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LEGO Pet Toy Shop For Kids

Updated on September 16, 2015

LEGO Pet Toy Shop For Kids

The LEGO Belville Playful Puppy Set is part of the LEGO Bellville line where kids (girls and boys) can build a 'town' and experience educational opportunities in exploring communities, life in general, things you might find an an ordinary imaginary town. The fun and educational experiences are endless. Kid friendly instructions for the pre-build ideas give kids time to learn how the blocks work. Later they can jump off to build their own creations and imagine what they would like to add to the scenery.

LEGO has been developing 'sets' to give kids the opportunity to start with the pre-determined ideas so they become accustomed to the world of bricks and building. The Bellville line has been loved from the start and now you can find a wide range of Bellville themed LEGO sets for girls and boys. Later on this page you will find product features, customer ratings and review summaries, and a place to find more Bellville LEGO sets. This gives you the opportunity to fill your needs when it comes to making your kids happier.

LEGO Belville Playful Puppy Set - Product Features

Lego Belville Playful Puppy
Lego Belville Playful Puppy

Starter set of 83 pieces in the Bellville LEGO series with a puppy and things you will need to build when you have an imaginary puppy.

This set could be for boys or girls to give them the same LEGO experience along with learning about the things a puppy would need. If you plan to have (or already have) a real live puppy, then this set might be a good way to prepare your little one for a learning experience.

You can play with them to teach them about puppy care and introduce them to the LEGO line at the same time. There is nothing like a playful puppy in both the real and imaginary world of a child's mind.

Doghouse and accessories

Puppy (Bianca)

Bella (Bianca's Mom)

Total 83 pieces (including pets, doghouse, and accessories)

Compatible with other LEGO block sets

Compatible with other Bellville themed sets

Recommended for children over 4 due to small pieces up to age 10


A Pet Shop For Fun Times, - A Place Where Playful Puppy Can Find A Friend!

LEGO 10218 Creator Pet Shop
LEGO 10218 Creator Pet Shop

Continuing thе LEGO Modular Buildings series, thіѕ highly detailed, thrее stories Pet Shop building аnd townhouse wіth full internal аnd external detailing іѕ thе perfect addition tо уоur LEGO town.

Greet customers wіth а menagerie оf pets аnd lеt thеm treat thеm wіth а selection оf toys аnd supplies. Thе pet shop building features а hinged staircase fоr easy access, upper apartment wіth kitchenette аnd upper loft overlooking thе open plan interior below.

Tо thе side, thе tastefully appointed townhouse features а detailed ground floor wіth accessories аnd spiral staircase leading tо thе upper floor. Thе attic space features storage boxes аnd French doors leading оut tо аn elegant front balcony, whіlе thе rooftop garden, complete wіth fresh vegetables, brightens uр thе rear оf thе building.


Fun At The Horse Stable. - Playful Horses Star and Robin Enjoy The Hay

LEGO 7585 Belville Horse Stable
LEGO 7585 Belville Horse Stable

Thеrе іѕ а lot оf fun tо bе hаd аt thе horse stable. Yоu саn hеlр Laura tаkе care оf hеr horse, Star, аnd іtѕ foal, Robin аt thе horse stable. Whеn you're dоnе hаvіng fun уоu саn relax іn thе hay loft wіth ѕоmе pink lemonade. It's ѕurе tо bе а happy fulfilling day. Thе set includes Laura аnd horses Star аnd Robin. Thе horse Stable hаѕ lots оf accessories including flowers, ribbons, carrots, kitten аnd а lot more.


LEGO Belville Playful Puppy Set Ratings And Review Summary

What are people saying about the LEGO Belville Playful Puppy Set

At the time of this summary there were 'non-customer' comments based on 'pricing complaints' which brought the star rating down. After a thorough review it appears the price the customer was referring to was a different product or the price has substantially been reduced during the time between the review submission and the time of this summary. In conclusion, the star rating (due to a lower than average number of reviews collectively) has not been reported accurately.

To that end, this summary will only include 'confirmed customers' who actually purchased this item and submitted a review. The ineligible submission has been ignored due to discrepancies in the statements and the actual item / price

Confirmed Customers 7 with six of them giving this item 4+ stars.:

  • Small set for adding a puppy and doghouse to the Bellville sets (compatible with LEGO brands in Bellville and other sets)
  • Daughter's first "big girl" lego set Wonderful and very small compared to the Duplo style for younger kids
  • You can never go wrong with LEGOS
  • Consistent quality and imagination
  • Durable and cute can't wait for more Bellville line LEGO sets
  • She Loved It! Birthday gift with amazing instructions kids can follow and build

Bellville line has expanded recently and there are more styles to choose from to add to the Bellville 'town' style building experience for kids. The Playful Puppy is a LEGO experience that only a child can decide using their special powers of animated imagination.

Lego Playful Puppy Set

Your daughter or granddaughter will sparkle with smiles as you tell her the names of the puppy (Bianca) and her mother (Bella).

This is only the beginning of an imaginary journey she will awaken to as you help her position the dog house and all of the Lego accessories.

She will really love putting the pieces together while intermediately playing and blending the build activity to eventually end up with a complete set that continues to bring smiles to her face.

LEGO Education Preschool DUPLO Video Reviews - Consumer Videos

Tаkе thе LEGO Friends аnd thеіr puppy оn thе road іn style wіth Stephanie’s Cool Convertible thеn mаkе іt sparkle wіth carwash accessories! Includes Stephanie mini-doll figure аnd dog Coco Features carwash, bench аnd streetlamp Carwash includes water tap, bucket аnd brush Accessories include MP3 player, purse аnd hair accessory pack wіth bows, sunglasses, а hairdryer, hairbrush аnd а mirror Wash thе Cool Convertible wіth thе carwash!

LEGO Belville Playful Puppy Set

This is a good time to play with Bianca the puppy! Its a joyous day for Bianca because she is the first puppy to win a high rated prize in the all-important dog show.

Bella, her mother, became very proud of Bianca after she took home such a great honor.

Everything is included in the setting with Bella and Bianca, the doghouse, and all the other accessories that makes the scene a wonderful place to play. Your children will find this toy to become their favorite once they spend just a little time with the Lego set.

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