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LeapPad2 from LeapFrog

Updated on September 12, 2014

LeapPad2 From LeapFrog

LeapFrog has followed up its' successful LeapPad with the new and improved LeapPad2. The LeapPad2 features a faster processor, more memory, and an available recharger to make it easier to recharge batteries. My daughter received one of these as a gift from her grandparents, and it is one of her favorite 'toys'. Featuring several hundred games and apps, the LeapPad2 has something for every child.

LeapPad2 Features

Description of LeapPad2 Features.

The LeapPad2 comes in two basic colors, green or pink. Included is a stylus, 2 recoding cameras (front and back) and 4gb of memory. It also features touch screen, though most users will find the stylus better suited to navigating the system. Also included are 4 apps :Pet Pad, where your child can raise and train their very own pet (without any cleanup for the parents); Cartoon Director app that allows your child to direct and animate their very own cartoon; LeapFrog Learning Songs that play learning songs for your child to sing along to, and Art Studio where you child can make just about any picture they want. As a bonus, users get to download 1 of 4 additional apps for free. The LeapPad2 has a 550mhz processor, allowing for fast loading times and smooth performance while playing movies and games.

The LeapPad2 is also durable, made to be used by children who will rock, shake, drop and otherwise 'abuse' it. This durability does come at a cost though, as the LeapPad2 is slightly heavier than you might otherwise imagine. It also takes 4 AA batteries, so you will want to invest in re-chargeable batteries to keep costs down. It claims batteries last up to 9 hours, in practice my daughter's nomrally can go 5-7 hours on a set of batteries, still pretty good. And with a wall adapter the play is endless.

Games and Apps

Over 300 fun, eductational games and apps available

The LeapPad2 has over 300 games and apps available, and more are being added all the time. Familiar faces abound, such Micky and Minnie, Disney Princesses, Dora the Explorer, Spongebob, and many more. These apps and games can be anything from flashcard games for math, to kid-friendly e-books for readings skills, to learning videos on a wide range of subjects. The games and apps run in price from $5 to $25.

You can also download videos of your child's favorite TV shows to take with you on that long car trip, or when you are shopping. These videos include Dora, Dinosaur Train,Blue's Clues and many others. And LeapFrog is constantly adding content, which means your children will never run out of new things to do.

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Overall, the LeapFrog LeapPad2 is a great learning system for your child. My Daughter has had hours of fun playing with hers, and I'm sure you Children will too. The few drawbacks (weight, cost of apps) are more than offset by the number of hours of fun she has had. And if you take the cost of the app/hours of entertainment, the apps actually aren't that expensive. Add to that the educational value of the games and apps (your child learns without realizing they are learning) and you have an all around winning combination.

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