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League of Legends - Trundle Guide and Build

Updated on January 31, 2015

League of Legends - Trundle Guide and Build

Are you looking for a Trundle guide or a Trundle build? This page covers the basics of playing Trundle effectively including skills, runes, masteries, tips and includes custom skins.

Trundle is a strong jungler, a solid ganker and a troll. He possesses a powerful wall which applies a hefty slowing effect, making him excel in jungle fights. Trundle also has the ability to weaken the enemy tank, while beefing himself up in the process. Trundle is generally played in the jungle.

This Trundle guide and build aims to be a basic and simple introduction on basic strategy that should be adopted when playing Trundle, it is recommended for people just starting to use Trundle.

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Guide current as of: Release Notes v1.0.0.148

This Trundle guide is also available in summary format (thanks to

Images on this page are sourced from the official League of Legends website and the game client. They are used for review, commentary and educational purposes.

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Trundle Skills

Trundle Skills
Trundle Skills

Decompose (Passive): Helps Trundle to maintain his health in jungle. This skill can also heal some enemy poking, provided minions are around. Its main use is jungling though.

Rabid Bite (Q): A very low cooldown single target skill that also propels Trundle forward slightly, this skill again helps Trundle to jungle and is a nice debuff for the enemy carry, while giving Trundle more damage output against them. it also works great when combined with Sheen/Trinity.

Contaminate (W): A massive area of effect that offers Trundle powerful boosts to attack and movement speed while also reducing the length of enemy crowd control skills. This skill is especially great for destroying towers quickly or escaping from danger. Be careful as the large radius of this skill can give away your position in the jungle.

Pillar of Filth (E): An extremely powerful ganking ability that slows enemies and blocks off their escape path. It excels particularly in jungle fights, where the pillar is large enough to block off entire paths.

Agony (Ultimate): This skill helps Trundle to become tanky, while also weakening the enemy tank giving them less of a team fight presence, as such it is very important to utilise this skill every fight. As this skill also has a duration effect you will want to cast this on the early side of a team fight.

Trundle Skill Order

Trundle Skill Order
Trundle Skill Order

Ult > Rabid Bite > Contaminate > Pillar of Filth

Maxing Rabid Bite is best to ensure maximum damage when ganking and improving overall jungle speed, it also provides a strong AD boost (while also stealing AD from the target). Contaminate provides boosts to movement, attack and crowd control so is maxed second.

Pillar of Filth is maxed last as it is only used for utility. I recommend grabbing a point at level 3 for protection and the potential for ganks but it can be taken at level 4 depending on the game.

Junk Yard Trundle

Junk Yard Trundle
Junk Yard Trundle

Trundle Runes

Trundle Runes
Trundle Runes

Red (Marks) - Armor Penetration // Attack Speed

Yellow (Seals) - Armor

Blue (Glyphs) - Magic Resistance Per Level

Purple (Quintessences) - Attack Damage // Movement Speed // Health

Standard jungling runes work well on Trundle, Armor Penetration Marks improve your overall damage in the jungle and throughout the game. While Armor on Seals boosts your jungling survivability allowing you to clear it more efficiently and effectively. Magic Resistance Per Level is a solid choice on Glyphs to boost your out of jungle survivability (mid-late game). Quintessences offer lots of options including Attack Damage (due to the good scaling on Trundle's bite), movement speed or health.

To learn more about making effective rune choices, visit the Rune Page Guide.

Trundle Summoner Spells
Trundle Summoner Spells

Trundle Summoner Spells

Best Summoner Spells:



Flash and Smite are your two best summoner spell options on Trundle, Smite helps you jungle faster and protect your buffs (and gives you the option to steal enemy buffs). While Flash is great for ganking or escaping and is amazing when combined with Contaminate and Pillar of Filth.

