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leapfrog leappad 2 Explorer Tablet For Small Kids

Updated on December 14, 2014

Leadpad2 from leapfrog is the best learning tablet for your loving child. It not only introduces your child to world of technology but it teaches your kid number of things.It is very simple and easy to operate tablet.

Leadpad2 Is For Your Child

Although there are number of tablet in the market but they are only for big boys,men and women.You must be thinking that if there had small learning tablet for your loving child, then how wonderful it would have? Leadpad2 from leapfrog explorer tablet is here for small kids. It is suitable toy for 2 to 5 year old


Inner details of Leappad

It is very proud and emotional moment for you when your child draws first letter
or figure. To give further boost to this skill of your child, Leapfrog leappad2
has brought a fun tablet for your child which helps to draw any figure
alphabet, number and drawing .When the text are entered, it comes to life with
sound. So it is fun to watch how your baby respond with loud giggle sound .It is also more easy to teach anything because child will be more attracted to the sound than text.

When your child clicks on any photo, then you or child father can edit the photo with art studio software and give it new look. If that is not enough you can turn photo into the animated movie with super cartoon director apps.

Leapfrog leappad2 is much advanced version of old leappad with much fast processor which makes every activity in leappad very fast.Picture quality has also improved significantly in comparison to Leappad.

If you want to know that where my child is strong and where it is weak, its has learning path software, which keeps track of every performance of your child therefore.

At Last

For better grip and safeguarding it, there is carrying case which protects it from
unwanted damage. As there is no rechargeable battery inside Leappad2.So you can
buy one Lepafrog Leappad2 recharger pack


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