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Legendary Pokemon

Updated on April 7, 2014

Legendary Pokemon

Whenever you play the Pokemon video games, collect the cards, or both, Legendary Pokemon are the strongest and hardest to find Pokemon ever. From Mewtwo and Moltres to Zekrom and Kyruem. Learn all about the Legenday Pokemon and find the best card deals as well! I know a lot about Pokemon, and I want to share about all of the Legendary Pokemon with you because they are a member of an elite group of Pokemon. The best place to learn about Legendary Pokemon is right here!


Articuno is a Legendary Pokemon from Generation 1. Featured with the trio (Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno), Articuno is a Flying-Ice Type Pokemon. Articuno ha strong attacks, and decent stamina. Articuno is an awesome legendary pokemon to have.

Attacks That Articuno Learns

Level 1: Gust

Level 1: Powder Snow

Level 8: Mist

Level 15: Ice Shard

Level 22: Mind Reader

Level 29: Ancient Power

Level 36: Agility

Level 43: Ice Beam

Level 50: Reflect

Level 57: Roost

Level 64: Tailwind

Level 71: Blizzard

Level 78: Sheer Cold

Level 85: Hail

Articuno Card

This is one of the many Articuno EX Pokemon cards. This Articuno EX Pokemon card has 100 HP and can do 10 damage or 50 damage depending on the amount of Energy Cards you have attached to Articuno. The attack that does 50 points of damage is called Freezing Wing, and if you flip a coin and the results are heads, then the defending Pokemon is now asleep. Also, with a Moltres EX and Zapdos EX in play, the Retreat Cost for Articuno is 0.


Zapdos is the second member of the trio (Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos). Zapdos is an Elecrtirc-Flying Type Pokemon with a lot of potential and awesome attacks. Zapdos is one of the fastest Legendary Pokemon in the game and has good stamina. Zapdos is an awesome Legendary Pokemon that I love to use as a card and in the game.

Attacks That Zapdos Learns

Level 1: Peck

Level 1: Thundershock

Level 8: Thunder Wave

Level 15: Detect

Level 22: Pluck

Level 29: Ancient Power

Level 36: Charge

Level 43: Agility

Level 50: Discharge

Level 57: Roost

Level 64: Light Screen

Level 71: Drill Peck

Level 78: Thunder

Level 85: Rain Dance

Zapdos Card

Zapdos EX Cards are similar to Articuno EX Cards. Zapdos EX has 100 HP, and its strongest attack, Lightning Wing, does 60 damage. When you have an Articuno EX and a Moltres EX in play, the Retreat Cost for Zapdos becomes 0. However, Lightning Wind also does 10 damage to one of your benched Pokemon, so make sure you have a Pokemon that could afford to lose 10 HP.


Moltres is the last of the trio (Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres), and in my opinion, is the strongest Pokemon out of the three. Moltres is a Fire-Flying Pokemon that has a lot of attack power and can inflict a lot of damage. Moltres also has a lot of speed as well, and with awesome attacks, Moltres always gives you a good advantage in the video game and in the card game.

Attacks That Moltres Learns

Level 1: Wing Attack

Level 1: Ember

Level 8: Fire Spin

Level 15: Agility

Level 22: Endure

Level 29: Ancient Power

Level 36: Flamethrower

Level 43: Safeguard

Level 50: Air Slash

Level 57: Roost

Level 64: Heat Wave

Level 71: Solarbeam

Level 78: Sky Attack

Level 85: Sunny Day

Moltres Card

Moltres EX has 100 HP, and yes, it does 90 damage to one of your rival's other Pokemon with Scorching Wing. However, upon using this attack, you must discard 1 all Fire Energy cards from Moltres EX. Moltres EX is the strongest of the three birds (90 damage), and if you have Zapdos EX and Articuno EX in play, then the Retreat Cost for Moltres is 0.


In my opinion, it made sense to put Lugia right under the three birds (Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos) based on the movie. Out of all of the legendary pokemon in the first two generations, Lugia is my favorite because of its awesome attacks and look. Lugia is a Physic-Flying Type Pokemon with good stats all around, and some of the Lugia EX Cards have 1 hit KOs. Lugia is an awesome legendary pokemon and my favorite out of the first two generations.

Attacks That Lugia Learns

Level 1: Whirlwind

Level 1: Weather Ball

Level 9: Gust

Level 15: Dragon Rush

Level 23: Extrasensory

Level 29: Rain Dance

Level 37: Hydro Pump

Level 43: Aeroblast

Level 50: Punishment

Level 57: Ancient Power

Level 65: Safeguard

Level 71: Recover

Level 79: Future Sight

Level 85: Natural Gift

Level 93: Calm Mind

Level 99: Sky Attack

Lugia Card

Lugia EX had 100 HP and can do 200 damage with Elemental Blast. After you use Elemental Blast, you have to discard 1 Fire Energy, 1 Water Energy, and 1 Electric Energy from Lugia in order to carry out the attack. However, 200 damage is a one hit KO. I highly recommend Lugia Ex because it has a 1 hit KO attack which is very rare.


Mewtwo is a Physic-Type Pokemon who has some nice stats and good recovery moves. Mewtwo has good attacks that are designed to make your opponent speechless. Mewtwo is an awesome addition to have in the game and as a card.

