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Learn the Alphabet with LeapFrog Letter Factory

Updated on December 29, 2013

This is a great gift for any tot that already loves their alphabet or is ready to learn more. My two year old received the Leapfrog Letter Factory for Christmas and has been driving us crazy ever since!

The Letter Factory is a tub full of letters which can be inserted into the lid. Once pressed into the lid each letter will sing its own song (well the same song with the appropriate bits changed for each letter), sounding out both which letter it is and the sound it makes. (A says "aa", A says "aa", every letter makes a sound, A says "aa").

There is also a button which plays the alphabet song in its entirety which is great for helping kids learn the alphabet as a whole and could be used as a game for putting all the letter pieces in order.

The only downside to the Letter Factory is that the pieces are easy to lose if you're not careful and unpleasant to step on but they're easy to store in the tub.

There are 2 volume settings so you don't have to have the music blaring at you (always a plus!).

My kid knows his alphabet quite well but loves to hear the songs and I'm pleased that the songs include phonics so we can learn the sounds that the letters make. The letters could also be used on their own to spell out simple words.

My toddler has no trouble with using this toy by himself but I think we could have some fun playing with it together.

There are other alphabet Leapfrog toys available and a DVD which goes with this toy - making the DVD an interactive experience.

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LeapFrog: Letter Factory
LeapFrog: Letter Factory

The Leapfrog Letter Factory DVD would go perfectly with the Letter Factory toy. So far I can only find this DVD with Region 1 settings which is a shame as I live in a Region 2 zone and I would love to use this DVD with our Letter Factory toy.

Leapfrog Touch Magic Counting Train, Retail
Leapfrog Touch Magic Counting Train, Retail

Looking for a Number toy? The Leapfrog Magic Counting Train will help your child learn their numbers and teach them some fun songs along the way.

LeapFrog Letter Factory Phonics and Numbers
LeapFrog Letter Factory Phonics and Numbers

Want to learn Letters and Numbers at the same time? Here's another toy for you.

As well as teaching the alphabet this Factory includes numbers 1-10.



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