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Lego Airport, a Little Boy's Dream

Updated on April 21, 2013

Planes and Lego Airports

Lego Airport is a great addition to a modern collection of Lego's. Especially if you are building a city, a true Lego metropol can't go without an Airport. Kids tend to love airplanes and because they aren't really easy models they learn a lot from building them. Take a look at the great Lego airports that are currently available. If you shop between E-bay and Amazon you should be able to get a great deal on a Lego Airport set. I also listed a few boxes with cool planes that can be added to a bigger Lego airport setup. Including a Lego private jet and a Lego helicopter. Image is the LEGO® City Airport 3182

Airport for Lego City - 700 piece model

This ultra cool Lego airport comes with a 747 Lego model that is quite detailed. In the cockpit there are even instruments. There is a bagage truck to drive between the plane and the terminal. There is a air traffic control tower to watch if everything is in order on the Lego airport. There is bagage claim including a conveyor belt.

LEGO City Airport
LEGO City Airport

Comes complete with control tower, security check, baggage claim, viewers' platform, airplane and luggage truck.

Includes 5 airport personnel minifigures.

Revolving door and baggage claim carousel really spin.

700 pieces.


LEGO City Airport 3182 - 703 piece model

Fantastic deal on a great airport. Children love to play with airplanes and airports and this is a great set to build and display. The jet looks amazing.

LEGO City Airport 3182 (Discontinued by manufacturer)
LEGO City Airport 3182 (Discontinued by manufacturer)

Set includes airplane, terminal, control tower, baggage cart, crew, passengers, arrival and departure signs, and control tower

Five mini figures: passengers, pilot, flight attendant, steward and service man

There is a revolving door, baggage claim area, VIP lounge, caf�, soda machine, check-in area with x-ray machine

703 LEGO pieces


LEGO Education Space and Airport Set 779335 - strong model

Lego Airport set that is made to use ,by LEGO Education, in the classroom. With this set it is possible to build space shuttles, airplanes, an airport, helicopters and even sattelites. Basically everything in the air and outer space can be put together and learned about. The set is equipped with five activity cards so five students can work on it at the same time and work together to put the greater set together.

LEGO Education Space and Airport Set
LEGO Education Space and Airport Set

1,176-piece LEGO Education space and airport set

Includes elements for building a space shuttle, satellites, airplanes, helicopters, an airport, and more, for students to role-play exploring travel and different forms of transportation

Supports a group of five students, age four years and older


Lego Airport - model for younger kids

LEGO Bricks & More Airport Building Set 5933
LEGO Bricks & More Airport Building Set 5933

Smaller airport set that is very well suited to play with. It comes with a lot of inspirational images of what to do with the LEGO bricks and a cargo plane can be build or a fueling truck or bagage loader or helicopter. Very versatile set that will keep your kid interested for quite awhile.


Spy Jet Escape

Lego Disney/Pixar Cars 2 "Spy Jet Escape" 8638
Lego Disney/Pixar Cars 2 "Spy Jet Escape" 8638

Includes chasing cars that want to catch the Spy Jet from escaping. This Lego Airplane set is based on the CarsTM Pixar movies. The gorgeous plane that is 11"long.


How do you like your Lego Airport?

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    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Legos are the coolest toys for building things in the world! :)

    • BowWowBear profile image

      BowWowBear 4 years ago

      I love the Lego blocks systems and my son is just getting old enough to use them. Thanks for showing off a few links to sets, particularly the Lego Bricks set.