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Lego Call of Duty Sets

Updated on July 3, 2013

About This Lego Call of Duty Article

You could find anything related to Lego Call of Duty in here. You can see CoD minifigures, weapons, sets and decals. Unfortunately LEGO hasn't made any CoD sets yet, but there are a lot of amazing fan made sets and mini-figures out there and you can even make them yourself, given the right parts and accessories. The reason I am making this CoD collection is because I have been a fan of both Lego and Call of Duty Game Series for a while now, so I wanted to write this article and include some of the great things I found on the internet related to them to help others who are also searching. There aren't many CoD things around, but I did the best I could to feature everything I found here. I hope that you find something interesting.

Lego Call of Duty Mini-figures

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CoD 3 Mini-figures - Modern Warfare

These three minifigures from modern warfare are custom made with great quality parts, such as the black hats and the chest decals. They come equipped with M249 machine gun with ammo, bipod, frag grenade, MP5 SD6 and a rifle.

CoD Mini-figure - Roadblock

This is a custom handmade Lego Mini-figure with original parts and some Lego compatible parts. he comes along with a minigun, a military pistol and a tactical vest. It's well painted with a very cool looking face with sunglasses.

CoD Mini-figure - Grunt

Another custom made mini-figure, which is elegantly detailed and perfect for display. This Grunt minifig comes with the infamous BrickArms AK47 assault rifle, a rubber goggles, a brown military vest and helmet.

CoD Mini-figure - Hit N Run

This Hit and Run mini-figure comes with BrickArms M21 sniper rifle, including its ammo and a bipod. Also includes, a green hat, an M84 stun grenade, a military pistol and a green tactical vest. It is greatly detailed and painted by hand.

Call of Duty MW3 Winter Ops

This Winter Ops mini-figure is equipped with BrickArms High Caliber Sniper Rifle, combat knife, MP5 SD6 and a pistol. He is wearing a white winter gear for camouflage, with white helmet and tactical vest. He even comes with his own unique snow skis.

Call of Duty Spec Ops

This Special Ops mini-figure is wearing a green cape, helmet and ACU. His army uniform is made using great decals to show every detail. He comes equipped with a heavy .45 Caliber M1A1 submachine gun.

CoD Mini-figure - Blindside

This customized CoD mini-figure is extremely well detailed with nice shiny paint. And includes an AK47 BrickArms assault rifle and a machete. His ACU consist of black boots, brown pants, a green military steel helmet and a tactical vest.

CoD Mini-figure - Warfare Ghost Ver 1

This custom made Ghost mini-figure comes equipped with BrickArms AK47 assault rifle. His torso is customized with a decal showing his bullet strap and some pockets. He has cool painted Ghost face and a brown camo ACU pants.

CoD Mini-figure - Warfare Ghost Ver 3

This CoD Warfare Ghost mini-figure is wearing a very cool black SWAT gas mask and helmet. His torso is customized with quality decals to show his uniform. He comes equipped with BrickArms Paintball Marker.

CoD Mini-figure - Night Ops

Warfare Ghost Ver 4

CoD Modern Warfare Protagonists Minifigures

Captain Price Mini-figure

This is a mini-figure of one of the main protagonists in CoD Modern Warfare, Captain John Price, a British special forces soldier. He's wearing his traditional boonie hat and holding a Precision Sniper Rifle. The minifig is made with high quality decals and paint to match the appearance of the original.

Captain Soap Mini-figure

This mini-figure is for John "Soap" MacTavish, who was the Scottish main protagonist in CoD Modern Warfare Series. He is also one of John Price's closest friend and ally. He was killed in MW3 in a bomb explosion detonated by Vladimir Makarov, the main antagonist. In the picture he is holding a black Heavy Assault Carbine "HAC".

Lego Call of Duty Weapons

This weapon pack includes:

  1. a Gas Mask
  2. an AK47 assault rifle
  3. a Desert Eagle Pistol
  4. a Combat Shotgun
  5. a Magnum Revolver
  6. two Combat Knives
  7. two Claymore M18A1 mines
  8. two M84 Stun Grenade
  9. two M67 Frag Grenade
  10. an M1911 handgun
  11. a Micro SMG
  12. a Combat PDW
  13. an MP5K submachine gun
  14. an M21 Sniper Rifle
  15. a High Caliber Sniper Rifle
  16. a silver Gatling Gun
  17. An RPG

This pack contains 21 Lego compatible piece from Brick Republic.

Lego Call of Duty Decals

This pack contains high quality glossy decals which are printed using a laser printer. The pack includes 40 decals for making call of duty modern warfare soldiers' mini-figures, 5 winter balaclavas (ski mask) and 23 regular military heads. It is enough to make 24 figure, with 16 having both front and back and 8 having only the front part.

You can get Lego Call of Duty Decals here

(Costs only $2.99)

Lego Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Trailer

This video is probably the coolest I have seen done using Lego. It recreates the original Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Trailer using Lego bricks and cotton wool (for animating explosions). It is featured on Machinima Youtube channel and was directed by Alex Kobbs. The re-creation video is captured using stop-motion and probably took hours to complete.

Lego CoD Reader Feedback

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    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Can you add some other guys from mw like roach and that medic and the sarge and make a group of them and some of the places they where at?

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      All These Weapons and the music im listening to makes me want to play COD BO 1

    • Philip12 LM profile image

      Philip12 LM 5 years ago

      @aphrodite: Thank you :)

    • profile image

      aphrodite 5 years ago

      I'm sure kids would love these toys as a Christmas gift. Nice lens. :-)

    • profile image

      maxidef 5 years ago

      very interesting lens.


    • iyandri lm profile image

      iyandri lm 5 years ago

      nice toys :D