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Lego 10221 AKA Super Star Destroyer Star Wars Lego

Updated on December 25, 2012

Lego 10221 Review

After building my Lego 10221 Set I am enjoying it every ***** moment it is in my sight. The five stars indicate my level of enjoyment ofcourse. This might not be the greatest toy to have your young kids play with. As a collector's item it is fantastic. Everyone who needs a crown on their starwars lego empire gotta have this thing.

If you want a huge project with your somewhat older kids - it will be really hard though with the 3000 pieces you have your work cut your for you - and a great piece in the living room this is excellent too. The 10211 when fully built is enormous. Almost 50 inches long when fully built. The picture to the left is from Amazon where you buy the set below. They usually carry good deals but you can also check on eBay to see if there is a steal on there. I like to do both when shopping for great Lego sets.

Really as a collector you gotta have this

Buidling it is a huge taks and you can set aside an entire day for it or be prepared to be surrounded by building blocks for weeks. The instruction manual alone is like reading all the volumes of Lord of the Rings. Well ok maybe that's a stretch.

Then the cost. Yeah it's quite expensive but just browse really quickly on e-bay or Amazon and take a look what the limited edition discontinued Star Wars boxes can go for later... Better to get it now for a good price then later for a rib out of your body. You could even sell it in case you ever got bored with it.

Lego 10221


Features of the 10221 Lego Set

  1. Comes with the iconic Darth Vader, Admiral Piett, Dengar and Bossk minifigures and also includes IG-88 figure
  2. Center section lifts off to reveal command center!
  3. Includes a solid display stand
  4. Measures nearly 50 inches in length
  5. 3152 pieces of LEGO bricks to assemble (about 16-30h building fun depending on experience)

How to build the Lego 10221 in 2 Minutes

How do you like your Lego 10221 set?

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