Other Good Summoner Spells:



Exhaust is another summoner spell option possibility for Trundle and can be takenif your team lacks crowd control and/or Exhausts. It can also be taken instead of Smite if you decide to lane with Trundle. Ghost is also a possible option to suit Trundle's chasing playstyle.

Trundle Masteries

Trundle Masteries
Trundle Masteries

Trundle wants to deal decent damage but also needs some strong survivability to remain useful mid-late game. As such you want to run a 9/21/0 setup on Jungle Trundle.

To learn more about masteries and your mastery options, visit the LoL Masteries Guide.

Trundle Build
Trundle Build

Trundle Build

Final Item Build:

-Mercury's Treads

-Wriggle's Lantern

-Trinity Force

-Randuin's Omen

-Banshee's Veil

-Last Whisper


-Start with the standard Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potions for jungling, this is enough healing to cover any damage and also lets you move through the jungle quickly.

-First trip back you'll want to build your Madred's Razors too boost your jungle speed.

-Now you want a Wriggle's Lantern as soon as possible, it will sustain you in jungle and provide you with a free ward. You also want to upgrade your boots to Mercury's Treads for the reduced crowd control making it very hard to lock down Trundle.

-Your final core item is Trinity Force which works very well with Rapid Bite. I recommend building the Phage and Sheen components first.

-From here you'll want to pick up some defenses as needed, a solid armor choice is Randuin's Omen. While magic resistance is best gained from Banshee's Veil as it also offers some health and mana.

-Late game Trundle's damage can significantly drop off due to his reliance on Bite and his auto-attacks, as such you'll want to pick up Last Whisper.


-Guardian Angel (Provides both resistances and a strong passive).

-Sunfire Cape (Provides some extra tankiness and damage).

-Maw of Malmortius (Great against magic heavy teams).

Champion Spotlight: Trundle - By Riot Games

Trundle Tips

General Trundle Gameplay Hints & Tips

  • Always use Contaminate when pushing towers or fighting champions, especially in team fights to reduce crowd control on yourself and to give yourself a powerful attack speed boost.
  • Focus your Rapid Bite on the enemy physical damage dealer when possible this will lower their overall damage output.
  • Always save your ultimate for the enemy tank (or the tankiest enemy in the area) this will reduce both their presence and beef up your own.
  • Constantly use Rapid Bite to proc your Sheen/Trinity Force. It also resets your auto-attack timer (so use it just after you auto-attack).

Early Game - Level 1-6

  • Your standard jungle route should be Wolves > Blue Golem > Wraith > Mini-golems > Red Lizard
  • Always pay attention to your lanes, watching for lanes that need ganks, have overextended champions or simple need cover.
  • When ganking use Contaminate to boost your movement speed to quickly close the gap so you can land a Pillar of Filth. This also makes it hard to stop Jungle Trundle with crowd control.
  • Always use Rapid Bite and Contaminate when it is off cooldown while jungling, be careful of Contaminates large range as it can give away your jungle position.

Mid Game - Level 7-12

  • Focus on ganking lanes, targeting Flash-less lanes are best to give Pillar of Filth maximum effect.
  • Keep dragon warded with your free ward from Wriggle's Lantern, buying other wards for other appropriate spots (enemy buffs, river, Baron) is also important.
  • Trundle can eat through towers with Contaminate, look out for opportunities to push lanes with your allies. This situation will generally arise after a successful gank on a lane.
  • Start considering whether or not you can finish Trinity Force quickly for damage or need to tank up first.

Late Game - 13-18

  • Try to trap a single enemy with your Pillar of Filth if they overextend.
  • You should be using your ultimate on the enemies tank every teamfight.
  • You should be moving your Wriggle's Lantern ward to Baron at this stage of the game, this will ensure it is always warded.
  • If the game goes very late and you complete the rest of your build you can sell your Wriggle's Lantern for another damage or defensive item.

Trundle Enjoys His Baseball

Trundle Enjoys His Baseball
Trundle Enjoys His Baseball

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