Attacks That Mewtwo Learns

Level 1: Confusion

Level 1: Disable

Level 1: Barrier

Level 8: Swift

Level 15: Future Sight

Level 22: Psyche Up

Level 29: Miracle Eye

Level 36: Mist

Level 43: Psycho Cut

Level 50: Amnesia

Level 57: Power Swap

Level 57: Guard Swap

Level 64: Psychic

Level 71: Me First

Level 79: Recovery

Level 86: Safeguard

Level 93: Aura Sphere

Level 100: Psystrike

Mewtwo Card

Mewtwo EX is an awesome Pokemon card with 170 HP and an attack that does 120 damage. That's enough to knock out most pokemon, and with Mewtwo EX, your opponent is bound to be jealous. Mewtwo EX is one of the best EX pokemon ever, especially the new one.


Mew is a Physic Type Pokemon that is one of the best in the game sine it can learn any move and has great stats. I can't say the same for its card, but it is great in the video game, and Mew is still good as a Pokemon card; it's not like other legendary pokemon though.

Attacks That Mew Learns

Level 1: Pound

Level 1: Reflect Type

Level 1: Transform

Level 10: Mega Punch

Level 20: Metronome

Level 30:Physic

Level 40: Barrier

Level 50: Ancient Power

Level 60: Amnesia

Level 70: Me First

Level 80: Baton Pass

Level 90: Nasty Plot

Level 100: Aura Sphere

Mew Card

Mew EX is a legendary pokemon card with only 90 HP, but it can do up to 50 damage with Devo Crush. Mew EX isn't as strong as the other legendary pokemon EX cards seen here on this page, but Mew EX is still valuable and very hard to find.


Ho-Oh is an awesome legendary pokemon that is famous for its awesome attacks in the video game and as a card. Scared Flame is just one of the many attacks that Ho-Oh learns. However, look out for Rock-Type moves since Ho-Oh is a Fire and Flying Type pokemon.

Attacks That Ho-Oh Learns

Level 1: Whirlwind

Level 1: Weather Ball

Level 9: Gust

Level 15: Brave Bird

Level 23: Extrasensory

Level 29: Sunny Day

Level 37: Fire Blast

Level 43: Sacred Fire

Level 50: Punishment

Level 57: Ancient Power

Level 65: Safeguard

Level 71: Recover

Level 79: Future Sight

Level 85: Natural Gift

Level 93: Calm Mind

Level 99: Sky Attack

Ho-Oh Card

Ho-Oh EX has a lot of HP, and at first, Rainbow Burn can look weak, but you add 20 damage to your rival's pokemon equal to the number of Basic Energy Cards attached to Ho-Oh EX. That can do a lot of damage if you have 3 Basic Energy Cards attached to Ho-Oh.


Celebi is a Legendary pokemon that is Grass and Physic Type pokemon. Celebi has high HP, great attacks, and makes your opponent jealous every time. Celebi is one of the best pokemon in the game, and the Celebi cards are also really good.

Attacks That Celebi Learns

Level 1: Leech Seed

Level 1: Confusion

Level 1: Weather Ball

Level 1: Recover

Level 10: Safeguard

Level 19: Magical Leaf

Level 28: Ancient Power

Level 37: Baton Pass

Level 46: Natural Power

Level 55: Heal Block

Level 64: Future Sight

Level 73: Healing Wish

Level 82: Leaf Storm

Level 91: Perish Song

Celebi Card

Celebi EX is an incredible Pokemon Card with 80 HP and Physic Shield, an attack that does 30 damage. When you use Physic Shield, none of your opponent's Pokemon EX Cards can do any damage to Celebi EX during his/her next turn which saves Celebi from the strongest Pokemon Cards. Time Reversal is also an awesome Poke Power that comes into play when Celebi is put on the bench. Time Reversal allows you to search your discard pile for a card, show it to your opponent, and put it on the top of your Deck.

More About Legendary Pokemon

Legendary Pokemon are the strongest Pokemon in the game, and they are the strongest in the trading card game as well. The Legendary Pokemon have great detailed looks as the card and in the video games.


Entei is an all out Fire Type Pokemon with strong attacks and great speed. Entei has a lot of awesome promo card designs, and all fill in the same purpose, the ability to win. Entei has a lot of HP as well, so your opponents will find Entei a tough match.

Attacks That Entei Learns

Level 1: Bite

Level 1: Leer

Level 9: Ember

Level 15: Roar

Level 22: Stomp

Level 29: Fire Spin

Level 36: Flamethrower

Level 43: Swagger

Level 50: Fire Fang

Level 57: Lava Plume

Level 64: Extrasensory

Level 71: Fire Blast

Level 78: Calm Mind

Level 85: Eruption

Entei Card

Entei EX is a Fire Type pokemon with 100 HP and an attack that does 90 damage. Fire Fang does 30 damage and could burn the defending pokemon. Bright Flame is another option that does 90 damage, but you must 2 Energy Cards from Entei. Overall, Entei EX is a great card with a lot of HP and moves that do a lot of damage.

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How Do You Like The Legendary Pokemon?

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