team is all fighting middle lane. There is really no reason to have an ADC if all they are going to do is farm instead of helping the team fight. It basically makes it 4v5 the whole time. By knowing when you have to come to a different lane to help, you can also help your teammates win lanes, and more than likely pick up some kills on the way. When you stop farming and start roaming, you will get a lot more kills, and if your team is the first one to start roaming and teaming up, it easily creates a lot of momentum that can get out of control, and not be overcome by the enemy team.

Main Point of This Tip: Getting involved in the team fights, will easily get you a lot of kills and gold, and will have a much bigger impact on the fight than you may think.

Thank You For Reading my Guide

I Hope This Helped You Improve Your Game!

Thank you so much for reading this Tip Guide on ADC League of Legends. I would like to know if I helped at all and how well you are starting to do, so if you want, look me up on League of Legends. I am LTCK, and would like to play with any of you and get to know you. Once again thank you, and I'll see you on LoL! Please feel free to share this guide with anyone you think would like the tips I gave, I could use the publicity if you know what I mean. Thanks

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If you find that my tips aren't cutting it for you, then go ahead and pick this up. It helped me out a lot, and increased my skill enough to be able to consistently carry all my teams!

I would really appreciate the feedback, and for you guys to let me know how I can improve my guides and walkthroughs in the future. Please keep it appropriate, and good luck in your next League of Legends Match.

How Did You Like my Guide? - Here You Can Give me Some Feedback to Improve.

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      ive been an adc main for the last 2 seasons and i was board in class and read this just for kicks but i learned a few things regardless so i encourage anyone who reads this to really take away the mass amounts of information in this guide i garentee it will turn the tides of you games and have you raising elo in no time

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Most of that I already knew, but it helped me work out the balance between hard lane pushing/farming to set a trap for the enemy and carousing for a fight.

      Thanks for putting this up. It'd be nice if new players had access to this.

    • tKro7 profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      @nipun-max: Don't We All? :D

    • nipun-max profile image


      4 years ago

      i love that game. :)


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